Two teenaged BMXers discover that their dress sense has attracted unwanted attention.

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Liam and Elijah were riding their BMXs at the park. They were both 17. Old enough to be, if not kings of the park, then princes at least. The druggies that hung out there were still risky to tangle with, but the in-liners, scooter riders and skateboarders were mostly younger than they were.

They were both wearing jeans despite the heat. Knee pads were not cool, but it hurt like fuck to fall off your bike with bare knees. Although “wearing” was putting it generously. Elijah had his pulled down from his hip, showing two inches of boxers. Liam, ever the edgelord, had his jeans an inch lower and he was not wearing underwear at all. His pubes and half an inch of cock were visible from the front, and three inches of bare ass crack at the rear.


From out of nowhere, two huge metal claws materialised and wrapped around each boy’s chest, lifting them off their bikes. The claws were not attached to anything and appeared to be hovering six feet from the ground. The boys shouted in alarm and struggled wildly but they were unable to free themselves.

The other kids at the park gathered nervously around to see what was happening, and they stood bewildered at a safe distance as they looked at the sight before them.

From nowhere, an object that looked similar to a dentist’s light appeared and scanned the boys one at a time from top to bottom. At first Liam and Elijah were as mystified as the audience, then their clothes disintegrated, turning to dust and falling in a heavy cloud to the floor before slowly blowing away in swirls in the light breeze. The light continued scanning them until their shoes and socks, and Elijah’s underwear had gone the same way as their jeans and t-shirts.

Both were fully naked now and it was apparent why Liam had only showed an inch of cock above his jeans – he only had a stumpy two inches in total!

He reached down to cover himself as some of the kids started nervously sniggering. Even some of the 11 and 12 year-olds had more in their pants than him, in length if not girth.

Elijah was more normal, but he was no happier being stared at naked by 30 kids.


To their immense horror, the muscles in their arms and legs ceased working and their arms fell limply to their sides, exposing them to the spectators.


Two steel hooks, with smooth tips about 9 inches long appeared behind each of the boys. They slid down the middle of each boy’s back, then along the crack of their ass, touching he boys’ skin as though feeling their way.

Liam suddenly jerked upright with an expression of wide-eyed shock as though he had been goosed with a freezing cold hand. The metal hook pulled upwards against his sphincter. He struggled as though he had stepped into an electrified puddle, but he could do nothing to prevent the hook from passing up into his anus.

The round-tipped hook slid up inside him, pressing against his organs as it rose. Then it was at the limits of its travel. The claw released him and vanished, and he hung, suspended in mid-air on a floating hook that appeared to be attached to nothing. He wriggled like a caterpillar, able move his torso, but without the use of his arms or legs.

Liam and Elijah now hung, impaled by the assholes on two hooks, and both looked as pained as they were angry and afraid.


The scanning light changed from blue to green before sweeping across them one last time. Every last millimetre of hair dissolved and blew away, from their pubes to their eyebrows to the tops of their bald heads, the two teens looked more naked than new born babies.

Then they felt a tingling in their rectums and their cocks both rose in unison, in ten seconds, straining upwards. Both wore expressions of horror at the humiliation being perpetrated upon them.


Then their view of the park slowly disappeared and was replaced with a vast spaceship hold. They were hanging in one row of hundreds, each  row holding hundreds of other former swaggers, each now naked, hairless and impaled on a hook.

Moving between the rows, robots attached collection tubes to their hard cocks and stimulators to their testicles.

In a control room, overlooking the bay, an alien with a name unpronounceable by humans turned to his colleagues and said, “Saggers make the best sperm donors. To use a human aphorism, they’re “young, dumb and full of cum.”

His colleague chuckled as down below, Liam and Elijah made the first deposit of hundreds they would make that day, and the day after, for the rest of their long lives.


    • Mikling mike-
    • 28th December 2018 at 6:03 am-
    • Reply

    love it, would like more of the collection proccess, perhaps them being forcefully milked over and over during refractory period.

    • Glad you liked it. Not sure I’ll revisit this specific story, but I HAVE been thinking about that very idea, so perhaps I’ll explore it in an upcoming story.

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