Bathing with Ralph

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“I’m just jumping into the bath. You can jump in with me if you like.”

Dan had absolutely no idea why he made the suggestion. He wasn’t gay, and so far as he knew, nor was his younger brother Ralph.

Ralph looked at him strangely.

“Jump in the bath. With you?”

His voice rose in pitch and cracked as he spoke, the strangeness of the offer catching him off guard. He was grinning widely as though his brother just made a crazy joke.

“Nah thanks Dan.”

“No problem. I just thought… I just thought it might save time,” Dan finished weakly.


He got into the bath and reclined, wondering what the hell had possibly provoked him to make such a demented offer. He felt ridiculous and he just hoped his brother would forget about it rather than telling anyone.

Two minutes later, there was a tap at the door and his brother entered wearing just his soft brushed cotton boxers.

“I changed my mind,” he said with a sheepish grin.

“Oh, cool. Umm, jump in, “ Dan said, playing it cool.

He scootched up to make space.

Ralph pushed his boxers down and let them fall to the floor. He looked down at his modest genitals then at his brother’s.

“Wish I was as big as you.”

Dan smiled.

“You’ll get there.”

“I hope so.”

Ralph climbed in and sat facing his brother and they sat, awkwardly looking at each other for the longest 30 seconds. Ralph’s heart was beating almost out of his chest.

“Now what?” he asked.

Dan shrugged his shoulders.


Ralph sat back, arms behind his head as though stretching, knees apart, unaware that he was unconsciously posing to expose himself; offering his body to his brother.

He looked down at his brother’s groin again, staring much longer, studying his brother in a way he would never dare to do in any other situation, unaware that he was being so obvious.

“Looks like you’re not so small now,” Dan said.

“Sorry?” Ralph queried.

Dan looked pointedly at the erection straining in his brother’s lap. Ralph looked down at himself then his cheeks reddened.

“Sorry,” he repeated.

Dan smiled.

“Don’t be. So, umm, do you wanna…”

“Sure!” Ralph said, cutting him off before he finished his sentence.

Dan’s smiled widened and he reached for his brother’s straining dick.


Inspired by the scene in the movie Caresses

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