Emmett’s descent

A teenager is forced to perform for a wealthy man to avoid a beating.

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Emmett’s descent

“How did you get the black eye, it looks painful?” One of Emmett’s closest friends, Steven was leaning forwards and examining a nasty black eye.

“Brad and Vick did it. They want money from me,” Emmett replied, ruefully.

“Did you tell your parents?” Steven asked.

“No way. They’ve got evil friends. They said they’d batter me with a baseball bat and kill our dog if I told. I told my Mom I ran into someone’s head at soccer practice.”

“How much do they want?”

“Fifty bucks. I haven’t got that sort of money. I don’t suppose you can lend it to me?”

“Nah, no way. Sorry man,” Steven said ruefully.

“No problem,” Emmett said with a sigh. “It’s not your fault. I’ve got till Wednesday or they’re gonna hurt me again. I dunno where I’m gonna get the money from. I already tried everything else.”

Steven looked at his injured friend, and it was clear that he was utterly miserable and hopeless. He looked at him for a few moments, weighing up how much he could trust him.

“There is another way you can get the money,” he said cryptically.

“What is it?” Emmett asked, eager for even the smallest shred of hope.

“You might not like it,” Steven cautioned.

“Steve, it can’t be worse than getting beat up!”

Steve looked him in the face and said earnestly,

“Okay, but you’ve got to swear to me that you never, ever tell anyone else about it okay?”

“Okay Steve I swear, c’mon dude, don’t keep me hanging like this.”

Drawing closer and speaking conspiratorially, Steve said, “Fair enough. Look, I know this guy who will pay you to do… sex stuff for him.”

Emmett recoiled, looking shocked. “Sex stuff! What kind of sex stuff?”

“You get naked; dance for him; jack off in front of him; maybe even let him wank you off.”

“You’re kidding right? That’s sick.”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds. But it’s up to you. What would you sooner do; have a wank while someone watches, or get beat up again?”

Emmett went to answer then stopped himself. Actually Steven had a point.

“How much does he pay?”

“50 bucks for a wank; more if you do more.”

“What do you mean more? You mean like letting him touch me?”

“Nah, he’ll do that anyway. He might even wank you off. I mean, if you wank him, he’ll pay you $75, if you suck him off, it’s a hundred.”

“Have you ever done that?!” Emmett asked, starting to see his friend in a whole new light.

“What, sucked him? No, I’ve never been that desperate, but I’ve wanked him off loads of times. It’s not so bad. It’s just a dick, and he’s a pretty cool guy.”

Emmett thought about it for a while. “Can you set it up for me? Will he pay anyone to do it?”

“I dunno if he’ll pay anyone, but you’re hot. He’ll definitely go for you. I’ll sort it out.”


The next day Emmett rode to Steven’s house on his BMX, and Steven took him to meet John. They went to the rich private houses out of town and rode up the drive of one of the bigger ones. Parking their bikes, Steven rang the door bell, and in moments a friendly-looking guy in his early forties answered.

“Hey Steven!” he said, offering Steven his hand and a warm smile. “Always good to see you. And this must be Emmett?” He shook Emmett’s hand. Emmett smiled nervously.

“Hello sir,” he said, formally.

“Ah polite, I like that, but no need to be uptight. You can call me John. Come in, come in.”

John ushered the boys into a large lounge, with a full bookshelf, a clearly expensive sound system, a big wall TV, and nice furniture. The chairs and couch had clearly been pushed back to make a clear area.

“Why don’t you sit down guys,” John said, indicating two soft armchairs. Can I get you anything; a drink, a joint, alcohol?”

“A coke would be great thanks John,” Steven said.

John looked to Emmett and Emmett said,

“The same please.”

John walked to a bar in the corner, and fetched two Cokes in classic glass bottles, and poured himself a large glass of red wine. He handed the boys their drinks, and sprawled in the corner of the sofa with his glass.

“So tell me a bit about yourself Emmett. How old are you? Why are you here tonight?”

“Erm, I’m 14, and I’m here because I need money.”

“Need money? What sort of trouble have you gotten yourself into?”

“It’s not like that, it’s just that, erm, I need it for someone.”

“Some assholes are beating him up and blackmailing him for money,” Steven chipped in.

“Oh dear, that’s really terrible. Can’t your father do anything about it?”

“I haven’t told him.”

“I understand. It’s not easy being a teenager is it?”

Emmett shrugged, “Well it was okay until this week.”

John chuckled, “And what sort of things do you like to do in your free time?”

“I like to play water polo and soccer and computer games.”

“I can see that you’re very lean. That’s great. Do you have a girlfriend yet? Boyfriend?”

“No, neither. Not yet.”

John picked up on the implication, “Not yet? So you haven’t had one at all yet?”

“No sir,” Emmett answered, blushing slightly.

“So who are you attracted to, girls or boys?”

“Girls. Definitely.”

John smiled at the boy stridently asserting his heterosexuality, in spite of the fact that he was about to put on a gay sex show for money. “But you’ve never done anything with a girl yet?”

Emmett blushed more. “No.”

“Great, so you’re a virgin. Tonight will be your first experience with someone else. Would you prefer it if Steven stays in the room or leaves?”

Emmett had no intention of being left alone with the man. “Erm, stays please.”

“I understand. A bit nervous first time huh?”

Emmett nodded shyly. John found his shyness adorable.

“Well, let’s get started. Why don’t you take your clothes off so I can see what you’ve got.”

Emmett stood up, and stripped, carefully leaving his briefs till last. When he got down to his briefs, he turned away coyly.

“Uh uh uhhh,” John said. “You know what you’re here for; might as well get used to it now. Turn and face me please Emmett.”

Emmett turned back towards John, feeling self-conscious, and lowered his briefs. John watched closely as the boy’s genitals bounced into view.

“You have pubic hair,” John said.

“Um, yeees?” Emmett said looking first at his small patch of hair, and then at John.

“No, no, no – that won’t do. Didn’t Steven tell you?”

“Tell me what?” Emmett asked, looking at Steven.

“Damn, I’m sorry, I forgot. John only likes smooth boys.”

Emmett furrowed his brow, and addressed John, “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“That’s okay. You’re going to have to take it off,” John said, matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me?!” Emmett replied, incredulous.

“Emmett if you want me to pay you for your services, you’re going to have to be smooth. Now I have hair removal cream – Steven you know how to use it don’t you. Why don’t you take Emmett into the bathroom, and don’t come back until he’s completely smooth.”

Emmett was irritated at this development, but there wasn’t a lot he could say about it. Steven had done him a favour by introducing him in the first place, and John was the client, so he was entitled to whatever terms he chose to set. Emmett allowed Steven to lead him to the bathroom, and twenty minutes he returned, as smooth as if he had never had hair in the first place.

“Ahh, that’s much better,” John said. “Come here where I can get a good look at you.”

Emmett moved closer to the couch, and John gestured for him to stand right next to him.

“Oh yes, very smooth. Now you look like a proper little boy. I could easily mistake you for an 11 year old now.”

Emmett stood, awkwardly whilst John appraised his genitals.

“How old did you say you were?” John asked, watching Emmett’s face closely for a lie.


“When were you born? What date?”

“17th of October 1998.”

“Wow, so you’re actually nearer to fourteen and a half. You’ve got an extremely small penis for your age, did you know that?”

Emmett blushed, and shuffled awkwardly. He moved as though to cover himself but then he remembered he was there to be seen, and stopped himself. He held his right arm across his body, holding his left elbow.


“Have you seen many other boys naked at school in the showers?” John asked.

“Yes.” Emmett answered flatly, wondering where this was leading.

“I bet you’ve got the smallest in your year at school huh?” John persisted, taking pleasure from the boy’s discomfort.

“One of the smallest I guess,” Emmett answered reluctantly.

“Oh come on, really? Name one boy your age who has a smaller penis.”

Emmett thought hard. He couldn’t think of anyone, and he wasn’t a good liar on the spot. He dropped his head humiliated, his cheeks blazing crimson. “I can’t.”

He glanced sideways at Steven. His friend was staring at his genitals intently. When Steven realised Emmett was looking at him, he looked up and gave him a “What the hell, so what?” kind of shrug. Emmett looked back at John.

“I think you’re adorable,” John said. “I’m certain you’re going to be worth every cent. Now go over there in the middle of the room.”

Emmett went where he was sent, and John used a remote to turn on the CD player. He skipped through searching for a suitable track. He found one; it was an upbeat dance number.

“Now I want you dance for me Emmett.”

Steven was watching with interest, and Emmett glanced at him, before saying to John, “I’m sorry, I can’t dance. I’m useless at it.”

“That’s okay,” John reassured him, “just do the best you can. Try to move in time to the music.”

Emmett looked very uncertain, but he couldn’t afford to back out, so he started to move to the music like he was at a school prom. He was clearly not exaggerating about his inability to dance, and although he seemed to be able to keep the beat, he had no idea what to actually do, so he simply stepped from side to side in time with the music. John smiled at his feeble efforts, and said,

“Not bad, move your hips from side to side more.”

Emmett did as he was told.

“Nice. Now move your hips in more of a circle. Get that cute little willy of yours swinging.”

Emmett did exactly what he was told, and as his soft penis started flapping around, he felt utterly ridiculous. When he saw that Steven was watching him with a huge grin on his face, he felt even more idiotic. But when he looked at John, he could see that the man was smiling happily, and he clearly had a boner in his pants. Emmett focussed his attention on John, or rather, on a point just behind the man’s shoulder, and he continued to dance.

As the track came to an end, John said, “Very good Emmett, now I’d like you to make it hard for me.”

A look of panic appeared on Emmett’s face, and he pointed at John’s crotch with his eyebrows raised in a question. John laughed.

“No, not mine – that’s already hard enough thank you. Yours.”

An expression of relief crossed Emmett’s face, but was quickly replaced by tension as he realised that this was the moment. He’d been turned into a smooth little boy, verbally humiliated, made to wiggle his penis and prance around like an idiot, but now was the moment of truth: the whole reason he’d come here. Emmett looked a little queasy. He looked to Steven for emotional support and his friend gave him an encouraging nod. He looked back to John and the man reclined, expectantly; patient and understanding of the boy’s first-time nerves.

Emmett gripped his dick and worked his hand up and down like he did at home. There was no response from his limp weiner. He jiggled and shook it, which was another technique he sometimes used, but still nothing. He spat on his palm, and pumped his dick hard in his right fist, but still it refused to harden.

He looked up at John, watching with an expression of indulgent bemusement and said apologetically,

“It won’t get hard. I’m sorry. I never had the problem before. I’m usually really horny.”

John smiled, “It’s just because you’re nervous. It’s nothing to worry about. Most boys have that problem the first time. Come over here, I’ll do it.”

Emmett hated the idea of being touched. “I don’t think that’ll help. It just isn’t working.” He kept his distance.

John said, “How many dicks have you jacked off Emmett?”

“Just mine,” the boy replied with a puzzled look.

“Right. And you probably haven’t been doing that much more than year; maybe two tops. Son, I’ve jacked off hundreds, maybe thousands of boys over the past 25 or 30 years. I have a bit more experience than you. Come over here.”

Emmett frowned. He couldn’t argue with the man’s logic, but still he didn’t want to be touched by him. But this was business. He walked over and stood next to John. John poured baby oil onto the finger tips of his right hand, then holding Emmett’s small pale cock in his left, he lightly massaged the boys glans with his oiled fingers. Emmett immediately felt little shocks in his depths of his balls from the extreme sensation on his helmet, and in spite of himself he let out a small, “Oh,” at the intensity of the feeling, and he sagged as his legs went weak at the knees.

John smiled. He’d seen it before. Virgins were always the most overwhelmed by the intensity of good dickhead massage. He continued rubbing his fingers on the boy’s soft glans, and it quickly inflated. Emmett looked at himself, surprised that this man could draw an erection from him so quickly and easily. In less than 30 seconds, his dick was standing up rock hard, almost touching his belly, with veins straining along its length. John let go with his left hand, and massaged Emmett’s balls in his silky smooth sack. Like the rest of his small genitals, the boy’s scrotum was exactly the same pale tan colour as the boy’s body. He really wasn’t very far into puberty at all.

Emmett found it strange having his balls worked on, but the feeling in his dickhead was so strong, that he simply stood, transfixed on bent legs, and allowed John to do whatever he wanted. To his surprise, he suddenly squirted after barely two minutes, spraying watery cum up onto the palm of John’s hand.

“Oops, that was quick,” John said, and continued to massage Emmett’s glans until the boy had stopped squirting.

“Sorry. I didn’t expect that to happen,” he said.

“No problem, you obviously really enjoy being touched.”

Emmett blushed at the implication.

“Tell you what, why don’t you just take a step back and pull yourself off now?”

“Right now?”  Emmett queried, “But I only just jizzed. I won’t be able to do it again this soon!”

“Sure you will. Look how hard you are still. Today is special, trust me, you’ll manage it easy.”

Emmett was sceptical but he didn’t want to challenge John as he’d already been wrong once, so he stepped back and started to masturbate.

John undressed and did the same, which momentarily freaked Emmett out, but then the idea that he was turning this guy on started to appeal to him. It was kind of flattering.

Emmett looked John’s large penis and heavy balls, impressed, but what impressed him more was the man’s slow masturbation technique. Emmett’s idea of masturbation was to take his penis in his fist and pound it fast until he ejaculated. Once in a while, he tried to hold off by letting himself go as he got close, but usually his masturbation sessions were over in three minutes from start to finish, and that was when he paced himself!

So Emmett did exactly what he always did, pounded away at his still-hard penis. He was surprised that it had remained so hard, and almost immediately he could feel a tingling, churning sensation in his balls. He pumped faster, leaning over with effort, and again, his orgasm took him by surprise. A single powerful squirt of spunk shot up in the air as high as his head, and then two more smaller squirts were propelled a couple of inches above his dick, before falling back onto it.

He stood, sweating, but pleased with himself for having managed a second orgasm. He felt certain that he had more than earned money.

John said, “Good job Emmett, you horny little fucker. Come here.”

Emmett was still holding his dick, unwilling to allow any more of his goo to dribble onto the man’s hardwood floor than was necessary. He walked forwards, and John reached out and dipped a finger in the puddle of cum in the hollow of Emmett’s jacking hand. He lifted a wad of cum and tasted it. Emmett was shocked, and his eyes opened with amazement.

“Pretty sweet,” John said. “You must eat well. A lot of vegetables and fruit.”
As he spoke he was already lifting another gob of spunk. “Here taste.”

Emmett moved his head away in disgust and looked at Steven perplexed. Steven grinned broadly back at him. “Taste!” John said more assertively.

Emmett opened his mouth just a little, and before he could react, John had pushed his spunk-coated finger into his mouth.

“Lick,” John instructed, and Emmett did as he was told.

“Good boy. You and I are going to get on just great. Now let go of your dick and move your hand out of the way.”

Emmett did as he was told, and John started rubbing his dick head again, using the boy’s slime as lube. Emmett hunched, brought his knees together and started to breathe heavily. John looked up to see what was wrong.

In a breathy voice, the boy said, by way of explanation, “Sensitive.”

John chuckled. “Yes, you just came twice in five minutes. I should think you would be.”

He continued stroking the boy’s glans, and Emmett continued to pant for a couple of minutes, his breath gradually returning to normal as his glans became less hypersensitive. John was an expert, and the boy’s slender penis remained absolutely rigid the whole time. After a while, Emmett’s strength returned and he straightened up, and allowed John to continue working on him. John held the boy’s soft little nuts in his other hand. He had a soft, droopy little sack, with nuts the size of grapes. John gently massaged them, exploring every millimetre of their surface.

Emmett found the man’s testicular massage kind of distracting, but soothing at the same  time. John was using the gentle pressure on the kid’s testicles deliberately to stop them from generating a quick orgasm. He wanted the boy to build up his excitement slowly.

After ten minutes, Emmett could feel the familiar excitement growing in his balls. He started to gasp, and John released his balls, and started to jack him in fast, light, short strokes that focussed exclusively on the boy’s glans. Immediately, Emmett groaned out loud and a small amount of gooey cum oozed from his dick hole, like toothpaste coaxed from a tube. Emmett involuntarily thrust his hips forwards as his third orgasm overwhelmed him, and then with his hips already forwards, he continued to make a series of shorts pelvic stabbing motions, until, ten seconds later, his orgasm was complete.

He was truly surprised at his body’s response, and he looked down at himself doe-eyed, and shell-shocked. John smiled happily. He’d forced many a powerful orgasm from an unsuspecting young boy. For him, it was part of the fun – driving a boy’s body to give him a powerful orgasm whether he consciously wanted it or not.

John said, “I can see that you really enjoyed that.”

Emmett looked at him openly, and in the fuzzy afterglow of such a powerful orgasm, he nodded, sincerely revealing his feelings without concern for how Steven would interpret it.

“That’s great Emmett, and those three were for you, just to help you loosen up, but no boy leaves my house with cum in his balls if I’m paying for it. Now you’re going to give me another one for me.”

Emmett was incredulous. Four times?! But his doubts had been proven wrong time after time, so he simply stood, submissively, and waited to see what was to come.

Emmett’s penis had immediately gone flaccid after his last orgasm. John lifted it and went to work with his tongue, flicking the glans lightly, then moving his tongue in small circles. Emmett no longer analysed what was happening to him; he simply accepted it. His penis gradually filled with blood yet again. John was in no rush, and he allowed it to happen at its own pace. This time, the boy’s penis was like a small, timid mouse, slowly creeping from its hole, as its head gradually lifted. Nevertheless, lift it did, and within five minutes it was pointing skywards again.

John turned his attention to the kid’s exhausted little knackers. He licked the boy’s smooth ball-bag all around, making it slick with spit, then he took the whole thing into his mouth, rolling both of Emmett’s cool balls around with his tongue. He opened his mouth and let the small pale bag out. He sucked one side of the boy’s scrotum until one of the boy’s balls popped into his mouth, then John sucked it like a lollipop for a minute or two, before releasing it, and repeating on the other side.

John noticed that the boy’s penis was just starting to wilt a little so he ran his tongue back and forth across Emmett’s fraenulum. The cock rapidly hardened again, and the small veins around the fraenulum bulged, blue against the white skin.

Emmett was completely at the mercy of this man. He had arrived so nervous, but as John had driven him to previously un-experienced heights of ecstasy, the atmosphere in the room seemed more and more surreal, and he began to lose any sense of willpower.

John poured oil onto his fingers and reached behind Emmett’s bottom, pushing his fingertips between the boy’s smooth cheeks towards the boy’s virgin hole. Emmett allowed John access, unsuspecting, and even when he felt the tips of the man’s fingers on his puckered hole, he was not unsettled. He felt as though he had been drugged. His thoughts were slow and foggy, and all he could think about was his hard dick, his aching balls, and his desire for John to continue making him feel good.

John gently slipped the tip of his oily index finger into Emmett’s tight, hot hole, and finally that penetrated the erotic fug that Emmett was wrapped in. Emmett gave a small gasp and straightened his body.

John cooed, “Shhh, shhh, shhh. Relax Emmett. It’s good. Trust me. I promise you’ll like it.”

He stroked the boy’s tight stomach with his other hand, and softly sucked on his penis to mollify him. He left his fingertip in the boy’s hole whilst he gently continued to stroke the boy’s nascent abdominal muscles. Gradually, Emmett relaxed again, and when he sensed that the boy was calm again, John very slowly pushed his index finger into the boy’s hole up to the top knuckle. Then just as slowly pulled it back out again, repeating the motion several times, before switching to his larger middle finger.

Emmett had expected after his second orgasm, that he was finished, and he had earned his money, but now, as he experienced new levels of arousal that in his immature desire for a fast orgasm, he’d never before felt, he was glad that there was more. His mouth agape and his eyelids heavy from the sustained erotic experience, Emmett looked slowly at Steven. His friend was rubbing his penis through his jogging bottoms. Steve grinned at him sheepishly, but continued, and Emmett was far too horny to care much himself. He was too interested in what was happening to his own body.

John gradually increased the pace of the finger fucking, and incredibly, Emmett’s already rigid member became even harder, with veins bulging along its slender, five inch length.

John also continued to tantalise the kid’s cock head with, and it was clear that the boy was getting seriously turned on. His breathing changed; he was taking shorter breaths; almost panting. At about 25 minutes, a single bead of precum dribbled from his urethra and hung an inch below.

John was masturbating himself with his right hand, whilst finger fucking Emmett with his left. At 45 minutes, the boy started to make slow, involuntary grinding motions with his hips, and making audible little intermittent adolescent panting noises. John looked at the boy’s face, and the kid’s gaze was a million miles away. John knew that Emmett was ready. He pushed his finger deep into the boy’s hole, and gently found his prostate. Then he made a ring between the finger and thumb of his right hand and started rapidly masturbating just the boy’s swollen glans, whilst expertly massaging his small prostate.

Emmett went wild and came immediately, thrusting his hips like he was fucking a bucking bronco. He shouted out, in the heights of ecstatic delirium, “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh!”

John watched closely, but not so much as a single milky bead of cum came from the boy’s hard young member. John smiled content, then quickly finished himself off.

Emmett collapsed from the sheer erotic magnitude of his orgasm, and it was only John’s hand up his ass that kept him on his feet. John pulled the boy close, and Emmett moved without resistance until he was in an embrace in the crook of John’s powerful arm, collapsed against the man. He buried his head against John’s neck unselfconsciously, and lay, weak as a newborn fawn in the post orgasmic glow. The boy was wet with sweat.

Leaving his left hand in the boy’s rear, John tenderly cupped Emmett’s scrotum, and softly rolled his fingers beneath the boy’s drained nuts, bouncing them in his soft pouch, as the boy’s penis softened for the final time, and the star flashes behind his eyes slowly subsided.

After a couple of minutes, Emmett’s breathing returned to normal, and his ability to think started to return. He started to fidget restively in John’s arms. He moved his head away from the man’s neck, and pushed himself upright. John’s finger was still in him. He looked behind himself then at John, and John took the hint, removing his hand with a friendly smile. Now that he was starting to regain his mental faculties, Emmett was feeling very self conscious. All of the things he’d done for the money freeze-framed through his mind – the shaving, the dancing, the wanking, and the out-of-control orgasms. He felt very foolish and cheap. He looked at John bashfully.

“Can I get paid now please?” he asked timidly in a hoarse pubertal whisper, avoiding eye contact.

“Of course you can Emmett.”

John was used to this reaction the first few times. Some boys never got over it. Emmett was really special – he wanted to see him again. A boy who could ejaculate four times in an hour was rare – in fact Emmett was the first John had ever encountered. John reached up and tenderly touched the boy’s cheek, turning his face towards him.

“Look at me,” he ordered gently. “You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s not a crime to enjoy your body. I know you did it for money, and you’re straight, but your body doesn’t care about straight or gay. It just knows about what feels good. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Just enjoy it for what it was – the best sex you’ve had in your life. If you’re smart, you’ll learn from what happened here today, and use it to enjoy yourself on your own more in future.”

Even though Emmett felt that the situation had seemed sleazy, he could hear the sincerity in John’s words. Maybe he was more than just a filthy pedo getting his rocks off at Emmett’s expense. Maybe he was mistaken about lot of things. Emmett’s world view was undergoing a paradigm shift, but it would take a lot more thinking before he came to terms with his behaviour as a teen hooker. He said, “Is it okay to put my clothes back on sir?”

John smiled. The kid just couldn’t drop his innate politeness.

“Of course it is son. You did a fantastic job.”

John walked over to a cupboard to get some money and Emmett got dressed quickly and quietly. He was deep in thought, and he didn’t know how to feel. He looked at Steven, ashamed at what his friend had witnessed. His total lack of control; his absolute submission; the way that he was utterly swept away by the sexual feelings that coursed through his body. Steven was reclining in the armchair. There was a wet patch four inches across on the front of his joggers. Emmett looked at it and wondered why his friend had peed himself, then he realised it wasn’t pee. Steven had cum in his pants. Steven looked at him sheepishly and gave him a lop-sided, couldn’t-help-myself grin. Emmett stared for a few seconds, then something about it made him snigger. He was so nervous about looking stupid in front of his friend, and here his friend has spooged in his pants whilst watching. He had nothing to worry about! Steven sniggered back, and a weight was lifted from Emmett’s shoulders.


John walked over and handed him some bills. Emmett accepted them.

“There’s a hundred dollars there. I won’t ever pay you that much to jack off again, but today was special; your first time, and I’ve never seen a boy who could come four times before!”

Emmett was grateful for the extra money. Ever the well-mannered boy, he said, “Thank you very much sir. I really appreciate it.”

John draped his arm around Emmett’s shoulder and lead him to the door along with Steven.

“You’re a really good boy Emmett. I hope that those bastards stop bullying you, but I can’t totally hate them, because they brought you to me. You’re always welcome here. He handed the boy a business card, it read, “John McAlpine, State prosecutor”. Emmett looked at the man, shocked, and John gave him a wink, then put his finger to his lips and said,

“Shhh. Be sure to keep that somewhere secret.”

He leaned forwards and gave Emmett a kiss on the forehead, then he turned to Steven and gave him twenty dollars,

“Thank you Steven. You’ve brought me a real treasure here.”

Steven smiled, “You’re welcome John.”

John looked down at the dark patch on the front of Steven’s pants and said, “Looks like you go a little excited yourself there Steven?”

Steven looked down at himself, then looked wryly back to John. “Yeah, it was hot. I couldn’t help myself.”

John laughed and cupped Steven’s cheek in his hand. “You take care son. Thanks again.” He kissed Steven affectionately on the cheek, then opened the door and ushered the boys out into the darkness.


The boys rode back to Steven’s house in silence. Emmett was in a contemplative mood, still sorting out his feelings. He kept telling himself that he had only done it for the money, and that was true, but he couldn’t get over how much he’d enjoyed it, and how totally he’d surrendered himself to  John.

When they arrived at Steven’s they stopped and Steven said, “Are you okay. You’re pretty quiet.”

“Yeah, I guess. It feels weird.”

“I know what you mean. I felt like that the first few times. I bet you’re feeling guilty because you enjoyed it so much?”

Emmett looked up, shocked. It was like Steven had been reading his mind. “Yeah, that’s exactly it. I mean, it’s one thing to do that shit for money, but it was supposed to be just business. I’m kind of freaked out by it all.”

“John’s really, REALLY fucking good at making you feel good. I don’t think you could have NOT enjoyed it. I’ve tried it a few times – not getting a boner – but you can’t do it. He’s a fucking dick master!”

Emmett laughed at the thought.

“So apart from that, you did pretty good. I can’t believe you came four times! John seemed real happy about that. I knew he’d like you.”

“Yeah, he was okay. Not how I thought he’d be. I mean, I was freaked out by the shaving and dancing thing, but once we got into the other stuff, he was pretty okay about it.”

With a grin Steven asked, “So how’s it feel to have your balls drained?”

Emmett shifted uncomfortably on his seat. “Well my nuts do feel kind of weird, and my dick’s aching. I never spooged more than once before.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of a new feeling. John has this thing. If he’s paying you to cum, he wants you to cum until you cum dry. It’s like he wants all of your jizz or something. You won’t be able to cum for a few days now. You’d better get used to that if you’re going to see him again.”

“I hope I don’t need to,” Emmett said, patting the pocket where his money was.

“True enough, but you never know when you might need money again. Or when you just might be feeling horny…”

Steven left the last sentence hanging in the air, and Emmett didn’t answer. Instead he low-fived his buddy, “Thanks Steve,” and rode off towards his own home – the boy with the emptiest balls in the world.


    • Anonymous-
    • 20th November 2020 at 3:34 pm-
    • Reply

    No nipple play?

    • John Glascom-
    • 20th November 2020 at 3:36 pm-
    • Reply

    New to the site. Just read for 1st time. Would have been hotter if John had played with Emmett’s nipples.

    • John Glascom-
    • 20th November 2020 at 4:03 pm-
    • Reply

    Sorry,, forgot to mention that this would have made a great sequel l- maybe with both Emmett and Steven in action.

    • I did originally plan a darker sequel, but once the muse passes on, it’s really hard to regain :'(

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