A centaur’s tale

A couple of young male centaurs find their lives changed when they go looking for mates.

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A Centaur’s tale

Author’s note: Male horses are sexually capable of mating at 18 months old and fully mature by the age of three.

I remember the day my life changed for ever. I was out in the meadow with my friend Rynax. We were just cantering about, fooling in the grass and splashing the water from a nearby stream on each other, when a human arrived in a noisy box and said hello. My father had always warned me to stay well away from humans if they ever appeared. Our lands were pretty remote and this was the first human I had ever met face to face. He seemed friendly, so with the foolishness of youth I disregarded my father’s words and returned his greeting.

“My name is John,” the human said.

“I’m Darnam and this is Rynax,” I answered.

“It’s a while since I’ve met any young centaurs. The ones who live with me are all adult. Well, except the females – they’d be about your age,” he said. “How old are you?”

“I’m 3, and he’s nearly 2,” Rynax said with a trace of pride in his voice.

I was more interested in the other thing he’d said.

“Centaurs live with you. Females?”

“Of course,” John chuckled, “lots of them.”

“How is that?” I asked curious and horny. There were not many females of our age in our herd, and for the last year I was constantly thinking about mounting them. Because I was still young, they didn’t give me a second glance, preferring instead to go with the older colts and the adults. Rynax and me talked about it often, imagining how great it would be.

John answered, “Well, I own a large farm and a herd lives with my family, and shares the land.”

“And how many mares are there?” I asked eager to get to the point.

“Your age?” John pondered, “Hmmm, perhaps six or seven.”

I was incredibly excited. Six or Seven! That was more than I had seen in my lifetime. I immediately started to imagine the possibilities, and I could feel my dick sliding out of its sheath. Rynax saw it and I expected him to laugh. It happened to me all the time around the young mares, and when it did I usually ran off to hide my embarrassment. Rynax often teased me for my horniness because he knew that I got embarrassed easily. In truth, I had seen his ten inch dick showing itself on more than one occasion but it didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, mine was not the only penis to show an interest, and I could see that he was even more excited than me if that was possible. John knew enough about young centaurs to use exactly the right tactic to stimulate our interest and I saw that he had noticed our arousal.

Smiling he nodded towards our flanks and said, “I see that you colts have an interest in my friends. Why not come and meet the herd? Who knows, you might get a chance to mate with a couple.”

A couple? A couple! I had not even mated with one yet! It was an irresistible temptation.

“Okay, how far is it?” I asked.

“Much too far for you to run I’m afraid. Look, if you wait here, I’ll go get something for you to ride in and I can take you there okay?”

“Alright. How long do we have to wait?”

“Oh not long at all. I’ll be right back – don’t go anywhere.”

With that he disappeared in his noisy green box. Rynax and me didn’t move from the meadow – in fact, we barely moved from the exact spot that John had first arrived. Instead we laid in the sweet grass, talking about what it would be like to mount our first mares. We were still hard when John arrived back. This time there was a bigger box attached to the back of the one he was in.

He opened a panel and said, “Hello boys. Get in and I’ll drive you there.”

We were a little uncertain but we did as he instructed and he closed the panel behind us. The box was too narrow to turn around in and we lurched as the box started moving noisily. After a while we sat down so that we didn’t have to keep our balance.

We arrived and John opened the panel. We backed out and saw grassland all around us, and some buildings. John lead us to a field and said, “Wait here boys. I’ll go tell the herd you’re visiting.”

We looked at each other all smiles, almost too excited for words but we were soon in for a disappointment. John returned and said, “I’m sorry boys, but the herd is not here right now. Maybe they’ve gone on an expedition. They’re never gone long. In the meantime, why don’t you just wait here?”

We looked at each deflated, but having come so far there was no chance that we would leave without meeting the new herd.

“Actually Rynax, I have something to show you. Why don’t you come over here?” Rynax followed him into one of the buildings, and he stayed there for quite a while. When he returned, he had a weird expression on his face and he didn’t seem as lively as before.

“Your turn Darnam – I think you’ll like it.”

I looked at Rynax. He gave me a lopsided grin and nodded, so I followed John into the building. Inside he urged me to walk into the open mouth of a narrow corridor made by two metal fences. I did as I was told, and as I progressed, the fences became narrower, until I could barely move side to side. I turned a corner and my way forwards was barred by another fence. Before I could back-step, John barred my retreat with a sliding gate, which came as a surprise. I was trapped. John walked up behind me. I could not turn enough to see him, but I could hear his voice.

“You know the trouble with being a centaur Darnam? You only get to mate when a mare says you can. Rynax tells me that neither of you have mated yet. That must be very frustrating. I saw you earlier – you were both so horny you nearly squirted where you stood.”

I didn’t understand some of his words but I got the gist and I couldn’t disagree.

“Not to worry though – later on I’m going to show you another way. For now, I’m just going to take the edge off for you, so you don’t feel so horny.”

Without waiting for an answer, I felt John reaching between my legs from behind. I shuffled around in a panic trying to move away, but of course I had nowhere to go. I felt him cupping my balls in his palm. I tried to close my legs but his hand was already in place. He groped my balls, rolling them around in my furry bag. It felt strangely enjoyable.

“Nice set for a centaur your age. They must be as big as grapefruits.”

I knew he was being kind. I’d seen other centaurs just a bit older than me and their balls were the size of grapefruits. Mine were barely the size of chicken’s eggs, but it put me at ease that he cared enough to try.

John said, “This will feel strange at first; just trust me.”

I didn’t feel like I had much choice and Rynax seemed okay, if a little weird, so I waited quietly to see what John meant as he continued to play with my balls.

I could hear him doing something behind me, and then he lifted my tail with one hand. I felt something hard and cool being pressed against my hole. I tensed instinctively and tried to move away but of course, I couldn’t. The cold thing was slowly pushed up inside me. It felt like John was pushing a cucumber into my rear. I tensed my hole, but John just increased the pressure and the object forced its way into me. It was slippery and I was shocked to feel it enter my most private place. Then John turned a dial on the end of the object and I felt a weird tingling quickly grow inside me. My dick instantly lazed out of my sheath, flopping down its full seven inches. It grew extremely hard, rising to press up against my belly. John let go of my tail and I could feel him gently sliding something over the end of my dick. I was incredibly sensitive, and I had never had that part of my body touched by anyone or anything. In spite of my great nervousness, I was almost breathless with lust.

John pressed a switch on the end of the metal rod inside me and I could feel it do something to my insides. I instantly got a powerful feeling in my balls and I felt a rushing sensation shooting up my dick. I wished I could look beneath myself to see what was happening down there, but instead I let out a long involuntary groan of primal pleasure. The amazing feeling carried on for 45 seconds before John flipped a switch and the feeling subsided.

John walked to my front where I could see him. He looked into my shell-shocked face and said, “Feels good huh?”

I was still too overwhelmed to answer. I looked at him panting and tried to comprehend what he had just said. I frowned confused.

John grinned broadly and said, “That was your first time huh?”

I nodded with my mouth agape.

“That’s what you’ve been hoping to do with the mares, but I’ll be honest, it won’t ever feel that good with them. That object in your rump is an electro-ejaculator, and I can use it to make any animal squirt like you just did. Feels great though right?”

I grinned, a lustful grin and nodded.

“I like to make sure I finish you properly, so I’m going to do you a few more times okay?”

“Again?” I queried. “I don’t think I could do it again.”

“Nonsense,” said John. “You can squirt as often as I want you to.”

My dick was still hard, and John pressed the button on the ejaculator again. I instantly started to squirt again, although I didn’t know that was what I was doing at the time. John gave me another 15 second burst before allowing my balls to stop pumping. The feeling was even more intense. He gave me two minutes to recover before forcing me to a third orgasm. My balls were starting to ache by the time he switched the ejaculator off.

John said, “I think you’re pretty much dried out. I think your balls must be empty by now.”

He groped my nuts as though checking if they had any juice left in them and I jumped, surprised. They were much more sensitive now.

I felt John slide the thing off the end of my dick. My dick was far more sensitive that it had been earlier and I couldn’t help but give a little kick with my back hooves as he touched me. My fetlocks hit the metal fence behind me and it hurt, so I controlled my impulse to kick again.

John walked in front of me and held up a glass jar with a soft rubber rim around the top. There was about three inches of viscous milky fluid in the bottom.

“Do you know what this is Darnam?”

I shook my head.

“This has come from your balls. It squirted out of your penis. We call this semen. When you get bigger, you’ll be able to fill half this jar in one go. Not to worry though; you did well. There’s enough here to make ten thousand little centaurs.”

I frowned, not comprehending. John simply smiled but did not elaborate. Instead he wrote my name on a label, stuck it on the jar, and put it carefully into a white metal box. I could see a jar with Rynax’ name on. It held about the same amount of semen as my jar, even though his balls were much bigger than mine. I felt a little bit proud.

“Let’s just give you one more good long blast, just to make sure your pipes are thoroughly drained shall we?”

I didn’t understand what John meant, but as he turned on the ejaculator, I barely had time to say “No” before the orgasm started again and I could no longer speak coherently. John left the ejaculator running for a full minute, but after 25 seconds, the feeling in my dick and balls was so intense that I stated to canter erratically on the spot, not so much trying to go anywhere, as spasmodically trying to open and close my back legs to ease the feeling in my sphincter and balls.

“Too much, too much!” I gasped.

I turned and reached for the onject in my hole but of course it was too far away to reach, and I was at its mercy until John chose to turn it off. I could feel my balls rhythmically contracting as they tried to evacuate semen that had already been ejected.

When John finally turned off the machine, my back legs collapsed and I started to crumple like a newborn foal. I reached up and managed to grab the fence in front of me. My arms were not nearly strong enough to support my whole body weight, but I was able to steady myself whilst I gained sufficient composure to get my back legs properly beneath me again.

John grasped my balls in his fist and massaged them. I tried to close my rear legs gasping, but centaurs are not built to protect their nuts, especially once their rear legs are confined. Once you get in that position your nuts are anyone’s to do what they want to.

“Good boy. As these get bigger you’re going to make a fine stud animal.”

I didn’t understand his words, but as long as he was groping my tender nuts I was pretty much distracted anyway.


John opened the fence in front of me and guided me back to the field. I tottered along behind him on very wobbly legs, my knees trembling on every step. When we reached the field, I saw that Rynax was fast asleep. I wanted to ask John lots of questions but right now it looked like Rynax had the best idea. I shakily lowered myself to the lush grass beside him and lay with my head against the side of his belly and fell instantly asleep.


    • Anonymous-
    • 6th April 2019 at 9:14 pm-
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    Dude loved this one!! Any chance of doing a sequel?

    • Yes, I always planned at least one more chapter!

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    • stuart-
    • 30th August 2019 at 6:09 pm-
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    This is brillant looking forward to next chapter

    • MilkingMike-
    • 28th May 2022 at 9:55 am-
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    Amazing! I would love another chapter, perhaps humans being milked and fucked by centaurs as revenge?

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