Not all records are willingly attempted.

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When Mr Jones told Mitch that he could help set a new world record, Mitch thought that he was talking about sports, and that his role would be voluntary. 24 hours later, with an aching dick, and balls that felt like they were being squeezed in a vice, Mitch finally squirted for the last time, setting a record that would never be broken.

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    • 3rd October 2022 at 3:17 am-
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    Sadly, there was no fame for Mitch only ridicule. The International Association of Sexual Records published the accomplishment on their website on a Monday by Tuesday Mitch’s social media was swarming with comments about what a total pervert he was.

    Of course, at first, Mitch defended himself by explaining he’d been tricked. Nothing worked. Realizing that Mitch was no longer “one of the cool guys”, his friends joined in and started taunting Mitch with what had quickly become his online nickname.

    Gusher, as Mitch was now known, wanted to go into hiding. But, a guy must eat and he would need money after his job fired him.

    An agent from a porn company called him and offered work. The pay was good and the job included airfare to Los Angeles and a hotel room. When Gusher showed up on the set, he was in disbelief. The porn would be Gusher taking load after load on the face by hung porn star studs.

    Gusher hadn’t been able to get an erection since breaking the record. He was still plenty horny – his pecker just wouldn’t rise to the occasion.

    The first film was titled “Coat Gusher”. That was followed by “Gusher The New Cum Towel”. Gusher quit. He couldn’t do it anymore. But, the only “work” he could find was hustling his ass on Santa Monica Blvd and every John just wanted to squirt on Gusher’s face.

    Realizing he might as well go with the flow (so to speak), Gusher called the film studio and agreed to “Break Gusher”, “Gusher Sucks A Football Team” and more. The money is good but, the shame is horrible. When not working Gusher calls Door Dash for dinner and fiddles with his soft cock hoping it will get hard – it never will.

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