My best 3D nude print yet

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After the increasing success of the past couple of models, I decided to try something a little more adventurous and headed in the direction I wanted to proceed. This is produced with the Creality 10s printer that my awesome Patreons paid for. You can buy one for about $500.

This is a 4 inch (10cm) model that I created using the DAZ G3 male and an off the shelf pose. Scaled to Cura in 3DS Max, then sliced and resized again in Cura. The print took five hours to print and at one stage it looked as though the left arm was going to snap off as Cura did not produce enough support material in that area. There’s some definite banding on that arm below the elbow where it was wobbling a bit as it printed. This could be down to the fact that my printer is still not perfectly aligned. Nevertheless, I’ll have to check out adding more support with Cura’s custom settings.
There was a shit-ton of support material on this model to remove. Most of it came away quite easily in about 15 minutes using needlenose pliers, but some, like under the right armpit took a lot of effort to remove. The support under the chest, right hand and foot did not come off cleanly at all, leaving a very rough surface as you can see, and will require considerable manual carving or filing to get perfect. The rest of the model is more than good enough for painting or displaying as is. Given its small size, I was extremely happy with this print. Again, the photo really doesn’t remotely do it justice. At arm’s length, this is almost indistinguishable from a commercial injection moulded model.

Before I go, are ANY of you remotely interested in this or should I stop talking about my progress in this area? I’ll continue showing the prints either way.


  • Yes, please continue. I have considered a 3D printer for some time and this is just another reason to do it -making my stories come alive – figuratively. The information you provide can help with needed software and whether the printer is what I’m after.

    Thanks, Christopher

    • Thanks Christoper. It’s good to know that others are finding my travels through these waters useful!

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