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Ian has grown up in a nudist family and is completely comfortable being nude around other nudists, but he is still modest around girls in his daily life.

Ian is a quiet, sensitive guy who enjoys nature. He loves to ride his mountain bike, or climb the rocks nude in a naturist resort in Oregon. He also loves to swim in the lakes or the ocean. To him, there is no greater feeling than running naked with the hot sun on his skin, then jumping into a cool lake, feeling the sensuous water between his legs are as he slowly strokes his way across the lake.

He thinks of himself as heterosexual, although he and another nudist boy called Brett once fooled around together for a while when they were both fourteen at nudist camp. They tried mutual masturbation and even kissing, but Ian enjoyed the hugging the best. They remained close for the whole summer, but the boy was a visitor from Florida, and they never had the chance to meet up again. They still keep in contact and occasionally masturbate together via Skype.

Ian is very fond of a girl he knows, but they haven’t started going out together yet. He is still a virgin but he often thinks of her when he masturbates. His favourite fantasy is that he is rubbing his cock between her breasts. Sometimes he feels guilty about using her for his masturbation fantasies but the ones with her in are always the best.

Ian stands five foot seven inches (170cm) tall, but because he’s so slender, it makes him look taller when he’s not standing next to someone. His penis is very long for his age (as his younger nudist sister has pointed out many times) but his testicles are small and tight. Ian wonders if they are small because he has jerked himself almost dry. To Ian’s embarrassment, his father once jokingly suggested that Ian’s frequent masturbation was the cause for his long penis. Ian’s embarrassment was made worse when they then had to explain what masturbation was to his sister.

Ian does an obscure type of Ancestor kung fu, and he is almost a black sash. He enjoys the artistry of the forms and he once did one at a nudist talent show, for which he won third place.

Despite all of the athletic activities that he participates in, Ian is not physically very strong but his gentle sense of humour and kind nature have so far kept him out of trouble.

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