Collection time

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Collection time

Michael barely caught a glimpse of the car before he crashed his own car into it. A distracted moment was all it took to change his life forever.

When he awoke he was in a hospital bed naked, and a doctor was leaning over him. The image of the other car flashed into Michael’s mind. He’d been in an accident. So why was the doctor holding a buzzing vibrator on Michael’s penis. Michael could feel how incredibly hard he was.

He made to sit up in order to ask the doctor what he was doing, but he couldn’t move a muscle. Panic surged through Michael as he came to the conclusion that the crash must have been worse than he thought.

Then he came, ejaculating hard. The doctor directed the head of Michael’s penis towards a petri dish and caught his generous load of semen, then he looked at Michael’s face.

“Ah, finally awake. Good to see you Michael. You’re probably wondering what’s happening. You were in a car crash. You were brought here. We see you have no family so you have been inducted into the Human Expansion Program. We’ll be collecting your sperm for reproductive science. I’m afraid you won’t be going home, but we will make you comfortable. You’ll be ejaculating approximately 50 times a day, but once we get you into a collection pod, you won’t be aware of your old life. All you’ll know are the fantasies we’ll be feeding directly to your brain. Rest now, and we’ll get you hooked up tomorrow…”


    • Martín Ugalde Ruiz-
    • 15th June 2021 at 5:43 pm-
    • Reply

    delicious future 😉

    • Martín Ugalde Ruiz-
    • 6th January 2022 at 1:50 pm-
    • Reply

    MM, me too. Won’t be continue?

    • I have nothing else planned for this art, but lots of other milking stories planned!

    • Ivan-
    • 13th September 2022 at 10:29 pm-
    • Reply

    do you not continue to make this story?

    • This was never a story – just an idea. Sorry!

    • topdreams-
    • 25th September 2022 at 4:02 pm-
    • Reply

    When Michael awoke from the injection he’d been given, he was in heaven.

    To an outsider, it might have looked like a cramped cell – or more accurately a box. Michael’s experience was far different. The electrodes attached to his brain through the seven holes drilled in his skull controlled his awareness of his surroundings and betrayed the fact that his knees were near his chin and his legs were spread wide. Michael’s experiences were that he was able to walk, lay in bed, fuck and most importantly ejaculate as often as he wanted. It was more than heaven, it was his own kingdom where he alone ruled.

    An abandoned goal of the collection pods was to have direct brain stimulation control the orgasms. Although it was possible to create a correct feeling of orgasm, the stimulators never were able to recreate the feeling of ejaculation.

    Since a collection tube had to be attached to catch all the ejaculate, adding stimulators to the tube wasn’t really much of a hardship – it just required more maintenance to the tube. The computer could indicate which tubes needed swapping out and the provider (the name given to those in the collection pods) was put to sleep while the tube was changed.

    The stimulation tube was a marvel of male sexual stimulation. It could recreate fucking, give the best blow job ever, and even make a provider feel as if he were wanking to porn.

    Not every fantasy ended well. Early on it was found that adding a bit of risk to various input scenarios made the provider produce more semen. So, from time to time, a provider would have a fantasy where a police officer found him jerking off in a public restroom, or his roomie walked in on him in college. Just a hint that there was a risk could increase production by 1 or 2 percent.

    Fifty orgasms a day were required for the research and the providers never seemed to get worse for the wear.

    After over 2,000 providers were in the program, a scientist came up with an inter-portal EV suit that would allow for a “normal” life and collection at the same time.

    Many scoffed at the idea and it almost never happened. But, slowly, it started and where it ended up is history.

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