sexual modification, chastity, punishment, humiliation, forced arousal

A cocky young man is brought down to size and forced into chastity.

Dedicated to Chirenon

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Vinnie stared at his naked reflection in the full-length mirror. He was filming himself with a high definition web cam, but today was the last day he would ever do so.

His body looked good. He had a V-shaped torso, with wide lats, decent arms and a modest six pack. Below, his thighs and calves were equally well sculpted; muscular but not huge. He was proud of his body. Most of his body.

His eyes followed his thighs upwards to the point where they met. His groin was totally smooth. Smooth as a baby. Sticking out of his groin was a short penis. It was just four centimetres long; one-and-a-half inches. The size of a preteen, and an unlucky preteen at that. But his penis was thicker than a child’s. Much thinner than it had once been, but clearly not that of a child. It had a stumpy appearance. Like a fat little thumb poking out of his groin; a thumb that ended at the first joint. It was circumcised, and the shiny glans was like a small pink ornament on the top.

Vinnie’s penis was too small to hang under its own weight, even when it was flaccid. Instead it protruded at a little under 90 degrees, curving slightly downwards towards the end.

Beneath it, his scrotum, just as smooth and pale, formed a perfect half sphere, a little larger than a ping pong ball.


He reached down and gripped his glans in his lubed finger and thumb, and started to rub it between them. Despite his hatred of being on camera, he instantly felt the familiar excitement ripple through his penis. He wished it would not respond, but he felt it rapidly getting harder and soon it was very firm to the touch. That was one thing that had not changed. Even though, at two inches, it was now only 25 percent of its former erect size, it still got just as hard. He saw a little vein bulging along its side. It had not lost that feature either.

He started to masturbate in earnest now. He spread his last three fingers in a fan shape so that he could move his hand closer to his body as he pumped. His hand looked like an upside down “okay” gesture.

His hand moved up and down along his dick’s short length, gripping it between the tips of his index finger and thumb. He hated the fact that he had an audience but his dick felt fantastic, and his tiny balls were churning with excitement. He picked up his pace, his fingers travelling less than an inch to traverse the entire shiny glans. His stomach tensed and started to contract and expand as his excitement grew, showing off his abs.

He turned 90 degrees and stuck out his bottom in a “fuck me” pose perpendicular to the mirror, then he turned a further 90 and parted his bottom cheeks with his left hand, showing his hole to the camera. It was tight, and as devoid of hair as his groin. He spread the fingers of his left hand bending the middle finger at the second joint, then he pushed it into the tight pink pucker and started finger-fucking himself. His finger was considerably longer, if not quite as thick as his own erect cock.

He turned back to the camera, with a deliberately slutty expression on his face, that he’d been told to use so many times that it was now an automatic part of his routine. He didn’t WANT to feel slutty, but he’d practiced it so often that the feeling was indistinguishable from his overwhelming feeling of lust. He felt constantly horny, even when he wasn’t masturbating thanks to the drugs he’d been forced to inject.

He pulled his finger from his hole and gripped his scrotum, working his testicles away from his body and into the bottom of his sack, revealing their outline in the soft skin. They were small; maybe one and a half centimetres long each; no larger than when they had first started to drop low in his sack at the age of 12. He’d been so proud that he was the first in his gym class whose balls dropped. He paraded around the changing rooms, allowing himself to be noticed by the other boys at every opportunity. He wasn’t the first to get hair, but as his penis reached a full six inches soft at the age of 14, it was all he could do not to start pumping his hips and sashaying around the changing rooms so that his fellow students could see how well equipped he was. By the age of 16, he was actively deriding the genitals of the other boys. It was a practice that continued for the next two years, never missing a chance to belittle the genitals of his fellow students. Then a year ago he ridiculed the wrong student…


Now, he showed off his tiny pips, rolling them in the bottom of his soft hairless sack with the same exaggerated erotic pride he’d had when they were three times the size. Except he no longer felt that pride. His genitals were pitiful even for the very latest of late bloomers. He was 19 with the tiny nub and balls of a 12-year-old – at best. Yet his body still felt the same arousal that it had felt before he was modified. No, his arousal was far greater than it had been before. Exponentially greater. Before, he could happily fuck a girl, and jack off twice in the same day, squirting hard each time. Now, he could masturbate a dozen even twenty times in a single day, each time concluding in a brain scrambling orgasm.

His penis was so sensitive now, that even the lightest touch would get him hard. The rubbing of his briefs against his glans on the way to classes could give him an orgasm, and a three-mile bike ride could bring him off multiple times. He’d had to start riding off-road in case he fell in front of traffic when the orgasms made him briefly lose consciousness, as they all-too-often did. He’d had to give up wrestling altogether. He didn’t like to be seen naked, and it was hard enough to hide even a two-inch erection on the mat, but it was impossible to disguise an orgasm.

But the strange thing was, his arousal was no longer associated with erotica anymore. He didn’t look at porn or a sexy girl in class and get turned on. It was purely physical. He got touched, he got hard, then he became wildly turned on.

Every time he saw his own pitifully tiny nub, waves of humiliation washed over him. As long as it was that tiny, Vinnie knew he could never be with a female, even if he still had the desire. The shame would be unbearable. He had once been hung like a young bull; with a huge thick cock, weighty, low-hanging nuts, and thick tangles of red hair. He wouldn’t have believed it was even possible to transform him so fully without surgery or a serious injury, yet here he was, with genitals his 12-year-old self would have been self-conscious about.

He knew that the less savvy body builders sometimes suffered a condition known as “mushroom dick” where their genitals shrivelled due to excessive use of steroids. He’d seen photos and laughed at them. His physique was all natural, and while he cared about his body, he didn’t care enough to inject crap into his veins. But now his dick was more pathetic than the worst drug abusing ‘roid monkey.


His mind went back to the moment he realised he was in trouble…


He had gone to sleep in his own bed but awoken to find himself naked and tied spread-eagled, suspended from the rafters in an abandoned building downtown. His eyes opened wide as he looked at the men in front of him.

“Where am I? What am I doing here?” he demanded.

One of the men smiled.

“He doesn’t know why he’s here J.”

The man he had addressed spoke up.

“You’re downtown. You’re here because you have a bad attitude and we’re going to take you down a notch.”

“Bad attitude, what do you mean? What are you going to do to me? Are you gonna kill me?”

“No, we’re not going to kill you. We’re not even going to hurt you. But you do love to swing that big ol’ dick around, showing it off, throwing shade at the smaller guys and sack tapping everyone. Nature gave you a massive advantage, and rather than just quietly enjoying it and keeping it to yourself, you have to be a constant asshole. So we’re just going to pull your neck in for you.”

“Pull my what? You said you weren’t going to hurt me.”

His captors laughed.

“And we’re not. It’s an expression.”

J approached and offered Vinnie a beaker containing a chocolate scented liquid.

“Drink this.”

“What is it?”

The man reached out and gripped Vinnie’s testicles. In his X position, there was not a thing the teenager could do to protect himself. The man closed his fist slowly until Vinnie grunted in pain.

“Drink it,” he repeated.

Vinnie drank the chocolate flavoured liquid.

When the beaker was empty, the man said, “Laxative. Feel free to shit yourself as much as you like.”

His colleagues laughed.

J withdrew a syringe full of liquid. Vinnie stared at it in horror.

“What’s THAT for?”

The man gave Vinnie a smile that made the boy feel queasy.

“THIS is what’s going to cut you down to size. It’s going to make your dick and balls shrink. It’s called Phalliminate. It was invented by the Chirenon Coporation to keep boys like you under control.”

An expression of horror painted itself on Vinnie’s face.

“Shrink my dick?!” he exclaimed. “Why would you?… No please don’t. Whatever I’ve done, I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.”

“No, I don’t imagine you will. Now stay still, I wouldn’t want to accidentally pop your nuts.”

The man gripped Vinnie’s left testicle and injected a large dose of the drug directly into it, then he gripped the right and repeated the procedure. He finished by injecting the remainder of the syringe directly into the meat of Vinnie’s penis.

Vinnie begged the whole time.

“No, don’t. Stop. Please. I’ll do anything.”

When the last of the drug was injected, he asked, “Why did you do that?! Can I reverse it?”

“Why would I tell you how to reverse it? Anyway, it’s too late. It’s not reversible. There’s nothing anyone on Earth can do now to stop your dick and balls from shrinking. There’s also a chemical in there that will make your pubes die. You won’t have much to boast about once it’s done.”

“But why?”

“I already told you, I did it because you think your big dick and your bull nuts give you the right to humiliate guys with small dicks. Now it’s your turn.”

The man placed gaffa tape over Vinnie’s mouth, silencing him effectively.

“We’ll be back in 4 hours. Don’t get lonely.”


4 hours later, the men returned to find Vinnie exactly where they’d left him, but the ground beneath him was liberally sprayed with diarrhoea. Vinnie had tried desperately not to void his bowels, but half an hour after the men had left, he had such an excruciating stomach ache from the effort of trying that he knew he’d never hold it in for another three and a half hours. He’d never experienced explosive diarrhoea before, but he was shocked at the speed and force of the shit leaving his bowels when he stopped trying to hold it in. It sprayed in a cone beneath him, texture like lumpy water, accompanied by the a loud sputtering noise. It felt to him as though his insides were trying to get out, and he was certain his asshole was turned inside out when the stream of reeking offal finally came to a stop. Then, it was followed by the feeling of intense relief. Vinnie continued shitting intermittently for the next couple of hours until there was not one single bit of food or faeces left anywhere in his body.


The men stood back.

“Looks like the laxative worked,” one of them said.

“Without a fucking doubt,” J replied.

He walked up to Vinnie and showed him an object.

“This is why we had to make sure you were empty. Don’t want your bowels rupturing.”

The object looked like a polished steel butt plug. He twisted a handle on the base and the object opened into for quarters, like petals opening.

“This goes inside you. It’s called a pear. In olden days, they’d open it inside then pull it out. Literally rip you a new one. I’m not going to do that, but this one has an extra feature.”

He showed Vinnie the battery in the base.

“It’ll fuck with your G spot. Make you crazy horny. The effect will last for years, with help. But first, I gotta do something else.”

He produced another object. A two-part chastity cage. He looked down at Vinnie’s genitals.

“Your dick is half as big as it was. That’s just fear though. It’ll take six months to fully shrink. Once it’s reduced, it’ll stay that size forever. It’ll be useless for fucking anything bigger than a gopher. But don’t worry, you can still have fun with it, and your Gspot will be mad-sensitive so you might wanna try finding some guy to fuck you.”

Vinnie’s eyes opened so wide that they put J in mind of a squid’s circular eyes. He chuckled as he stuffed, then pulled Vinnie’s dick and balls through the tight ring of the chastity device’s base. Its diameter was smaller than his flaccid penis and there was no way that he could ever achieve an erection as long as it remained in place.

When Vinnie’s genitals dangled through the base ring, J added the other half. It was a short curved cage with a metal dome at the end with a small hole in it. He fed short lubed metal pipe through the hole, then pushed the pipe into Vinnie’s urethra, screwing the pipe into place in the metal dome.

“So you can still piss,” he explained.

With that done, he brought the cage towards the base unit. The unit was designed to house genitals just an inch long, but even fear shrunken, Vinnie’s genitals were three times that.

“Gonna have to stuff you in,” J said.

He squished Vinnie’s genitals into the cage, smooshing them like a fat man trying to fit his junk into speedos made for a boy.

When he was done, Vinnie’s genitals looked like they were trying to squeeze through the bars the tiny prison.

J rivetted the cage to the base at four points then twisted a small key in a unique lock mechanism at the base.

“That won’t come off without heat. Even industrial cutters won’t get through those bars. You can drill the rivets out but without the key, it’s never coming off. The only way you’re getting the key is when I mail it to you in six months. Your dick head is inside the protector so you won’t be playing with yourself. I guess if you’re THAT desperate to cum, you could always stick something up your asshole or get someone to fuck you.”

He stepped back and took video and dozens of photos from every angle.

“I’ll be keeping these just to make sure you do what you’re told. If you start telling anyone about today, these will be getting out to everyone you know.”

J activated the battery on the pear and Vinnie immediately felt a powerful tingling in his prostate.

“Feeling horny?” J asked, producing another syringe. “This should help with that.”

He injected it into the vein on Vinnie’s thigh. Within seconds, Vinnie felt his excitement increase tenfold. He wanted to grab his dick and pound it, or slam it into some girl’s pussy and bring himself to an epic, triumphant, cum spraying orgasm. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t even touch his dick, and even if he could, his helmet was encased in the dome, and of course, there was no way he could get hard inside the chastity cage.

He started writhing, moaning softly behind the mask. He hated that his asshole was turning him on, especially in front of these guys, but he couldn’t prevent his body’s response.

“Okay, well looks like you’re enjoying yourself. We’ll be back in a couple of days to set you free.”


Three days later, Vinnie was back in his own home when he received a video call on Skype. He answered.

“Hello Vinnie. It’s J. How are you doing?”

J was wearing a balaclava and using a voice disguiser.

“How do you think I’m fucking doing? My dick is locked in a cage and you injected me with some shit that is making it shrink.”

“Ah good, there’s the charm that put you in this situation in the first place. Now why don’t you drop your pants and show me that you’re still securely locked up.”

“Fuck you!”

“Uh uh, language Vinnie. I’d hate to send those photos of you to all your friends. I’d hate it even more if we never spoke again and you had to spend the rest of your life with your dick in a cage.”

“I’d cut the cage off.”

“Then why haven’t you already done it? You know it can’t be removed without an oxyacetylene cutter. If you don’t mind red hot bars on your dick, then go for it.  Even the police couldn’t remove it without heat, and you know the lock is tamper proof. Also, I know you don’t want your friends and family and everyone else at that community college you go to, to see the photos of you.”

“So, what do you want?”

“Just checking in to see how you’re doing.”

“You KNOW how I’m doing.”

“I’ve got a good idea, but why don’t you confirm it for me?”

“I’m feeling fucking horny. All the time. And there’s nothing I can do about it. Happy now?”

“Yeah, pretty happy, but before I go, why don’t you just do a little strip tease and then a little sexy dance for me?”

“What the fuck?!”

“You heard me. I wanna see a nice sexy strip and a little dance. To just to show me how you’re enjoying your life in chastity.”

“No fucking way!”

“Let’s not go over this again. The next time you tell me no, I’m hanging up and you’ll never hear from me again. Now get those clothes off and start shaking your booty!”

Vinnie glowered at the screen but he knew he was defeated. He could take the chance of J contacting the police, but what if they truly COULDN’T cut through the bars? He didn’t know if there was a metal that strong. Then J would disappear and he’d remain caged forever. And J had already sent him photos of himself hanging in the abandoned building, with his dick caged in its tiny cage. He just COULDN’T take the chance of anyone seeing him like that. Ever. It had been hard enough explaining his two-day absence to his parents. The last thing he wanted was all his friends finding out about his punishment.

He reluctantly stripped and then started dancing. He was a pretty decent dancer, but he didn’t do sexy. Instead he performed a dance he’d learned from Tik Tok called Get Loose. It was wildly inappropriate to the mood; too fast, jerky, with strange hopping steps and odd pecking head movements. Vinnie jumped up and down waving his arms around. The chastity cage bounced and swang as he danced. His naked performance lasted less than a minute, but at the end of it, he could hear multiple voices laughing hysterically. Vinnie glowered at the screen, his face deep crimson with shame. The colour spread down his chest and shoulders.

“Okay, okay kid, that’s enough for now!”

It was clear from his tone that J was struggling to talk through his own laughter.

“Stop dancing. You’re killing us over here. I’m gonna contact you again in a week or so just to check up on you.”

With that, the connection broke.


And that was how Vinnie spent the next six months. His pubes started to fall out two weeks later. He found them in small orange clumps in his underwear over the next month until there was nothing left. He wasn’t even aware that the hair under his arms was also going, until he reached up one day in the shower. He didn’t have much there before, but now he pits were as smooth as his pubes.


Then one day, he received a small packet. Inside was the key he had yearned for. There was a note. It read “Don’t unlock until I call.” There was also a small sealed syringe of fluid with the words “Do not use” written on it.

J kept him waiting four more days. The waiting was the worst bit. So near to freedom yet so far. The cage had gradually felt looser and looser over the months, and Vinnie could tell that his nuts had shrunk dramatically in size because they hung outside. But he was still desperate to release his dick. He was horny 24/7 and he couldn’t wait to start fucking and beating off again.


The call came at 10.15pm. He answered it immediately.

“Hey kid, ready to get outta that cage?”

“Yeah!” Vinnie said with more enthusiasm that he wanted to reveal.

“Cool. I need you to do something first. Open that hypo and inject yourself with it.”

“What’s in it?”

“Oh, nothing nasty. Just more of that “make you horny” juice,” J said.

“Where should I inject it?”

“In your thigh muscle same as last time will be fine.”

Vinnie opened the packet and jammed the syringe into his thigh. As soon as it was pressed home, it activated the pressurised capsule and the liquid squirted into his leg.

“Okay, now what?”

“Slow down kid. You’ll find out soon enough. Sit down; take a load off.”

Within seconds, Vinnie discovered what J was referring to. He had been horny before, but now it was ten times worse. He felt a churning of sexual excitement in his small balls, and his prostate felt like it was somehow glowing. He could literally feel his sphincter contracting and relaxing, although thankfully the pear had not been present since the abandoned building. The root of his cock started twitching, as though he was having an orgasm, lifting and dropping the chastity cage. He squirmed on his chair like a little child desperate to go to the lavatory.

“What’s it doing to me?” he asked, curling his lip in dismay.

“Like I said, just more “make you horny juice”. It’s just a little bit stronger than the last lot. So I bet you can’t wait to get your dick free and start pounding it huh?”

“I guess,” Vinnie admitted grudgingly.

“Cool. Well, I’ll speak to you again soon.”

J hung up.

Vinnie stared at the screen in disbelief. The front of his underpants was twitching and he felt if he could just touch his helmet, he’d blow six month’s-worth of jizz right there and then.


J left it a further five weeks before he called back. It was the longest five weeks of Vinnie’s life. He had to skip classes multiple times, and he was roasting so badly that his parents even had an intervention for him thinking he was doing drugs. He managed to deflect their questions by telling them he’d got hit in the nuts while he was out on his bike. His constant uncomfortable squirming was congruous with his justification, so they accepted it, offering to take him to the hospital to get his nuts looked at. He hastily declined their offer, telling them that he’d deal with it.

But the truth was, every second of the next five weeks were filled with stomach-churning, nut-clenching, unsatiated lust.


When the call finally came on a Saturday morning, he almost cried with relief.

“Heya Vinnie. Sorry about that, I was busy. How are you doing?”

Vinnie cut straight to the chase.

“Can we unlock this now?”

J grinned behind his mask.

“Yeah go on then.”

Vinnie dropped his pants and lifted the chastity cage, looking for the lock. He put the key into the lock and twisted it. The mechanism opened but the device remained in place.

“Wu, what happened? Why didn’t it come off?”

“The rivets. You gotta drill them out numbnuts,” J said. “Go get a drill and a 7/32 drill bit. That’s 5mm if you’re using metric. Then come back.”

Vinnie pulled up his pants and ran to the garage, returning 2 minutes later with the drill. J was waiting.

“Now all you gotta do is drill through those rivets. Careful not to drill your dick.”

Vinnie carefully drilled out all four rivets, struggling to keep calm as his freedom loomed. And then it was done. He pulled the cage off his dick and it bounced free.

He was shocked at what he saw. A tiny inch and a half long nub of flesh that would be embarrassing on his 13-year-old brother. The head was pale from 6 months inside the steel dome, and wrinkled like a finger that has spent too long in the bath.

Vinnie’s mouth gaped open. He pulled the base over his tiny genitals.

“What have you done to me?”

“Just shrunk you down to size kid. From now on, YOU will always be the smallest guy in the room.”

Vinnie gripped his nub by the middle of the shaft and gave it a shake. Despite his horror at what had been done to him, he was desperately horny, and to his dismay, his penis turned into a twig in less than five seconds.

“That’s more like it,” J said looking at the two-inch stump. “Give it a quick jack, see how it feels.”

“What, now?” Vinnie asked.

“Yes now.”

Pushing his embarrassment away, Vinnie started tugging on his diminutive penis. It was unbelievably sensitive. He was so very, very horny. In less than 30 seconds, an orgasm that had been pent up for six months surged over him. He just had time for a single sound.


Then his legs went from under him and he fell onto his back as though he had been poleaxed. He lay on the floor, his eyelids fluttering, squirming and grinding his hips as a 75 second orgasm robbed him of consciousness.



J called him three more times after that, forcing Vinnie to masturbate every time, and ensuring that his pubes were indeed permanently gone. But today was the final call – J told him as much. After today, Vinnie would be free to go about his life without regularly having to humiliate himself on camera. Of course, he would never allow himself to be seen naked ever again. That ruled out the possibility of a girlfriend, or even a casual fuck. And he was horny; constantly, unceasingly horny. He would have to masturbate half a dozen times a day just to keep his lust in check, but even right after a wank, he was always just a few accidental rubs away from blowing his load. Although that was not entirely an accurate term any more.



He was aware that J was watching but Vinnie couldn’t help but let out a little murmur of satisfaction. His eyes closed, his face taking on an almost angelic expression as a wave of pleasure surged through his groin. His knees turned to jelly as they always did without exception since the procedure. He started to collapse, but caught himself with a jerk like a man stopping himself from nodding off. He’d learned how mostly to stop himself passing out completely from the pleasure after hundreds of orgasms in just three months, although sometimes the most intense once breached his mental defences and left him passed out for minutes at a time.

Vinnie’s lips parted, and his tongue lolled onto the bottom one. His fingers continued flying across his tiny nub, nothing but a blur now, and the surge of ecstasy radiated outwards from his small balls

“Excellent,” a voice said into his headset. “Your treatment has been 100 percent successful. That pathetic little nub will never impress anyone again. I expect in future you won’t be so cocky about showing off your dick in the locker room. See ya Vinnie.”

Vinnie barely heard him, even though the end of their relationship was something he had yearned for ever since he was kidnapped and caged. He was in the midst of an orgasm that was robbing him of his senses. His tiny balls twitched and clenched, his urethra stood out like a thin cord along the underside of his stumpy boner. He panted hard, struggling to contain any sound that might give his orgasm away to other members of his household.

A year ago, an orgasm half as powerful as this would have left him drenched in cum. He could feel his balls pumping powerfully to discharge their life-making cargo, but there was nothing. The floor was dry, his hand was dry, and the head of his dick was dry. His body had lost the ability to make sperm, and thanks to the electrified pear that had short-circuited his prostate for over 48 hours, that organ no longer even produced the seminal fluid would give the illusion of an adult orgasm.


As his orgasm slowly passed and he at last started to regain his senses, his eyes flickered open and Vinnie realised what J had said to him. He was free at last. He looked at his laptop screen and the Skype connection was closed.

He glanced at the floor. It was completely devoid of the messy spunk he used to liberally slop around when he came. His pink, hairless two-inch dick was still twitching between his legs. J had robbed him of everything he had been so proud of, but in return he had given him the ability to experience a nearly limitless number of earth-shattering, toe-curlingly fantastic orgasms in a day with absolutely no refractory period between them. He could also nut without the mess that would betray his orgasm.

Much as he hated the way that his dick had been reduced into a pathetic boy-nub, a part of Vinnie couldn’t help but be happy; excited even, for the lifetime of orgasms that lay ahead of him.

He closed the lid of his laptop and lay face down on his bed with his legs apart, then he slipped his middle finger into his pink hole and started fingering himself, grinding his dick against the bed as he did so. His eyes closed again and soon he was softly moaning as yet another gargantuan orgasm approached…


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