Interdimensional milking part 19 – Confessions

Recap: Max is a teenager from Earth in the distant future, who attends a boarding school where his seed is automatically harvested every day.

Max has finally accepted his feelings for Brill. In return, Brill has revealed that he has some alien DNA that gives him special powers.

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Interdimensional milking part 19 – Confessions

Max was with a group of 12 students.

“Hey Max, what did Miss Janeway about your implant?” Troye asked “Did she tell you why it’s malfunctioning?”

“It’s not malfunctioning,” Max said, sniffing. “There’s something weird going on.”

“Oh yeah sorry sib. So you’re 100% sure someone’s messing with your junk?”

“Yeah. 100%”

“How can you be sure?” Braden asked.

“Because it feels different. Not what you would program if you were trying to make someone feel good.”

“In what way?” Julie asked.

Max didn’t feel like going into the intimate details of the groping and oral attention he was receiving with the girls present. He wasn’t really comfortable discussing his bodily functions with his closest male friends.

“It’s just… a lot creepier that’s all.”

“So what’d she say?” Troye asked.

“Nothing much. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m imagining it.”

Max sniffed a couple of times.

“That’s harsh,” Bryan said.

“Yeah, it’s frustrating. She said to make a note any time it happens for the next month.”

“I heard of this,” Kane chipped in, feeling increasingly at home amongst the older kids. “One of the guys said it’s a harvesting ghost.”

Several of the guys laughed.

“It’s not a ghost Kane!” Julie said not unkindly. The core group was quite protective towards him. “There’s no such  thing.”

“I heard it’sh a perve who likes shucking off young boysh,” Stan said.

Julie punched him on the arm.

“Trust you Stan. YOU’RE a perve. Are you getting enough? Maybe you should go wrestle with someone.”

Max and Stan exchanged a glance. There was no warmth in Max’s glance. Stan coloured slightly and looked away.

Max sniffled again and turned to Brill.

“Hey Brill, can I talk to you in private for a moment please?”

“Sure Max.”


They stood up and walked 25 yards away from the group and sat down facing each other.

“I guess you probably already read my thoughts right? You know what else happened in the Nurse’s office?”

“Actually no. I’m not reading everyone’s thoughts all the time. It’s like your eyes; you don’t see everything in a room even though it’s right in front of you. I have to focus where I want to read or it’s just too tiring.”

“Oh, I never thought of it like that.”

“Yeah, and most of the time I’m just kind of chilling. I’m aware of people’s thoughts but I’m not picking up any detail. So what else DID happen?”

“She showed me my portal from the other side. Gave me a double green. I can’t tell you how weird it is sitting there with her, looking at your own dick on her screen. Especially when she can give you a boner any time she likes. She even made me squirt.”

“While she was looking right at your boner? Wow, that IS freaky.”


Brill stared intensely at Max then frowned.

“What? Something wrong?” Max asked.

“No. Not exactly. I just can’t read you today. I wanted to see your memory of it.”

Now it was Max’s turn to frown.

“Why’s that?”

“I have no idea.”

Max smirked back at Brill and raised his eyebrows with a sparkle in his eye.

“I’m a real man of mystery!”

“Man? Right. If you say so.”

Brill grinned.

“You’ve got a beautiful smile,” Max told him.

Brill’s smile broadened but it was not a vain attempt to fish for another compliment. He was simply happy that Max felt comfortable to pay him that compliment.

“But I think it’s your eyes I love best,” Max continued. “They’re amazing. When they’re not gold. That was… well, it made me nervous.”

“Hey no problem. I’m not like Ragooon; I can control myself.”

Brill was referring to a superhero in one of the virtual movies. When he was angry, he transformed into a kind of bipedal dragon that incinerated or ripped apart his enemies.

“I’m not gonna turn into a monster and go on the rampage.”

Max smiled.

“Well that’s good to know. They are kinda cool with just those little gold flecks around the edges.”

He moved closer and looked deep into Brill’s eyes.

“It’s not there now.”

“Nah, it comes and goes with my emotions.”


Brill paused for a few seconds.

“Max, I’ve got something to tell you. You might not like it. You might not like ME after I tell you, but I’ve got to be upfront with you if we’re gonna… get closer.”

Max felt his heart sink. He couldn’t bear it if Brill said anything bad that would ruin things. Not now that Max was starting to get comfortable about his affection for him.

“Go on then. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing. Max, I watched that vid of you jacking off in the shower.”

“Oh that.”

Max looked sad. The memory of it still put a heavy lump in his stomach. The only way he got by was to pretend it never happened.

“I think everyone in the school did.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t just watch it once. I watched it loads of times. Especially at skin time.”

Comprehension slowly dawned on Max’s face.

“You jacked off to a vid of me jacking off?”

Brill looked like a puppy that had been caught peeing on the carpet. He pulled a sheepish, appeasing grin, smiling too wide.

“Yeah. You’re really cute the way you do it.”

Max had only thought of his performance in terms of how dumb he looked. Now he was starting to realise that some people might view the video in another way.

“Dude, I guess if there’s anyone on the planet that I wouldn’t mind hearing that about, it’s you.”

He thought about it a bit longer.

“It’s pretty hot actually.”

He smiled at Brill; more of a leer.

“Very hot actually. Did you squirt?”

“Yeah. Three times.”

Max laughed.

“Three? Fuck! I must be sexier than I thought.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Sib, I really wish that vid wasn’t out there, but if anyone was going to get off on it, I’m glad it was you.”



“What do you think they’re talking about?” Stan asked.

“I dunno dude, they’re real close now. Max probably feels more comfortable talking to Brill about that stuff with the portal.”

“Yeah, I guesh sho,” Stan said, watching Max laughing with Brill.



“I’ve got a confession to make as well,” Max said, with a sniff.

“Max what’s with all the sniffing?”

“Oh it’s hay fever. I think I must be allergic to all the spores coming off those sponge trees. I don’t usually get it. I should really get a shot from Janeway.”

“Ahh okay. So what’s this confession?”

“I’ve seen you naked as well.”

Brill’s brow furrowed.

“Yeah, when?”

“Soon after I got here, Sam showed me a glam you sent him. Then a month or two later, this girl was trying to ramp me. She showed me a few photos.”

“She was ramping you? You never told me.”

“We weren’t that close at the time.”

“Did it work?”

Now it was Max’s turn to feel awkward. He dropped his head and looked bashfully up at Brill.


Brilled beamed at him.

“That’s good.”

He rose to his knees, leaned forwards and kissed Max on the lips. Max momentarily recoiled in surprise, then he moved back and wrapped his arms around Brill’s neck.

“I’m lousy at kissing. I haven’t really, you know, done it much before.”

“You just turn your head to the side and press your lips together, like you’re massaging the other person’s mouth. Here, I can teach you.”

Brill wrapped his arms around Max’s waist and pulled him close. They kissed for several minutes, then still hugging they lay on their sides and continued. Both of their lights turned green.


“They’re kishing!” Stan said indignantly.

“No shit,” Julie said disappointed, as her hopes at a chance with Max evaporated.

“Yeah, they’re an item. They were touching hands and stuff when we went to Capital the other day,” Bryan added.

“Yeah, and they were hugging when we went to EV Cave,” Kane said.

“What movie did they watch?”


“And you were in there too?”

“Yeah me and Sam…”

Kane stopped himself . He’d revealed to the group that he and Sam had watched gay porn together. He looked at Sam blushing brightly. He was mortified in case he’d outed the older boy and harmed their friendship. Sam grinned at him.

“It’s okay Kane, everyone knows I swing both ways. There’s nothing wrong.”

Relief washed across Kane’s face like wave.

“I gotta go. Homework to do,” Stan said, rising abruptly and walking back towards the dorms.

He quickly turned away from the group to hide the tears he feared were about to roll down his cheeks.


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