Four youths argue about the legend of the Sperm Vines.

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“Man, I’ll be glad to get to the lake, we’ve been walking for hours.”

“Yeah me too,” Christopher agreed. “How much further do you think Aiden?”

Aiden turned and looked at the two boys over his shoulder. They were dressed in Scout uniforms and carrying backpacks with sleeping rolls and food as he and Carter were.

“Almost there, it’s just behind that ridgeline.”

He pointed to a line of dark grey coloured rocks that rose out of the woodland a couple of hundred yards ahead.

“Half a mile in a straight line but we have to go around.”

Carter looked at the scrub-covered rocks. They rose maybe 50 yards above the ground.

“We can climb those easy enough. They’re up for it aren’t you guys?”

Carter was a year older than Wyatt and Christopher, and at 19, Aiden was two years his senior.

“It’s not a matter of if we can climb over them. We’re gonna have to scramble up them somewhere no matter what.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“It’s not safe ahead. There’s um, dangerous plants in the way.”

“Dangerous plants? What sort of plants? You mean like stingers or poison ivy?”

Aiden paused as he considered whether or not to tell them the truth. He opted to be vague.

“Nah, kind of like carnivorous plants.”

“Man eating plants? Oh come on. You can’t serious. Here in America?!”

“Man eating?” Wyatt asked nervously. He was young and quite timid for his age.

“He’s bullshitting, aren’t you Aiden?”

Carter turned to Wyatt.

“Take it easy Wyatt, there’s no such thing as man-eating plants, only in the movies. The biggest thing they can eat is frogs in the Amazon.

“Yeah,” Christopher agreed, “we did them in class. Pitcher plants and Venus Fly Traps, and there’s one that lets out a smell like rotting meat.”

“I didn’t say they WERE carnivorous,” Aiden said. “I said LIKE carnivorous plants.”

“What does THAT mean?” Christopher asked.

Aiden sighed and stopped walking. He turned to face his three companions.

“Look you know what sperm is right?”

“Of course,” Carter said.

“Yeah,” Christopher agreed with a leer.

Wyatt blushed. Christopher considered teasing him, but he decided now was not the time.

“Well there’s a type of plant that lives out here called a Sperm Vine.”

“A Sperm Vine?!” Christopher, his voice cracking at the humour of the name.

“Yeah. It lives on animal sperm.”

“No way!” Carter said.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me that’s why I didn’t want to say anything.”

“But how would that even work?” Carter persisted. “It would never get enough to live on.”

“That’s not ALL it lives on but there are things in sperm that it needs: potassium and enzymes.”

Carter stared at Aiden sceptically, trying to figure out if there was even a chance that he was telling the truth. Eventually he made a decision.

“I call bullshit on that Aiden. You’re messing with us.”

“You can believe what you like but we’re going ‘round.”

“How far?”

“About a mile each way.”




Aiden started walking again.

The others followed him.

“So where are these vines?” Carter asked after a while.

“They grow in a long line along the base of the rocks up ahead.”

“So how do they actually GET the sperm?”

“They catch animals and suck it out of their dick.”

“What? Like a blowjob?” Carter asked, sniggering.

An image of someone blowing into his penis popped into Wyatt’s head.

“What’s a blowjob?”

“It’s when a girl sucks your dick until you cum,” Christopher explained.

“Or a boy in your case!” Carter said to Christopher grinning.

“Like you’ve ever had one!” Chris shot back.

Carter blushed dark crimson caught out by Chris’s quick retort. Then Christopher punched him hard in the arm and leapt away as Carter turned to chase him with fake outrage. The younger boy got half a dozen steps before Carter gave up. It was hard work running with backpacks on.


Carter returned to Aiden’s side.

“So animals just stand there and let these plants suck the jizz out of their dicks?”

“No, the vines catch them and wrap them up so they can’t escape, THEN they suck the jizz out.”

“How do they catch them?”

“They wrap around them I think, like octopus tentacles. Then they wrap them in a kind of cocoon like a spider. I’ve never actually seen it myself.”

“Then how do you know about it?”

“It happened to… someone I know.”


“I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because he wouldn’t want it getting out.”

“Why not?”

“Because um, there’s an embarrassing side-effect.”

“Embarrassing?” Christopher said re-joining the conversation.

Anything gross or sexual got his attention.

“Well, it sucks so much sperm from your balls that they shrink like two baked beans.”

Wyatt thought about the size of his own testicles.

“Is that the same for everyone?” he asked.

Aiden looked at him. He’d seen the boy naked when they went skinny dipping in a river the day before. He didn’t have much to lose.

“I expect it’s different for each animal,” he said tactfully.

“So you wouldn’t have anything left at all!” Christopher added with a grin.

Wyatt blushed.


“Anyway,” Aiden continued, “the vines force this chemical into your mouth. It makes you horny, but it also makes your dick shrink badly.”

“Really?” Christopher asked. “How much?”

“Like half its size.”

“So you’d only have half an inch!” Carter teased.

“Still twice as much as you then!” Christopher shot back.

“Ah ha, touché!” Carter said grinning. He offered Christopher a high five and the boy slapped his hand.


Carter turned back to Aiden.

“I still think you’re bullshitting. Can we see the plants?”

“Probably nothing to see.”

“Surprise surprise. But what if they’ve caught an animal?”

“I guess.”

Aiden knew Carter was not going to let it drop.

“Okay, we can go where they grow but we’re not getting too close deal?”




Leading his companions, Aiden made a bee-line towards the line of rocks. 50 yards from the base of the ascent, the type of trees changed into something unfamiliar to Carter. They were spaced ten to fifteen feet apart and there was lush undergrowth.

“What type of trees are they? They look like jungle trees.”

“I dunno, but this is where the Sperm Vines live.”

“How do you know?”

“Because these are the trees. They stretch for a mile west and a lot further the other way.”

“So where are the vines?”

Aiden shrugged.

“I dunno. They live here.”

Carter walked right up to the edge of the changed trees. He could see the ground through the undergrowth. It looked damper than the ground they had been walking on.

“I don’t see anything.”

“Don’t get too close.”

Carter stared into the trees for a full minute then he turned and studied Aiden’s face.

“You’re bullshitting aren’t you?”

“Believe what you like.”

“Maybe there’s something further on,” Christopher offered.

“We can walk along the edge as we head West,” Aiden offered.

He started walking and the others followed, studying the trees as they walked.


After half a mile without encountering anything out of the ordinary, Carter said to Christopher, “This is crap. Aiden’s just ripping on us. There’s no fucking Sperm Vines.”

Christopher was coming to the same conclusion.


Carter stopped and took off his backpack.

“Okay, that’s it Aiden, there’s nothing here.”

Aiden stopped and turned.

“Just telling you what I got told.”

Carter dropped his backpack.

“I’m gonna prove it to you.”

He turned to Christopher.

“You coming Chris?”

Christopher looked at Aiden then back to Carter. He dropped his backpack next to Carter’s.

Carter walked into the trees heading towards the rocks. He turned to Aiden.

“You know you’re just making this up. Tell you what, I bet you my copy of Red Dead 2 against your NBA2K that nothing happens.”

“I’m warning you, I’m not gonna rescue you if you get caught. You’re on your own for as long as it takes to suck your balls dry. Two, three hours. However long it takes.

“Whatever. Do we have a deal?”

“No deal, I don’t want you getting your dick shrunk ‘cause of me.”

Christopher grinned taking strength from Carter’s bravado.

“Wait for me Carter!”

“Chriiiis,” Aiden warned, putting on his parent’s voice.

Christopher had agreed to obey Aiden throughout their five-day camping trip but rebellion was very much a component of his personality. He gave Aiden a grin then a shrug.

“Sorry Ade!”



The two boys strode into the trees, 10, 20, 30 yards. 40 and then they were at the far rocks that rose up to the ridge. Carter turned and made an exaggerated “well?” gesture, with his arms out to the sides, palms raised.

They turned and started to walk back. Half way they stopped again.

“There’s nothing here Ade,” Carter shouted. “You’re full of shit!”

Carter started to dance on the spot like a hobgoblin, arms and legs waving. Christopher watched him, grinning. Then Carter stopped dancing and they returned to Aiden.

“You owe me a game.”

“I never agreed to that.”

“I knew you were full of crap. So where are the vines.”

Aiden shrugged.

“I dunno, but I’m glad you never found them. There’s no way we were gonna try to rescue you if they got you.”

“There’s no plants. Just admit it, you made the whole thing up.”

“No I didn’t.”

“So why didn’t they grab us then?”

“I dunno. Maybe there’s only a few of them.”

“Yeah sure.”

Aiden pondered the question.

“Or maybe it’s ‘cause you were wearing clothes?”


“Well they can’t suck your dick if they can’t see it.”

“Are you serious dude?”

“I dunno. Just an idea.”

Carter sighed deeply.

“Okay then, I’ll do it again naked.”

“No that wasn’t what I meant!” Aiden said hurriedly, immediately regretting his words.

Carter ignored him and took off his clothes, quickly stripping down to his briefs.

“Coming again Chris?”

Christopher stripped in a flash. He loved any excuse to get naked.

Carter dropped his briefs and stood with his hands on his hips, as though presenting his groin. He had a three-and-a-half-inch uncircumcised penis growing from a five-inch circle of hair. The golden-tan foreskin was peeled a little way off the head, and his dick hung straight down from his groin. Behind it hung a reasonably developed pair of nuts in a soft sack.

He turned to Christopher. The boy stood, eager to show off. His own penis was thicker, the same length but that included a three-quarter inch puckered-snout foreskin. His testicles rode higher and he had a smaller, neat patch of hair.

Wyatt looked at Christopher’s genitals, wondering if his own would ever get that size.

Aiden tried one last time.

“I’m warning you guys, there is absolutely NO WAY I’m gonna try to save you if you get grabbed. If you do, you’re stuck there until the vines are finished with you.”

Carter gave him a “whatever” look, followed by a grin.

“We’ll be right back.”

He and Christopher strode, buck-naked into the trees again. It took 30 seconds walking at a stroll for them to reach the far side again. Looking at them as they retreated, Aiden was struck by how much of a difference there was between their bodies. Carter stood just short of six feet tall, with a somewhat wedge-shaped torso. He had a rounded butt, muscular from playing lacrosse. Chris on the other hand, had a slender, boyish body. He was a good six inches shorter and he was skinny, with long slender legs and almost no butt at all, and he was very pale skinned in contrast to Carter’s healthy tan.


Carter waved from the rocks, and then they headed back again, stopping once again to gloat when they were at the mid-point.

“Hey plants, come and get me!” Carter shouted doing his silly dance again. He grabbed the base of his penis and shook it. “Come on you stupid vines, I’ve got plenty of sperm here for you!”

Christopher grinned and gripped his own penis and started shaking it in the air as well.

Wyatt started sniggering at how crude they were being and even Aiden relaxed enough to laugh at their goofiness.

“Come on you stupid jack-offs. We gotta get moving.”

But Carter and Chris were not finished fooling around, they linked their left arms and started dancing in an anti-clockwise circle, lifting their knees and kicking their feet out side to side in a crazy hoe down dance, all the while shaking their penises.

Suddenly something whipped out and grabbed Christopher’s ankle from the undergrowth. He looked down as it pulled him powerfully away from Carter. His eyes opened wide in panic and he reached towards his friend.

“Carter, something’s got me!” he screamed in a voice made a whole octave higher by terror.

Carter looked down and he could see that something had wrapped around Chris’s ankle. He reached out and grabbed the boy’s wrist to stop him from being pulled away. Then something whipped through the undergrowth and wrapped around both of his legs. It tightened, pulling his ankles together.

In front of him he could see now what had caught Chris. It was a long leaf, like the leaves of an aloe vera plant but on a giant scale. The leaves were three or four inches wide, thick and meaty; and on their inside surface they were completely covered with short slimy-looking nodules like the arms of muscular sea anemone. The pink and red nodules looked disturbingly fleshy.

Carter struggled to keep his balance and he could see that the leaves that had grabbed Chris was rapidly circling his body, wrapping him like a mummy in ring-after-ring of powerful vine leaves. It pulled Chris’s arms up behind his back, snatching him from Carter’s grip.

Carter turned to look at Aiden with a look of fear.

“Help us Ade!”

Ade looked back horrified.

“I can’t Carter,” he said sorrowfully, “We can’t risk getting caught as well.”

“But you’ve got clothes on!”

“Sorry I’m not taking that chance.”

Wyatt looked almost as terrified as Carter and Christopher. Instinctively, Aiden’s shoulder.

“Don’t go in there!”.

Aiden turned to him.

“There’s no chance Wyatt.”

Aiden turned back to the others.

“I tried to warn you Carter. But they won’t hurt you. We’ll stay here until they let you go.”

“How long will that be?!” Carter screamed.

“I don’t know. Until you haven’t got any more sperm I guess.”


Then the vines wrapped around Carter’s body, pulling his arms behind his back, drawing each wrist to the opposite elbow as they had with Chris. It was almost as they knew the perfect way to restrain a human.


In less than 30 seconds each teenager was immobile, cocooned in a wrap of thick, flat vines. Despite his terror, Carter noted that certain parts of his body were still uncovered.

A tentacle-like arm rose in front of his face. A foot from the end, emerging from the flat vine was a fleshy pink, muscular-looking organ, about the size and shape of a lemon. The vines around his forehead and chin contracted, opening his mouth. Then the organ forced its way inside, compressing like a rubber pet’s toy as it passed between his teeth, then expanding again once inside. He felt the end, shaped like a teat pressing against the back of his throat, then there was liquid dribbling from it. At first Carter thought of breast milk, then jizz popped into his mind and he couldn’t get the idea from his mind that the creature was seeding him.


The remainder of the vine attached to the organ continued to wrap around his head, encircling it twice more, holding it tightly into his mouth.

Carter looked at Christopher. One of the organs was already secured inside the boy’s mouth. His eyes were wide with fear but the only sound he could make with the feeder filling his mouth was a series of “unnnng” “unnnng” whimpers.


To his dismay, Carter saw another lemon-shaped organs; this time as large as a grapefruit swaying behind Christopher’s rear. The nipple-topped end sought and found the skinny teen’s sphincter, pressing slowly but insistently compressing to facilitate easier entry into Christopher’s rectum. Chris’s eyes opened even wider at the attempted invasion, looking back at Carter with eyes wide as jar lids.

Carter wondered if the object was hurting, but before he could consider the thought deeply there was one at his own rear. He wriggled and struggled with all the effectiveness of a caterpillar in a cocoon. The thing was pressing his hole, forcing him to open for it. It was slimy, and it narrowed to create an opening, then slowly spread, forcing his hole to part for it. His hole slowly stretched wider and wider. It was starting to hurt. “The skin is going to tear!” Carter thought. Then it was inside him. He felt the inside swell to monstrous size stretching his bowels and pressing against his bladder, but the part at his sphincter remained narrow, locking the organ in place like the world’s biggest butt plug.



“It’s going to grab his balls!” he heard Wyatt say.

Carter wondered which of them the kid was talking about, then he felt something enfold his soft scrotum and his equally soft testicles within. He felt his balls being tugged gently downwards, as though they were being moved along as a python slowly swallows its prey. Then they were being massaged and he trembled at the pleasure of it. He felt each of his testicles being sucked in every direction, whilst simultaneously, they were gently palpated and tugged.

Carter felt his prostate being teased by the tip of the large organ inside him and his dick stood up quickly. It was a slender 5 inches with a long thin glans. He felt it standing tall, sticking out from his groin, pointing at the sky.

Another tentacle slid down over his penis, completely engulfing it. He could feel muscular ripples running up and down the inside of the tentacle. It felt like a slow hand job. But there were also thousands of teasing nodules vibrating and swaying and circling over every millimetre of his cock. Carter correctly surmised that these were similar to the villi that he had seen on the vine that held Christopher.

He whimpered at the sheer sensual ecstasy his body was being forced to experience. He felt more suckers, like tiny mouths, on each of his nipples and around his glans, sucking and massaging. Then vines enfolded him completely, leaving only his nose uncovered. Within his sensuous cocoon, there was nothing Carter could do to prevent his body being teased and stimulated. He was almost paralytic inside the vines, aware only of his penis and other erogenous zones. He snuffled and squirmed within; not out of fear but as a response as his body was washed over with endless waves of hitherto unimagined pleasure.



From the outside, Aiden and Wyatt could see Carter’s cock being massaged and slurped inside the transparent sucker. Five feet away, Christopher’s thick eight-inch erection was receiving similar attention.

“Wow Chris’s dick sure got big,” Wyatt observed.

He looked at the hefty man cock sticking out of the teenager’s body.

“Guess he’s a grower not a shower.”

“What does that mean?” Wyatt asked with a frown.

“It means his dick is not big normally but it gets big when he gets a boner.”

“Oh yeah. Definitely.”


The two cocoons rose 10 feet off the ground, lifted like Chinese lanterns on a roiling mass of vines.

“They look like the beanstalks out of “Jack and the beanstalk”,” Wyatt said, gradually feeling less fearful now that they had not been attacked.

Inside their leafy pods, both boys orgasmed and their semen was gulped away by the vines that held them. Carter moaned, and squirmed as he came, but he was essentially in a sensory deprivation chamber with nothing but his body’s constant orgasmic pleasure to occupy his attention.

He knew that Aiden was not willing to risk a rescue, and in his heart of hearts, he knew that that was the reasonable course of action. Just because they had not been attacked on their first crossing it didn’t mean that Aiden and Wyatt would not now be attacked. He just hoped that the plant truly would release him when it deemed that he had squirted enough times. How many times COULD he squirt?

Then he remembered what Aiden had said about baked-bean sized nuts and a shrunken dick. He struggled, desperate to be free and feeling even more claustrophobic, but he could not so much as free a single finger. And all the time the damned vines kept sucking on his balls and his dick.

If he had been in control of the experience, he’d have paid three month’s allowance to have his junk sucked like that, but this was different. It was… He came again, as hard as the first time. He felt light-headed at the strength of it and it took him longer to clear his head afterwards.

This was maddening. His body was held completely immobile, whilst his dick was sucked and teased. Every tiny part of his helmet was tickling, alive with excitement. He was so hard but he couldn’t even move to enjoy it. Or to avoid it. And his asshole. That fucking thing inside of him, like a giant lemon. Rubbing him. Juicing him up. Pumping something into him. Raping him like he was gay. And the worst of it was, his asshole was enjoying it!

He heard a muffled whine coming from Christopher’s direction as the teen came again. Carter felt a wave of regret at leading the younger boy into this situation. And Carter knew that even though he had come two times in five minutes, it wouldn’t be long before he came again either.



Carter didn’t know when he stopped being aware of anything except his dick and balls and asshole and nipples. With each passing minute, he seemed to be feeling hornier and hornier despite the fact that he should have jizzed himself out after the third or fourth orgasm. But the aftermath of each orgasm lasted longer and drove him crazier. Then at some point, he just never came down afterwards. His mind and body just stayed in one continuous leg-trembling orgasm that went on and on and on. His eyelids fluttered and he slipped into an orgasmic trance.

On his penis and testicles, fibres thin as nettle stingers pierced his flesh painlessly and started to eat and drink the very essence of his maleness, gradually absorbing the fluid from the cells and the sperm directly from his testicles.



Aiden and Wyatt watched for half an hour, their friends’ whimpers and occasional shivers indicating that they were both still alive. It was over a day’s walk back to town. If they set off now, Carter and Christopher would be freed long before they could bring help. Nor could Aiden risk walking into the vine woods to rescue them. The last thing he wanted was to get milked alongside them. He had a bowie knife but who knew how the plants would react to being attacked?


Instead, Aiden and Wyatt moved back another 25 yards from the edge of the vine woods and set up camp where the forest floor was virtually clear of underbrush. Aiden built a large fire out of dead wood on the side where the vines were in case they decided to stray from their usual habitat and they settled down to wait for their friends to be released.


Four hours later, they were starting to worry.

Wyatt voiced the thought on Aiden’s mind.

“What if the plants don’t ever let them free?”

“They will.”

“But what if they don’t?”

“Then we’ll go and get help and cut them free.”


“No point setting off now. It would be night before we got back. Last thing we wanna do is get lost out here.”

“What if the plants kill them overnight?”

Aiden looked at Christopher and Carter. They both still had erections.

“As long as they’ve got boners, they’re okay. We’ll keep watching.”




Seven hours from the time they had first been captured, Christopher and Carter were lowered to the ground. The vines unwound from their bodies, leaving them laying seemingly unconscious on the floor. Their erections were visibly smaller even from the edge of the vine woods.

“Hey Chris,” Aiden called, “Carter!”

The boys were still in an orgasm haze.

“Chris!” Wyatt added.

Aiden was surprised at how high Wyatt’s voice was for his age. He’d not really noticed before.

Their friends didn’t move. They lay there in a stupor for another half an hour before Chris finally started to rouse. Then he slowly rolled onto his side, looking in the direction of his shouting friends.

“See if Carter is okay,” Aiden shouted.

Chris slowly rose to his hands and knees and crawled towards Carter.

“Carter,” he said quietly and shook his prone friend by the shoulder. “Carter!” he repeated louder and shaking his friend harder.

“Whuuuuuu,” Carter moaned foggily.

His eyes flickered a few times before slowly opening. Both of their erections had gone.

“Carter we gotta get outta here man,” Christopher said wearily.


“We gotta get outta here before the plants get us again.”

“The plants?” Carter repeated in a sleepy stupor. “What…”

Suddenly he realised where he was. His eyes snapped fully open and he rose wearily to an elbow. He coughed violently and plant sap, with the colour and consistency of his own semen hawked up from his throat. The effort of coughing squeezed at least half pint of the creamy goo from his gaping asshole. He looked down in disgust.

“What the fuck is this shit?”

“Plant spunk,” Christopher answered.

He’d leaked his own share from the same two orifices.

“Where are they?”

“I dunno,” Christopher said. “They let us go. Let’s get out of here before they come back.”

“Hey guys,” Aiden called, “come over here so we can help you.”


Carter turned towards the voice. Aiden was just 25 yards away. Carter forced himself up to his hands and knees, and he and Christopher started crawling towards Aiden and Wyatt, both exhausted after a continuous orgasm last nearly seven hours.

After ten yards, Christopher had regained enough strength to rise to his feet. He helped Carter up and they tottered slowly across the remaining 15 yards until they crossed the threshold to the regular woodland.

Wyatt and Aiden grabbed them as soon as they were close, helping to support them. Wyatt glanced at their groins. Christopher’s flaccid penis was much smaller than his now and it looked as though it was entirely comprised of foreskin. It looked weird poking out of his bush.

Carter’s was just as small but, in his case, his foreskin was pulled far back and his glans looked like a  purple berry bouncing atop the inch-long stub of a penis.

Both of their balls appeared to have disappeared entirely. Wyatt didn’t think it kind to point out his friends’ condition.

“Do you want some water?” he asked offering Chris a canteen.

“Already drunk too much,” he replied without elaborating on the nauseous spunk taste and texture of the vines’ juice.

Wyatt offered the canteen to Carter but Carter also shook his head. All of his bravado and gusto had been sucked from him along with his sperm. He sat on the floor and it took all of his strength not to fall onto his back.


“Here, let me help you get dressed Chris,” Aiden said.

He was uncertain how to broach Chris’s loss. There’d be plenty of time for that later. Now he just wanted to get him back into his clothes so that he could start to recover.

Aiden supported Chris under his arms whilst Wyatt bent down and helped pull up the boy’s underpants. Between them, they dressed him.

“So tired,” Christopher slurred.

“Your bedroll is over there.”

Aiden pointed to the roll a few feet away.

“Why don’t you have a sleep? We can set off home in the morning. We’ll keep watch.”

Aiden helped him over to his bedroll. Wyatt spread the bedroll out and Chris dropped on top of it.

Chris asked, “How’s Carter?”

“Tired like you,” Aiden responded.

Christopher nodded.

“You get some sleep. We’ll help him now.”


Chris fell instantly into a deep sleep.



Aiden and Wyatt returned to Carter.

“Do you want help getting dressed?”” Aiden asked.

Carter sat with his feet together and his knees spread wide. His head hung down exhausted.

“Don’t want anything touching me. Not yet.”

Aiden understood. After seven hours encased in a plant cocoon, he wouldn’t be eager to wrap himself again either.

“No problem Carter.”

Carter was fumbling underneath his tiny cock.

“Where are my balls?” he asked forlornly.

“Are they gone?” Wyatt asked in wonder.

Carter fumbled around slowly for a minute in a scrotum that was little more than two small ridges of soft skin beneath his baby-acorn cock. Eventually he found something: two soft lumps the size of garden peas.

“They might as well be.”

“They’ll grow back,” Aiden said. “And your dick.”

“How long?” Carter asked quietly, struggling to hold back tears.

Aiden shrugged, thinking of the seven years it took before his brother’s penis returned to its normal size.

“Quite a while. More than a year.”

Carter collapsed, still naked onto his back on the woodland grass, with his knees wide apart, his tiny genitals on display. Before he fell into a deep, exhausted sleep that would last 14 hours, he addressed Aiden and Wyatt.

“You two don’t ever tell anyone what’s happened to us. You promise?”

Aiden and Wyatt looked at him solemnly.

“We promise,” they said in unison.


    • Anonymous-
    • 12th April 2020 at 12:35 am-
    • Reply

    story is super amozing; keep up writing

    • T-
    • 2nd July 2020 at 10:36 am-
    • Reply

    That was amazing!

    I love all of the forced milking stories, but this one was especially good. The ones with mechanical milkers are hot ofc, but there’s something about the organic ones that really does it for me. Maybe it’s that I get distracted thinking about the mechanics of the milking machines and how I’d like to build one, haha.

    Then again, I think the organic element is interesting in its own right. Like the one with the young men in the arena with the alien milking worms. I guess there’s an added level of loss of control? With a machine you know a human designed it and had at least some safety in mind. With plants, animals, aliens, etc it’s all about their need so the victims get pushed that much further.

    Anyway, great fiction as always. Keep up the good work!

    • Oh yes, Punishment on Draconis was a fave of mine for a long time. It was actually inpired by another of my own stories Ion Storm, which was itself inspired by a nudist video I once watched.
      I must admit though, I prefer the mechanical milking themes better. There’s something about the implacable relentlessness that just does it for me. However, you’ll be happy to know I’ve written a new, even hotter plant milking story The Cavern, which I’ll be uploading today. Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate them!

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