Eagle’s Claw – part 2

Ancient Roman, slavery, ball busting, teen, adult male

A Roman slave trader pays a high price for his dishonesty.

Recap: Senator Quintus Faustus has just bought five new slaves. He offers to show his slave trading friend Cassius a technique of slave control he calls the “Eagle’s claw.”

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23AD, An olive grove in the grounds of Villa Herculaneum

The group walked casually for ten minutes until Quintus lead them to an olive grove.

“We’re just harvesting this grove for now,” he explained to Cassius and his son Valens. “Lots to do as you can imagine.”

Cassius looked at the workers. There was group of twenty males and females of all ages working together. There were boys who appeared to be as young as eight years old, and men and women into their sixties; perhaps older. They were all naked.

“Men and women working together?” Cassius asked, surprised. “Aren’t you afraid that the men will have their way with the women? At the very least, surely all these naked women are a distraction?”

“Oh no, they’re quite safe. They can even be left unsupervised. They have a daily quota but so long as they meet that, I’m quite happy to leave them to their own devices. They don’t even need a supervisor.”

Cassius suddenly realised that there was no overseer.

“No supervisor?” he asked, surprised. “How do you stop them running away?”

“Oh, I have my methods. The estate is walled of course. That’s enough to stop most of the women. As for the men, well, they have a far greater incentive to remain.”

“Oh yes, and what’s that?”

Quintus lead Cassius and his son towards the group of slaves. The children were in the high branches picking where the boughs were too thin to support an adult. The males and the young females were on crude ladders plucking olives at a lower height. And on the ground, the older women carried baskets of fruit, ferrying the contents of smaller olive pouches that the workers carried, back and forth to a cart loaded with much larger baskets.


“Tell me Cassius, what do all of the men have in common?”

Cassius studied the men for some time. At their distance of 30 feet, Quintus’ there was nothing immediately apparent.

“Well, they’re all well bronzed from working in the sun, and they all seem lean and healthy.”

“Yes, true enough, but there’s more. Look lower.”

Cassius could see nothing obvious.

“My eyesight is really not all that good my friend. I see nothing.”

“Dominus,” Valens said.

“Yes Valens?”

“Well, the men all have… they have small prickles.”

Quintus smiled.

“Ha ha, yes, well observed Valens, but what’s the reason? Look closer still.”

“May I go closer sir?”

“Of course, of course!”

Valens walked until he was underneath a group of three men in a tree. He looked up, studying their genitalia. Quintus and Cassius strolled over to join him.

“Oh, they have some kind of cage around their nuts.”

“Very good. That’s it exactly. My eagle’s claws.”

Quintus called to two of the slaves.

“Marcus, Stefan, come here.”

A man in his early forties and a boy of about 16 approached. They stood quietly, arms hanging loosely by their sides. Both of their penises were shrivelled, no more than two inches long including their wrinkled brown foreskins.

“These are two I bought from you. Do you remember, Cassius?”

“I sell so many my friend, but maybe the boy. His blonde hair seems familiar.”

Quintus nodded in agreement. “Yes, he’s from Suoines. Far in the cold north east. He was my house boy for a while.”


He addressed the two males.

“Lift your pricks, I want to show my friend Cassius your eagle’s claws.”

The two males reach down and lifted their undersized penises. Behind, their testicles were gripped in a steel double eagle’s claw. Each claw was clearly much too small and much too tight for the testicles it gripped. The skin of the testicles was shiny, and the meat bulged around the four fingers that encircled them.

“That looks painful,” Valens observed.

“Painful? What do you think Marcus?”

“Yes, very painful dominus.”

“And you Stefan?”

“Yes dominus. Very painful. All the time.”

“So now you know why I am quite comfortable to allow my males and females to work together.”

He swatted at Stefan’s pathetic, shrivelled slug.

“Even if they wanted to, they could never get it up. Can you boy?”

“No dominus.”

“How long since you were hard?”

“Not since I got my first hair. And my claw. 3 years.”

“They only get their claws when they get their hair. Between you and I, I think young Florin will be receiving his claw before the end of the summer.”

Quintus pointed up to the upper branches where a boy of about 12 was picking olives. Even from below, they could see that his smooth genitals had grown beyond the tiny nubs of childhood and his slender penis was longer than that of either of the two older males before them.

“Once their stones start to grow like that, hair is not far behind.”

Quintus addressed the two slaves who were still lifting their penises.

“Very good. You two can return to work.”

Marcus and Stefan nodded more in supplication than agreement, then they shuffled silently back to their tasks.


“But why the eagle’s claws, and what’s to stop them escaping?” Cassius asked.

“As I’ve already said, the claws stop the males from lusting after the females.”

“Why not simply castrate them then?”

“That’s a good question. There are several reasons: first, castration is irreversible. Once you’ve clipped a man, he can never go back and he’ll resent you for the loss forever. Perhaps in a very rare while, I may give a hard-working slave his freedom, or allow him to become a breeder.”

“I can’t imagine they’d ever become breeders again after having their stones crushed in one of your claws.”

“Ha ha! Well, it certainly takes them a while before they’re able to breed. Usually three months before they can get it up. They’ll be squirting nothing but water for the first year, but within two, they’ll be producing seed again. The knowledge that they can earn that chance is a powerful motivator, even if I don’t award it very often.”

“Yes, I can imagine.”

“Second, a castrated man can still get it up. He could be fucking my wife and daughters, and now that he is no longer shooting seed, I’d never know. It has been the revenge of many a slave. Even if my wife did not agree to it, I don’t want a bunch of lustful slaves around the place.”

“Surely they resent you for the fact that they are in constant pain?” Cassius said.

“I’m quite sure they do, but their pain reminds them that I control them completely: their pain and their pleasure. But more importantly; and this is my final point, the claws are impossible to remove without a special key, and only I have the keys.”

“They can’t simply cut through the arms or bend them apart?”

“Not without heating them in a forge. If they’re willing to slow-roast their nuts to get the claws off, then they could free themselves. I’ve never met a slave yet with the courage or determination to make such a sacrifice. Perhaps one day a slave will be so desperate for freedom that he’s willing to simply cut his stones away. But even then, it’s not that easy for a slave to disappear. They all carry the mark on their arms and backs, and if they’re caught after escaping, the punishments are far more painful. It happens, as you know only too well, but I have yet to lose one myself.”

Cassius nodded approvingly.

“It’s a brutal system, and your males are in constant pain, but I can certainly see the wisdom. Perhaps I shall instigate it on my small farm.”

“You should. Try it with a couple of your strongest, most rebellious bucks first. Their work rate will drop for a few weeks, but if you threaten to tighten their claws more, they’ll quickly raise their effort again, and their complete submission sends a powerful message to the other slaves.”


Quintus looked to Valens. He draped his arm around the boy’s shoulder once more.

“Anyway, I think I promised you something to raise your rod again didn’t I?”

“It’s quite alright sir. There’s no need.”

“Nonsense! A promise is a promise.”

Quintus lead Valens and his father from the grove back towards the villa, but when he was nearly at the veranda, he turned through an archway where there was a small vegetable garden. A young woman was on her knees tending to the plants.

“Aurelia, come here please.”

The young woman rose to her feet. She was in her very early 20s and naked just like all the other slaves.

“Yes dominus?” she said.

She had light, long brown hair, clear skin, and a slender figure with shapely breasts.

“Have you dipped your wick yet Valens?”

The teenager blushed.

“Yes sir.”

“Feels good huh?”

“Yes sir.”

“Had your pole sucked?”

“No sir.”

Valens’ face was blazing now.

“There’s nothing like it, and Aurelia here is one of the best. She was raised in a whore-house. She’s an expert aren’t you my dear?”

“Yes dominus.”

“Tell you what Valens, why don’t you show her your snake. She’ll turn it back into a pole in no time.”

“My snake? Now, with you watching?”

“Ha ha. Of course boy! Come on, don’t be coy, whip it out.”

Valens looked at his father. His father looked back at him with a slight smirk. Valens looked at Quintus one more time, hoping it was a joke, but the senator simply stood watching him expectantly.

Valens reached beneath his tunic and unwound the waist coil of his subligaculum, then he untucked the front flap and pulled it away from his body, allowing the whole thing to fall away in one motion. His penis fell free. It was shrivelled now, like his balls, all small as though he had just emerged from a cold lake. Aurelia watched with curiosity.

“What do you think Aurelia?” Quintus asked.

“He’s not yet a man,” she answered diplomatically.

“No. It was a lot bigger earlier wasn’t it Valens?”

“Yes sir,” Valens mumbled, looking down at the ground.

“And Valens boy, what do you think of our dear Aurelia?”

He glanced at her, then back at the floor.

“She’s nice.”

“Nice? Look again boy. Take your time.”

Valens looked again, allowing his eyes to pass over her body from toe to face, raising his gaze slowly as though embarrassed to survey her. She smiled as their eyes briefly met and he looked quickly away.

“My, your son is a shy one Cassius,” Quintus said.

“He’s not usually this shy. Maybe it’s having his prickle dangling out that’s doing it.”

“Maybe. Valens, what do you think of her breasts, are they not glorious? Hold them in your hands. They’re wonderful yes?”

Valens reached out with both hands as he had been instructed. Her breasts were perfect: tight, pert, not too large or too small. He ran his hands over them slowly and licked his lips slowly as his adolescent mind considered the possibilities.

“Ahhh yes, I think he approves,” Quintus said.

Valens turned to the man, and the senator looked down at Valens’ groin with a grin. The boy followed the man’s eyes and was dismayed to see his pole standing up proudly from its dark tangle of hair.

“See Aurelia, he’s not so small now.”

She glanced down, then at Valens’ face. She smiled, not unkindly.

“No, nearly a man after all.”

“Tell you what my dear, why don’t you suck his pole. Do your very best job. Drain those young nuts of his dry! You can do it there beneath the tree. Valens, go, sit on the grass. She’ll give you a treat you’ll never forget.”

He gestured towards a stone pine with a bushy top that provided shade at its base.

“Your father and I will return to the veranda. You can join us when you’re done.”

Valens stood feeling awkward and childish. He looked at his father for comment raising his eyebrows in question.


“Your prickle says yes. I suggest you listen to it. You certainly won’t get a better offer today boy.”

Aurelia reached out and stroked his cheek tenderly, turning his head in the direction of the tree.

“Come, I’ll make it good. Not many males here without claws for me to practice on. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Valens allowed her to guide him to the base of the tree. He sat on the short, soft grass with his back against the trunk. She knelt in front of him, and moved his knees apart with her hands. His tunic fell away from his groin. Then she gripped his testicles gently in her left hand. Valens looked up at his father and the Senator, hoping they would leave him and the woman in privacy. Then he felt her tongue on his glans. He took a deep breath, and his eyes widened, surprised at how good it felt.

Senator Quintus smiled broadly.

“I think your son just discovered a whole new way to have fun. Come Cassius, let us leave him to it.”

Quintus turned and walked towards the veranda. Just before he turned the corner, he called out.

“Remember Aurelia, I want him completely drained.”

She lifted her head and turned towards her owner.

“Yes dominus. The young man will be dry as the deserts of Egypt when we are done.”

The two older men retired to the veranda.

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