Trick or treat

A teenager gets a treat when he knocks on the right door.

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Trick or treat

“Trick or treat.”

Jimmy looked at the man before him hopefully. The man was naked except for a towel around his waist. Jimmy had clearly pulled him from the bath or a shower. He would be lucky to leave without abuse.

The man looked back at the skinny skid standing in front of him.

“Aren’t you a bit big to be trick or treating. How old are you?”

“Um, yeah I guess so, I’m nearly 15.”

Jimmy was glad his face was hidden behind a Spiderman balaclava but he could feel himself blushing.

The man grinned at him.

“Don’t wanna grow up huh? I don’t blame you. Being an adult is no great shakes.”

He paused and then conspicuously adjusted his penis beneath the towel. Jimmy looked down at the motion, his eyes visible beneath the mesh that formed the eyes in his costume. The man more slowly hefted his genitals beneath the towelling. To the casual observer, he just might have been simply adjusting himself, but Jimmy’s heart pounded as he looked at the floppy outline of the man’s cock and balls.

“But there are SOME advantages, if you know what I mean.”

Jimmy swallowed hard but said nothing.

“DO you know what I mean?” the man persisted.

“Um, I think so.”

Jimmy’s voice went hoarse and squeaky.

The man leaned out of his door and looked up the long gravel drive towards the gate that marked the entrace to his property 50 yards away. Little kids never ventured onto the grounds that surrounded his house, even at Halloween.

“On your own?” he enquired.

“Yes sir,” Jimmy replied, wondering if it was wise to make the admission.

The man looked pointedly down at the front of Jimmy’s Lycra costume.

“Nice costume.”


“It shows off your assets.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your package. Your costume shows it off well.”

Jimmy was stunned. What was he supposed to say to that? Adults weren’t supposed to say stuff like that to kids. Especially not trick or treating.

“You’re not wearing underwear are you kid?”

Jimmy KNEW that it was a mistake to come out without pants on but his briefs made an ugly line and the material was blue, nobody would see through it. He looked down at himself. He could clearly see the shape of his small soft penis nestled at the front of his groin. His two large nuts, cooched on either side of the base, each resting diagonally, were clearly visible. He could even see the shape of his glans. His eyes widened.

“N… no,” he admitted.

The man smiled.

“Ballsy move kid.  I like a boy who’s not afraid to show off what he’s got.”

“I didn’t do it to show off.”

“Really? I would have with a bulge like that.”

Jimmy looked down at the substantial bulge between his legs, seeing it for the first time as someone else might.

The man slowly adjusted his hardening cock again and Jimmy’s eyes followed his every move. The boy could see the outline of the man’s growing erection.

“Look at me, getting a rise. I bet that happens to you all the time huh kid?”

“W… what?”

“Getting excited. I bet your pecker gets hard at the drop of a hat huh?”

Jimmy looked the man in the face. He couldn’t believe they were having this conversation. This was exactly the kind of creepy guy that they all warned you about.

His mouth opened and closed wordlessly as he struggled to find something appropriate to say. Something that wouldn’t incriminate him.

“Uh, umm,” he mumbled hoarsely.

Jimmy was annoyed at the way his voice sounded like it did when it started to break a couple of years ago, and he was annoyed at how awkward he was around this man. There was something about the man’s near nudity and his forthright talk that got his wires in a tangle.

The man could see Jimmy’s mouth opening and closing behind his mask.  He watched with amusement.

“No need to admit it, I can tell. I bet you and your friends are constantly jacking each other huh?”

“My friends? No. No way. They’re all…”

Jimmy nearly incriminated himself.

“Straight?” the man finished for him.

Jimmy didn’t answer. He just stood in awkward silence.

“Straight?” the man persisted.

Jimmy shrugged self consciously.

The man leaned forwards and lifted the front of Jimmy mask to reveal the boy’s face. He was cute. Roundish faced. Freckles. Dark brows, full lips, and blue eyes. Jimmy was blushing but even without it his cheeks had a perpetual slight rosy tint. He wouldn’t meet the man’s eyes.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of kid.”

Jimmy’s mouth screwed up and his brows furrowed. This wasn’t a conversation he’d expected to get into tonight.

“You like boys. It’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s just the way you are. Just like some people like chocolate ice cream while others prefer vanilla.”

The man gripped his soft cock through the fabric of his towel and lifted it a little so that its outline showed. In spite of himself, Jimmy’s eyes followed the man’s every move.


“Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Excuse me?”

The man jiggled his penis. The kid’s expression was pure innocence. He swallowed hard as comprehension spread across his face. “This is wrong. This is dangerous. This guy’s a creep!” his brain screamed at him. Then he nodded, looking at the man with big puppy dog eyes from beneath his short brown hair.

The man released his penis and opened his towel revealing his genitals. His cock was six inches long, circumcised hard back in the 1960s style. Beneath it hung heavy balls. He was hairy, with a thick bush and a good covering over his nuts.

Jimmy drank in the visage before him. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He licked his lips then chewed the bottom one, breathing heavily.

After 30 seconds the man said, “Now your turn.”

Jimmy looked up and glanced at the gate. For a moment the man thought he would chicken out.

“You’ll have to undo me.”

He turned and the man saw a zipper running up the back of the costume. He reached forwards, allowing his towel to close, and pulled the all the way down to the craclk of the boy’s ass before pushing the costume off the boy’s naked shoulders. The kid’s skin was warm in the Florida Fall.

Jimmy reached up, reaching across his chest with both arms and pulled his arms free then he pushed the upper half of his costume down to waist height. The man watched with growing interest.

Jimmy moved close to the man as though about to impart a secret, but instead of a verbal secret, he revealed his most private body parts. He pulled the front of the soft, stretchy fabric away from his groin, allowing the man to look inside. Inside, Jimmy’s pink prick was nestled, curled atop his balls. The man drank in the sight for ten seconds.

“Pull it down all the way. Let your dick swing free.”

Jimmy glanced at the gate again then he pushed his costume halfway down his thighs. His teen penis flopped free, its gossamer-soft skin wrinkled from its confinement. It was a chubby two inches long topped with a small glans – it put the man in mind of a button mushroom. It was tiny and pink, fresh-looking but way too small for the kid’s shaft. Like the man’s dick, it was also circumcised. Although it was not deep cut, there was a good half inch of space between the end of the kid’s corona and the skin of his shaft making it look as though he was circumcised more savagely than he actually was. Beneath, the boy’s balls hung much heavier than his compact penis might suggest. His bag was soft and loose and they hung in a teardrop pouch that extended half an inch beneath the end of his penis.  A black triangle of short hair rested above, forming a small neat V atop his cock. Although it fell just short of reaching the cracks of his thighs, it was starting to creep around his penis towards his scrotum. The skin on the boy’s body was mostly a very pale tanned colour, and his genitals were a shade darker; not the brown colour of maturity, but just starting to change colour as the skin thickened and matured.

The man stared for thirty seconds without saying a word, then he leaned forwards and lightly cupped the boy’s balls. Jimmy momentarily flinched, then he allowed himself to be groped. It was like a scene in a sex fantasy. His breath came in shuddering cycles.

The man rolled the boy’s soft testicles between his thumb and fingers, feeling their form.

“You’ve got great balls, especially for a kid your age.”


The man tugged lightly down on Jimmy’s nuts to see how low they would go. Jimmy hunched as they reached their limit, and the man smiled then released him.

“Full of cum I bet huh?”

Jimmy looked down at himself then shrugged.

“I dunno. I guess.”


Jimmy stepped back and pulled his costume back up to his shoulders.

“Is that all?” the man asked.

“What do you mean?”

The man allowed the arrow-shaped head of his cock to poke through the crack in the towel. It was hard now.  Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off it. His eyes were wide, big as child seeing his presents under the tree on Christmas morning. His lips parted unconsciously.

The man pulled the towel back reveal its full 8 inch length. It looked thick and dangerous, as though it was built for violent fucking.

“You like it?” the man asked.

Jimmy looked at the penis.

“It’s big.”

“Yes. But do you like it?”

Jimmy hesitated for over 5 seconds. He swallowed before making the admission.

“Yes. It’s…” he hunted for the right word. An adult word that would adequately describe what he was looking it. “It’s very impressive.”

The man laughed. The word seemed odd coming from this youngster’s mouth; this kid with the dick of a boy and the balls of a porn star.

“You can touch it if you like.”

Jimmy approached and reached out cautiously as though the man’s penis was a rattle snake then he gave its head an experimental push with his first two fingers.

“You don’t have to be that timid. It won’t bite. But it might spit.”

Jimmy looked up sharply at the comment then he quickly understood the double entendre. He smiled for the first time, then reached down and gripped the man’s penis halfway down.

“Wow!” he said softly.

He slid his fist up it towards the end. He could feel the swollen veins along its sides beneath his fingers. He stopped just short of the glans. A bead of clear precum appeared at the eye.  Jimmy frowned and touched it with the index finger of his other hand. It was thicker than he had expected, and slippery. He pulled his finger back and a strand of precum came away with it.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Precum. You don’t make it yet?”

Jimmy shook his head.

“You will probably, when you get excited enough. Why don’t you suck me. You can tell me what it tastes like.”

Jimmy looked at the man as though he had just made an unfathomable suggestion. “What here, now? What if someone comes?”

“One second.”

The man stepped inside and a moment later the electric gate swung shut, ensuring that no-one could casually come up the driveway. The man returned and Jimmy was standing where he’d left him.

“There. Now we won’t have any interruptions.”

The man poked his penis back out through the towel.

Jimmy looked down at his penis uncertainly weighing up whether this was really something he wanted to do. Things were spiralling out of control so fast. Yet this was an unprecedented opportunity for him to realise some of his secret fantasies.

The man waited patiently for 20 seconds giving the boy time to decide.

“I know you want to. What are you nervous about?”

Jimmy shrugged.

“I dunno. This seems weird.”

“I guess it is, but where else are you gonna get the chance to suck a dick? It might be years before you get another opportunity. Think of this as a chance to practice before you meet someone your own age.”

The man struck the perfect chord and Jimmy dropped to his knees on the stone step.

“You’ll get cold knees. Come inside.”

The man backed just inside the door and Jimmy followed, glancing discretely around for danger. He dropped to his knees on the parquet wood hall floor then gripped the man’s cock in his fist, looking at it as though it was the Holy Grail.

“I don’t know what to do,” he admitted.

“Just lick it at first, run your tongue all over the top and round the rim.”

Jimmy stuck his tongue out and did as he was told.

A shiver passed through the man’s balls as he felt the hot wetness of the boy’s tongue. After a few minutes he prompted the boy to move on.

“Goooood. Now open your mouth, make an O with your lips and put my cock inside.”

Jimmy did as the man instructed, wrapping his mouth around the man’s glans.

“ Yes, good that’s it. Keep your teeth covered with your lips. Now bob your head up and down, like you’re jacking my cock with your mouth. Excellent, that’s tremendous.”

Jimmy followed the man’s instructions, taking his cues from the man’s moans of pleasure. He’d never felt so horny that he’d moaned but he recognised the man’s reactions as being good.


The man stood as the boy worked his cock. After a while he pulled the Spiderman mask fully off the boy’s head and allowed it to drop to the floor beside them. Then he reached out with both hands, entwining his fingers through the boy’s short hair, and gripped the back of the boy’s head.

The man started slowly thrusting his hips back and forth, pulling Jimmy’s face onto his cock in time, burrying his cock ever deeper into the boy’s mouth.

Jimmy was no longer using his lips. Instead, he felt the man’s helmet brushing against the back of his throat. He was afraid he was going to gag but the man stopped just short with each stroke.

The man’s pace was increasing, and it was obvious to Jimmy that he was enjoying it. He wondered what the man’s cum would taste like, but then the man abruptly stopped, and he let go of Jimmy’s head and stepped back.

Jimmy looked up bewildered.

“Not yet,” the man said. “But you liked it yes?”

Jimmy nodded.

“I can tell,” the man said.

Jimmy furrowed his brow.

“You’re pitching a tent.”

The man looked pointedly at the boy’s groin again. A ridge stretched the front of the Lycra costume from the kid’s balls up towards his waist. There was a wet patch the size of an orange on the blue material where the outline of his penis revealed his swollen glans. Jimmy’s face reddened and he gaped.

“I’m sorry. I’d better go.”

He picked up his Spiderman mask and hurriedly rose to his feet.

“That’s not a bad thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s precum. Looks like you just made your first. It only happens when you’re very excited.”

Jimmy looked at the man as though he might be lying.

“Come here,” the man said.

Jimmy moved closer. The man pulled the boy’s Spiderman costume from his shoulders and down to his waist. Then he carefully pulled it away from the boy’s erect penis. They both looked inside at the sticky mess within. An expression midway between disgust and amazement appeared on Jimmy’s face.

“Guess I’m not the only one who’s excited,” the man said.

“No,” Jimmy admitted.

The man released the cloth so that it covered the kid’s cock again.

“Why don’t I just take care of that for you?”

Jimmy wondered what the man meant by “take care of that”.

“Here, sit on the floor.”

The man gestured to the polished oak tiles.

“You can leave the door open if you like,” he added, suspecting that Jimmy would be apprehensive.

Jimmy sat on the floor, his Spiderman costume pulled up at the rear between his bottom and the wood.

“Lean back against the wall.”

Jimmy reclined with his shoulders against the wall and watched as the man dropped to his knees.

“Bottom up.”

The man gripped the sides of Jimmy’s costume and as the boy lifted his bottom off the floor he pulled it all the way down the kid’s ankles in one smooth motion. The boy’s cock bent down pulled by the material, then sprang up towards his stomach as it was freed from its confinement. It hit his belly with a quiet thud then bounced back to stand with its head held an inch away, supporting itself under the pressure of his excited blood. The kid’s cock was thick as a deodorant spray can.

The man pressed on the insides of the boy’s knees with his hands spreading Jimmy’s thighs wide. Jimmy watched with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension. But his penis made no secret about how his body was feeling.

The man smiled, looking down at the boy’s dick. It was a little over four inches long, but far thicker than it had a right to be. The kid’s man-balls had risen high in excitement, but his sack was loose and wrinkled. The man couldn’t resist reaching down and giving them another feel, rolling them in his fingers.

“You really do have an incredible pair of nuts on you, especially for a teenager.”

Jimmy watched as the man worshipped his balls. He’d never been testicle fixated. When he masturbated he thought of other boys’ penises or their bodies, so he found it hard to empathise with the man’s appreciation of his nuts.

“I wish my dick was bigger though,” he said.

“It’ll probably grow as you get older, and look how thick it is already. It’s a monster. Most men are not as thick.”

“My friend said women prefer length to thickness.”

“Let me guess; he’s much longer than you?”

Jimmy nodded.

“He says he has 6 inches.”

“Look some women like length and some prefer thickness. Some women are put off by longer dicks; they say it makes guys arrogant. But that doesn’t really matter to do you does it?”

Jimmy looked at him puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you’re not likely to be showing it to many women are you?”

Jimmy suddenly realised what the man meant.

“I can assure you that any boys or men you stick that into will more than appreciate your thickness.”

Jimmy had never considered the possibility of butt sex. He’d barely dared to face the possibility that he was gay. Tonight was a watershed in his sexual growth.

He thought about what it might be like to push his dick into another boy’s hole. His dick twitched a couple of times.

“Thinking about fucking one of your friends?” the man asked with a smile.

Busted! Jimmy blushed furiously.

“Nope, no. No.” He said emphatically, before shyly adding, “Well, yes, I guess so.”

“Like I said, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who were you thinking about?”

“Oliver. He’s a boy at my school. He’s cute.”

It was liberating to finally express his feelings for Oliver.

“Has he got a nice dick?”

“I… I..”

Old habits kicked in. Jimmy was instinctively afraid to admit that he looked at Oliver’s penis in the showers any time he got the chance. He looked bashful as he realised that he was talking to the one person who he could admit it to.

“Yeah he has.”

“What’s it like?”

Jimmy thought for a moment. Then a lewd expression crossed his face.

“Skinny. Kind of floppy. He’s not circumcised. He’s got nice pubes.”

“Oh, how so?”

“I dunno exactly. They’re short, kind of straight. He hasn’t got a lot.”

“Sounds like you’ve been studying him closely.”

A huge sheepish grin plastered itself slowly across Jimmy’s face.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“That’s cool. Here, let me show you something you can use on him if he ever gives you a chance.”

The man gripped Jimmy’s cock in his fist and dropped his head to it. He was stunned by how hard the kid was. He opened his mouth, poked out his tongue and licked the rim of the kid’s glans slowly.

“Uh-h-h-h-ohhh,” Jimmy gasped, his voice trembling.

The man looked up to check if the kid was okay and he was not surprised to see that Jimmy’s mouth was gaping and he was staring up into space. The first time a boy felt a mouth on his cock was always mind-blowing. It was the time he realised that his hand only gave a fraction of the pleasure his dick was capable of experiencing.


The man continued licking Jimmy’s glans, running the whole tip of his hot tongue all over the surface now. Jimmy panted and groaned as though he was fighting against pain, but if it was a kind of pain he felt, then it was the sweetest pain a boy could ever experience. He clenched his buttocks, barely capable of thought as the man showed him how effortlessly he could be reduced to a defenceless mound of squirming hormones.

Jimmy knew now that his friend Jake, who had talked about receiving a blowjob was lying about it, because the boy’s brash description would have lacked the words, the sheer superlatives, to describe how good a blowjob actually felt.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Jimmy panted, his words coming out like a prayer to the god Priapus.

The man lifted his head.

“You okay kid?”

“Y… y… yes. Don’t stop!”

Jimmy pushed the man’s head back onto his cock. Such forcefulness was not part of his nature, especially towards an adult, but Jimmy had to make the man continue.

The man happily obliged, now wrapping his lips around the boy’s cock and bobbing his head up and down, using the O of his mouth as a surrogate hand to stimulate the circumference of the boy’s small glans. For a moment Jimmy was disappointed. The feeling was more like jacking, and as such, whilst it moved him more effectively towards his inevitable orgasm, it lacked the nerve tingling sensation of a tongue. When the man had licked him, his dick was so sensitive it was almost painful, sending zaps all the way to his balls and down his raphe to his asshole, causing him to clench involuntarily.

The man started to jack the boy’s shaft in his fist at the same time. The kid’s cock was too short to get much of a stroke but it was so hard. Incredibly hard. The man wistfully wondered if he’d ever been as hard when he was that age. “So many great sexual milestones go past whilst you lack the experience to appreciate them” he thought.

Jimmy felt the skin of his dick slipping up and down as the man jacked him. It was weird to feel his dick head being jacked at a different rhythm to his shaft. The shaft was not contributing much to his physical pleasure, but the feeling of being manhandled by this total stranger was exhilarating, as though his dick belonged to the man. He felt like he’d slipped into one of his sexual fantasies, although they had never included adults until now.

The bobbing head and pumping fist were joined by another performer. The man’s tongue was making a reprieve but this time it was doing a different dance. Instead of licking, it flickered lightly, the tip flittering all over Jimmy’s diminutive glans with the light deftness of a humming bird’s wings caressing the air.

“Oh fuck, oh, oh!”

Instinctively, Jimmy gripped the man’s hair in both fists, pulling his face deeper onto his cock, but almost immediately his sense of respect and propriety lead him to release the man’s head, instead placing his hands on the man’s bare shoulders and pulling.

The man gripped Jimmy’s formidable nuts in his free hand and tugged them downwards, squeezing them in the palm of his fist. Jimmy gasped, as he felt an ache between his legs. For a moment Jimmy thought, “Oh no, this is where he pops my balls. This is why they tell you not to go near strangers.” That thought was instantly replaced with “This is because I grabbed his hair.”

“Easy Tiger, slow down.”

Jimmy realised that the man was simply taking the edge off so that he wouldn’t blow his load. The guy wanted to enjoy himself for longer just as Jimmy would if he ever got the chance with Oliver.

The boy’s testicles were surprisingly hot in the man’s fist. Each was the size of an avacado pit, but soft like Playdoh. He could almost feel the adolescent spunk churning within, desperate for an eruption that would spray the kid’s teen muck like a volcano. He squeezed still harder until the boy groaned and tried to close his legs, then he eased off the pressure but did not release the kid’s nuts. Instead he started to work them, pulling them low. Then he gently ground them together in his fist, forcing them to slip and slide past each other in their sack. He tugged at them; first one, then the other, then both together, enjoying their softness, the knowledge that this was the heart of the young kid’s masculinity, all his virility and his future libido contained in these two soft ovals.


To his wonderment, having his balls lightly squeezed and played with did not kill his arousal, it inflamed it. Jimmy would not have imagined that gentle ball pain could be a turn on, but now that he was experiencing it, it was driving him even wilder.


Jimmy panted, eager for release. The man let go of the boy’s cock and reached towards the kid’s face, pushing it back against the wall with his palm, messing the kid’s hair up as his fingers pushed through it. Jimmy let his head go, and the man slipped his index finger into the boy’s mouth. Jimmy struggled against it but the man would not withdraw it. Jimmy’s mouth started watering for some inexplicable reason. Misunderstanding the reason it was there, Jimmy started to suck the man’s finger like it was his own cock. He’d seen it in movies and he assumed that was the finger’s purpose. When it was good and wet, the man withdrew the finger and placed it beneath Jimmy’s bottom. Jimmy felt the fingertip touching his sphincter and tensed. The man licked the boy’s glans even faster, using Jimmy’s balls to stop him from achieving orgasm. Jimmy’s attention returned to his pink button, then suddenly the finger was inside him. He gasped as it passed his sphincter. The man started to finger fuck the boy, working the kid’s nuts and glans at the same time. Jimmy didn’t know where to focus his attention. All he knew was that he had to cum! He ground his hips to increase the friction in the man’s mouth, and the man responded, bobbing his head faster and licking the boy’s glans more firmly.

Jimmy started to pump his hips short and fast, urging the man to let him cum and this time the man obliged. He released the boy’s nuts from his fist and instead started twisting them lightly in the sack, tugging them downwards again as he did so. He removed his finger from the boy’s asshole and replaced it with his tongue. The hand that had been finger fucking moved up to the boy’s cock and started jacking Jimmy’s thick boy meat as fast as he could move it. Jimmy let out a triumphal scream of joy and thrust his hips as high as they could go using his head to bridge up off the wall. Then his virgin cream was erupting upwards, spewing high into the air in a series of creamy fountains that launched them up past his face, then eventually onto his chest and the floor beside him.

After the first few squirts, the boy rolled onto his side, hips extended and hands clawed in a contorted seizure of pure uncontrolled ecstasy.

He rolled and twisted like an anaconda entwining its prey, and the man did his best to keep his hand on the boy’s cock, ensuring that Jimmy’s joy elation lasted till his cock could pump no longer. That moment didn’t arrive for 40 long seconds, and before it arrived, Jimmy was so twisted up with the sheer orgasmic pleasure that he wouldn’t have noticed an asteroid crashing.

When the come-down happened, it came fast. One moment he was in a fever of bliss, and the next his cock was unbearably sensitive. He curled like a picked up worm, and pushed the man’s hand from his cock.

“Enough, enough! I can’t take any more. I’m done.”

The man released the boy’s cock and balls, smiling at the kid. He loved it when he was the first. When he got to blow boy’s mind. Jimmy would struggle to find another orgasm like that, especially without the man to deliver it, but the search would ensure that he had MANY sexual partners before he left his teens.


Jimmy lay on his side for a few minutes, exhausted by the sheer force of his orgasm. The man watched the boy as he recovered his strength. Eventually Jimmy rolled onto his back and looked at the man with a contented smile. Jimmy’s cock was a lifeless slug between his legs, its load utterly spent.

“That was fucking amazing.”


“Should I finish you now?”

“That’s great but there’s something I’d like more.”

Jimmy frowned.


“Turn around on your hands and knees.”

“You wanna fuck me?”


“No way. Sorry, especially after what you just did for me and all, but I’m not ready for that.”

The man smiled.

“No problem. Another time maybe. Can I at least stick it between your thighs?”

“What do you mean?”

Jimmy’s lack of imagination was letting him down.

“You kneel with your knees together and I’ll just rub my cock between your legs. It’s certainly no worse than sucking my dick, and no aftertaste!”

Jimmy grinned at the joke.

“Okay, but definitely no sticking it in my butt okay?”

“Of course not. I’ll be right back.”


The man disappeared and Jimmy remained reclining. He looked around him. It looked as though his cum was everywhere; on his chest, the floor, even dribbling down the wall behind him! He smiled, proud of his virility. He looked down at his groin. His cock was smaller even than usual now that it was spent, but his balls looked much larger.

The man returned with a jar of lube.

“Lube,” he explained. “I don’t wanna do it dry or it’ll chafe.”

Jimmy watched him grease up his hardening cock, then he rolled over and got up onto his hands and knees. The man dropped to his knees behind the boy and in seconds his semi was fully hard. Jimmy watched the man as he slid his cock between his thighs.

“Squeeze your legs together.”

Jimmy obeyed and the man pushed his dick forwards. It slipped between Jimmy’s closed legs, bumping into his balls before moving beyond.

The man withdrew then thrust again, quickly establishing a rhythm. On each inwards thrust Jimmy felt the man’s dick bouncing his nuts and dick out of the way. For some reason he found the experiencing arousing, and after a few minutes his dick was straining all over again.

“Are you hard again?” the man asked.

“Yeah,” Jimmy admitted bashfully.

“Oh to be fucking 14 again!” the man said with a smile.


He continued thigh fucking Jimmy for ten minutes, pacing himself, then he withdrew and repositioned his cock along the crack of Jimmy’s ass.

“Don’t worry,” he reassured, “I’m not going to stick it in you.”


He slowly fucked the boy’s ass-crack, and Jimmy received the fucking with mixed emotions. He felt like a bitch, standing with her ass in the air whilst the dog takes it. It felt vaguely demeaning to be taken from behind in such a manner, but on the other hand, there was something nasty about it that made his dick swell.

The man reached around and jacked the boy off slowly, using light strokes, and despite himself, Jimmy soon found that he was grinding his ass back against the man as he was ridden.

“Turn over,” the man commanded.

Jimmy rolled onto his back, his stiff log bouncing as he turned. The man grabbed the boy around each calf and pulled the boy away from the wall so that he was lying on his back on the floor, his head two feet from the wall.

The man changed his grip so that he was holding the boy’s ankles, then he lifted the boy’s feet and pushed Jimmy’s feet to the floor behind his head, knees on either side of his face. The man looked down at the boy’s exposed virgin asshole. He would have liked to have taken it tonight, but he was no rapist.

Just past his asshole, the boy’s magnificent balls, pulled up tight against his body by muscles deep inside his abdomen. Yet the kid’s sack was still loose, spread like a parachute after landing, revealing the outline of each hefty testicle. The man leaned forwards and kissed the boy’s balls slowly and reverently. He licked each one, moving each weighty orb around in the kid’s sack.

The man crouched and sat on the boy’s upturned butt, leaning forwards. Then he pulled the boy’s thick log back between his legs and rested it alongside his own cock which was jutting out horizontally. Using two hands to encircle both thick members, the man slowly jacked his and the boy’s cocks together. There was something about feeling the kid’s thick stump pressing against his own far longer meat that drove the man crazy. The boy started to grunt, partly from the position but also with renewed excitement. The man looked down at the boy’s sweating red face staring up below him and picked up the pace.

Without warning the kid was cumming, squirting another large load, the cream spraying onto his own face. The man continued jacking till the kid was done, then he slid his own cock backwards and resumed fucking the kid’s ass crack. In less than a minute the man felt his own impending orgasm.

He rose taking his cock in his fist, and he pumped it lightning fast. Suddenly he was ejaculating hard. He aimed his load directly onto the boy’s upturned balls, splattering them with a hefty load of pearl juice. Jimmy laid and took it, intuiting that the man’s target was not random; that somehow he was making a statement.

When he finished, the man reached down and slowly, deliberately smeared the shot glass load of cum that he had rained down onto the kid’s nuts into the boy’s sack. When he had finished, the kid’s nut sack looked like someone had thrown a small pot of hand soap onto it.

“Maybe that will help your dick to grow faster.”

Jimmy looked up at him, his face still liberally splashed with his own jizz, looking for any sign of sarcasm, but there was none.

“I’d better wipe this off my face quick then. I don’t need a big nose!”

The man laughed loudly and Jimmy shared the moment before the man handed him the towel that had formerly been wrapped around his waist. Jimmy sat up and wiped the jizz from his face and went to wipe his balls.

“No don’t. Take it home with you. A souvenir of your first time.”

Jimmy lifted his boner out of the way and examined his balls before looking back at the man.

“They’re drenched.”

“Good. Make a man out of you.”

“Seriously?” Jimmy asked with schoolboy innocence.

“Sure,” the man nodded, wrinkling his brow and in affirmation.

“But I haven’t got any underwear.”

“Great, so you’ll be thinking of me all the way home. Got far to go?”

“About a mile.”

“It’s gonna be a pleasant journey then.”

Jimmy grinned at the man’s brash quip. He rose to his feet and pulled his Spiderman costume up around his waist. His wet balls disappeared inside the thin fabric. He pulled it up further and slid his arms into the arm holes before turning his back.

“Do me up please.”

The man pulled the zipper back up, taking one last chance to admire the smooth curves of the boy’s butt cheeks before they were gone.

When Jimmy felt the zipper at his neck he turned to face the man. His balls were soaked. He looked down at the large bulge his nuts made in the fabric. It was soaked, dark with liquid. To his dismay, the man’s spunk had turned the cloth transparent. His dick and balls were visible almost as clearly as if he was not wearing anything at all. You could even see that he was circumcised.

“Hope I don’t meet anyone,” he said sheepishly.

“If you do you can always jump up onto a building or something.”

Jimmy smiled as they made small talk. It had been a life changing 45 minutes and it seemed weird to just walk away.

The man pulled the kid to him and gave him a hug. He really was all skin and bones.

“You take care kid.”

The man picked up a phone from a small table in the hall.

“Mind if I take a photo to remember you by?”

Jimmy faced the man, his hands dangling by his sides, mask in his hand, looking decidedly unsuperheroic. The man took a couple of photos, careful to ensure that the kid’s transparent groin was in shot.

“I’d um, better get going. Thanks a lot for the blowjob it was… Well, thanks a lot.”

Jimmy walked about through the door and the man activated the electric gate.

“And kid,” the man said when the thin kid was a few steps away.

Jimmy stopped and looked over his shoulder.

“If you ever want another one, just give me a knock.”

Jimmy grinned then walked away into the warm Fall night.

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