No signs of life 4 – Violation

After an apocalypse, a teenager gets to fuck the boy of his dreams, but it comes at a massive price.

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No signs of life 4 – Violation

Sleeping next to Ellis did my heart good. He was the first person I’d ever slept with naked, and even sleepovers in my younger days were never in the same bed. Feeling his warm body next to mine, his skin touching mine somehow gave me strength. Of course, he was unresponsive, and he didn’t move once during the night so far as I could tell, but I hugged him to me like a pillow, our nudity moulded together, my genitals ground against the crack of his ass.

In the morning when I woke up, I felt revived; optimistic again, as I had felt before stumbling across the bodies of Mr Stanton and his son. But I was still moved by what I had seen.

I got up, and we had breakfast. I played some upbeat music on my phone, and this time it matched my mood rather than counterpointing it. I talked to Ellis as though he was both interested and responding. I’d heard that people in comas could be brought out of them by talking to them, so a part of me was secretly hoping that the same was true with Ellis. Also, it made his condition seem less serious, like he was just listening to me. I guess it was my clumsy way of trying to normalise a painful situation.

After breakfast, I left Ellis whilst I collected a two gallon can of rain water from out back. Then I dug up another of the flowers from our front yard.


Even though sleeping next to Ellis had lifted the deep gloom that had befallen me after seeing the bodies in the forest, their lonely deaths had profoundly moved me. I went into the kitchen and collected Ellis and we walked back to his house.

When we arrived, I walked around the side to the back. I pointed to a wooden patio set.

“Sit down there Ellis.”

It felt strange to be ordering him around in his own yard but whilst he could not think for himself, I had to do his thinking for him.

I ran into the house and returned with the framed photo of him and his brother. He sat and I sat in a chair opposite him across the round table. I put it on the table where he could see it.

“Ellis, I know that you were very upset by the death of your brother. What was his name?”

“Sean,” Ellis replied.

“Sean. That’s a nice name. I can see that you loved him a lot.”


I was surprised. It hadn’t been meant as a question.

I showed him the flower I had dug up.

“My mom loved gardening. She loved flowers the best. She always said that they were like pure happiness. She said it was impossible to be miserable when you were surrounded by flowers. This was her favourite. Black Eyed Susan. She said it always made her think of the sun. I remember when she planted it. I think it would go great over there with your brother. Keep him company.”

I struggled not to choke up as I spoke, pained for his loss and mine equally.

I walked to Sean’s grave and very carefully made a shallow depression in the soft earth covering him, then I placed the golden yellow flower into the space. I had dug deep when I lifted it from our garden so that its roots were not damaged. Now that it was in place, I poured all two gallons of water over it so that it would grow into its new location quickly.

“I never knew you Sean,” I said, “but you meant a lot to someone that means a lot to me. I’m so sorry that you’re gone.”

I turned back to Ellis. Tears were running all the way down his cheeks. He WAS still inside. More than just a robot in a human shell!

I walked up to him, then crouched so that he could see me.

“Please look at me Ellis.”

He turned his eyes to mine.

“I know you’re still in there Ellis. I’m going to take care of you. Whatever it takes. No matter how long you need me. I’m so, so sorry about Sean, and your mom and dad too. I hope that this hasn’t made it worse for you. I just thought… Well I just thought that this might make you feel better. In the long run at least. I don’t know.”

Ellis was still crying but other than the tears running down his cheeks, there were no outward signs. No sobbing. No screwed up cheeks. No scrunched up eyes.

I thought about how awful it must be not even to have the luxury of that simple release. I felt so bad for him. He wasn’t a kid, but the two year age difference was enough, and I felt deeply protective towards him. I leaned forwards and hugged him. I cupped the back of his head, and drew his face to the side of mine, and rocked, whispering words of sympathy and reassurance to him. I stayed like that for a couple of minutes before releasing him. I moved away, dabbed his tears away with the corner of my T shirt, then I kissed him on the forehead.

“We’ll come back every week, just to make sure he’s okay. I’ll bring more flowers for your parents next time.”

I picked up the photograph and stood up.

“Come on Ellis, let’s go home.”

He stood and followed me home.


For the next two nights, we slept together naked in my bed, and each morning he awoke with morning wood.

On the third morning, I looked down at his boner.

“Ellis, have you ever had a blowjob?”


His husky voice was deadpan as always. I wondered if my question caused excitement or panic in his mind, or whether he was even able to contemplate the implications of my question.

“Lay down with your legs apart.”

He did as he was told, and I blew him. He showed no reaction to my sucking. His dick stayed hard, and as I sucked and used my tongue, it got much harder. I couldn’t tell if that was an involuntary response to the blow job or if he was actually enjoying it. I guess he might have enjoyed the physical sensation yet still hated the fact that I was doing it.

I had no idea how long since he’d last had an orgasm, but it was at least a few days, if not a week by my reckoning. Perhaps a lot longer if the deaths of his family had affected him as the loss of mine affected me.

Either way, after just a couple of minutes, he blew his load. It was fast and short, and he filled my mouth with his cum. All without moving or making a noise, or showing an outward sign that he was having such an epic orgasm.

I swallowed it all. It was not as unpleasant as I had expected, but maybe the slight sweetness I thought I detected was more a reflection of my affection for him. I continued sucking for 30 seconds after he stopped coming, working his glans with my mouth like a vacuum cleaner to ensure every drip of his sweet juice was drained from his eager balls.

When I was done, I didn’t ask if he’d enjoyed it in case he said no. His body certainly had and that was enough for me. It made me hard making him hard. I went into the bathroom and jacked off, then started our day.


For the next couple of days, we settled into a routine working hard on the garden. The plants my mom and me had planted were already growing well, and new shoots were sprouting everywhere, but I was painfully aware that it was a race against time.

At night, we would eat, listen to music in small doses, then sleep naked together. Then something great happened.

I had ordered Ellis to undress for bed and he was standing naked waiting for me to give him another order. I stripped and looked up at him. I loved seeing him naked. I looked up and down his body as he stood, seemingly impassive.

“You’ve got a great body Ellis,” I told him. “You make me so horny. I love your dick.”

My own dick was standing up hard, as it often did when I saw him naked.

“Look what you do to me.”

He looked down at my erection. I wondered what he made of it. Then I saw his dick start to move. It wasn’t one of those heavy, hang down kind of dicks. Even when it was soft, it just kind of stuck out of his body at right angles, light enough to defy gravity. To be honest, it was almost all helmet. But it was still unmistakable when he started to get hard. It thickened and got longer. To my surprise, it didn’t just get hard, it got extremely hard. His helmet turned shiny and veins bulged along its length.

I reached down and touched one. Even the veins were hard. They slipped away around his rigid shaft under my finger tips.

“Damn Ellis, your dick is hard as nails!”

I slid my fist along it as though I was going to jack him off, then I stopped. I had an idea. All this time I had been sucking him off, turning myself on by turning him on. Now it was time for me.

“Stay right there Ellis.”

I ran to the bathroom for a bottle of baby oil – my mom used it for her skin. I returned a few seconds later to find him standing there with his boner undiminished.

Suddenly a funny thought occurred to me. If he fucked the garden, I could use his little boner as a seed drill! I smirked to myself.

“Get down on your hands and knees facing the mirror Ellis.”

I don’t know what he thought of my command. Confusion at first, but then, as I smeared the oil on his hole, he would likely have put two and two together pretty quickly. Whether he liked the idea or not, he was powerless to disobey. He knelt waiting.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long Ellis,” I told him as I knelt behind him.

I positioned my dick so that it was touching his hole, then very slowly I pushed against him. I didn’t know if it hurt being fucked, but if it was me, I’d have been nervous the first time, so I treated him how I’d want to be treated. Except he had no way to refuse.

He was unable to clench against me but still his hole spread slowly around my dick, and I was patient. I leaned over him, my chest to his back, and reached around to his dick. I grasped it in my oily fist and slowly teased the end, keeping him hard as his hole let me in to play.

Suddenly his hole opened fully and I slid inside. Momentarily I stopped jacking his cock, and instead laid across his back enjoying the closeness, the warmth of his skin outside and the heat within. This was the culmination of hundred fantasies. Everything about Ellis appealed to me when I saw him at school. The tone of his voice; the way he moved, compact but lithe, like he could spring into explosive action at any moment; the fluff on his soft cheek; and his mannerisms. I’d also lusted after Ellis for a long time; long after my feelings for him had passed beyond mere infatuation.

“I wish I could tell you how much I cared about you. How long I’ve wanted to be friends. And now, it’s all come down to this, while you can’t even say no.”

I was only too well aware that taking him like this was a violation of all decency. I could easily rationalise the blowjobs as being for him, but this. Well this was an invasion of his most sacred boundaries. No straight boy would ever be comfortable being fucked. I knew that I was putting my selfish lust ahead of his emotional wellbeing but this was all about me. I pushed the thoughts from my head and concentrated on fucking him.

I looked the sides of his face. The tiny blonde hairs were catching the last of the golden sun light. Magical, almost like fairy sprinkles. I kissed his neck and started thrusting. It felt good. It felt exactly how I had always hoped it would feel. Except for his silence. In my fantasies, he was talking to me. Telling me how much he cared for me. How much he enjoyed it.

I picked up my pace, fucking him deeper and harder, moving just my hips, maintaining contact against his back with my torso.

I was already getting close but I wanted more. I wanted it to be personal.

I withdrew and stepped away from him, my hard dick bouncing in front of me.

“Get up and lie on the bed on your back,” I instructed him.

He stood up and to my surprise, I saw milky sprays on the floor beneath him. He’d already cum! His jizz formed a thick, clumpy line from where his waist had been, up past the point his head was. He might have small balls and a tiny dick, but Ellis sure did squirt like a pro. I smiled at his ejaculate, happy that he had cum.

I turned to him. He was reclining on the bed, staring blankly into space. I clambered on and gripped him by the back of his knees, then I hoisted them apart, dragging him lower down the bed, and I kneeled in the space between. His hole was still open, winking at me, a dark eye beneath his stiff boner. I put my hands either side of his head, and guided my cock into his hole once more, raising his ass from the bed. I put his legs over my shoulders and started to pump, nearly folding him double.

“Ellis look at my face,” I said, trying to create some intimacy between us.

He looked at me but his expression was blank. No warmth, no pleasure; not even pain or discomfort. I searched his expression for any sign of emotion but I could find nothing. It was disappointing; depressing. I knew that I was hoping to create a connection where none existed.

Eventually I looked away from him, and concentrated on my fucking. I was thrusting deeply into him on every stroke, and I increased my pace. The only sounds were my heavy breathing, the squelching of my slippery dick in his hole, and my heavy balls slapping against his spine.

The oil was starting to wear out, but I was close. I wondered if I should pull out and come on his chest or even his face, but that seemed too crude; as though I was marking him as my property.

Instead I came in his hole, thudding hard into him with sporadic and brutal strokes as I reached the end of the best orgasm of my life.

I let his legs fall to the bed and slid out of him.

“Ellis, turn on your side and go to sleep.”

He turned away from me. I moved in behind him. I re-entered him, wrapped my arm around him, and went to sleep still hard.

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