I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

gay first time, horror

A young man’s curiosity has serious consequences

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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

“I’m gonna have a drink. Can I get you anything?”

“Sure,” Drew replied. “What you got?”

“Coke or orange juice. I could make you a coffee or a chocolate Nesquik if you like?”

“Nesquik? I haven’t had that since I was a kid,” Drew said, smiling at the memory.

“You want one then?”

“Nah, orange juice’ll be fine. Nesquik is too sickly in this weather.”

He got his phone out and checked.

“95 degrees.”

“That’s umm,” Randy made a quick calculation in his head. “About 30 degrees where I come from.”

“Says 35 here. Where do you come from Randy?”

“Eastern Europe,” Randy replied, being deliberately vague.

“Oh cool. So why’d your family move here?”

“My dad’s job. Plus they said it would be good for me to meet new people. People in my village can be pretty… closed minded.”

“You’ve hardly got any accent.”

Randy smiled.

“I watch mostly American TV, I learned to speak English from there.”


“Hmmm, not really. American is just lazy English. English is the older language.”

“I guess,” Drew conceded, feeling inexplicably defensive for his mother-tongue.


Randy walked into the kitchen and returned a minute later carrying two glasses of orange juice. He handed one to Drew.


“No problem. So you wanna play something. Mario Kart?”

“Sure. I’m too hot to do much else. This humidity is a real killer.”

“I gotta say, I kind of like it.”

“Seriously? Dude it’s like 80 percent. Fine if you’re a gator I guess!”

“I get cold easily. I prefer it like this.”

Both teens were wearing loose fitting T-shirts that hung halfway to their knees. Drew’s blue shirt was black with sweat and sticking to his chest and back.

He looked at the fabric-covered arm chair. It looked like a throwback from the 70s.

“Have you got a towel, I don’t wanna get my sweat all over your mom’s chair.”


Randy disappeared and returned a few moments later with a bath towel. He threw it to Drew.

“Might as well just take your shirt off and put the towel over the back of the chair.”

Drew glanced at his new friend.

“How are you not sweating?”

Randy shrugged.

“I told you, I’m good with the heat.”

Drew took his T-shirt off and Randy followed suit. Drew glanced at Randy’s torso. His abs were defined and he had pronounced pectoral muscles.

“You work out?” he asked.


“I can tell. You got a good body. Wish I had abs like that,” he said, looking down at his own lean stomach and modest chest. He was coated in dewdrops of sweat. “But you don’t really get them in cheer.”


“Yeah, I’m a cheerleader. Football games. Gymnastics all that stuff. And before you say it, don’t start with all the gay jokes. I’ve heard them all before.”

“Nothing wrong with being gay.”

“I didn’t say there was, it’s just that whenever someone finds out I’m a cheerleader, they assume I’m gay.”

“Are you?”

“Wuu, what?! No, of course not, that’s the whole point of what I’m saying.”

“Oh ok. Shame.”

Drew frowned.

“Whaddaya… Are you?”

Randy smiled at him then turned to the TV and turned it on. He kneeled and switched on the console beneath it and handed Drew a controller. Drew frowned again.

“What’s this?” he asked his mind whirling at the unanswered question.

He looked at the ancient piece of grey plastic his friend had handed him.

“Controller. N64.”


“Niiinnteeeennndoooo…” Randy said slowly as though speaking to a child.

“That was out before I was born!”

“Yeah prob’ly but it still has some great games.”

Drew shrugged and sat back to play. Then he noticed something that he was amazed he hadn’t noticed before. Randy had an enormous bulge in the front of his denim cut-offs. It was larger than a grapefruit and it hung down heavily. Randy turned on the console, and returned to his armchair which was angled inwards at 45 degrees as was Drew’s. But Drew couldn’t help glancing at the boy’s package.

The console went through its start-up as it loaded the game.

“Have you played Mario Kart before?” Randy asked.

Drew was mesmerised by Randy’s large bulge as the boy sat.

“Is it all dick, or balls as well?” he wondered.

He thought he could just about discern the outline of two enormous testicles, but then he also thought he could make out the curve of a flaccid penis.

“Drew, have you played before?” Randy repeated louder.

“What? Played what?” Drew said, startled out of his musing.

“Mario Kart. Have you played before?”

“Uh yeah,” Drew said, still distracted, “On the Switch.”

“Cool. Well the graphics are not as good on the 64 but the game play is what counts right? Pick your driver.”

Drew scrolled through the list and chose Yoshi. Classic. Cute. The modern version of the game had billions of characters to choose from, but there was something to be said for simplicity.

Drew returned his attention to Randy’s bulge.

“Ready?” Randy asked.

Drew ignored him.

“Ready?” Randy repeated.

Drew was fascinated by what was undoubtedly the largest bulge he’d ever seen. He was amazed that he’d not noticed before.

“Drew! What’s up? Are we gonna play or not?”

Drew snapped out of his near-trance.

“Oh um, sorry dude. Look, I don’t wanna embarrass you but can I ask you something personal?”

Randy looked at Drew with a half-smile.

“Suuure, go on.”

“What the fuck have you put in your pants? Are you… you know, stuffing it with socks or something?”

“What do you think I’ve got in there? And no, I’m not padding it if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Really? Dude you must have the biggest dick ever. Or balls,” he added probing for details.

Randy shrugged with a grin.

“Both actually, and these damned shorts are squeezing the life out of them.”

“Wow the girls must love you. Or the boys.”

“I’ve never had any complaints.”

Drew noticed that Randy again declined to deny or confirm his sexual preference.

“I feel weird asking but…” Drew hesitated.


“Well, how long is your dick?”

“25 centimetres.”

Randy paused then added. “Soft.”

“How big is that in inches?”


“Jesus fucking Christ,” Drew said in awe.

“How big is yours?”



“’Bout three inches. Pretty pathetic. ‘Specially compared to yours.”

“That’s about average though right?” Randy said.

“I thought so,” Drew said, thinking about the other guys he’d seen in the showers. “Now I’m not so sure.”

He considered what Randy had told him for five or six seconds.

“Ten inches, that’s bigger than most porn stars I bet.”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“I’ve never seen a dick that long. Not in real life.”

“Nah, not many people have. Less than 1 in 5 million guys are as long.”

“Wow. I don’t wanna freak you out or anything but… can I see it?”

“My dick?”

Drew nodded hopefully, as much drawn to the freakishness, as the opportunity to see his friend’s penis.

Randy smiled.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first. And no photos okay?”

“Why do you wanna see mine?”

“Because you’re cute.”

Drew pondered his friend’s answer.

“So you ARE gay?”

“Of course.”

Drew hesitated a little longer then he rose from the chair to his feet. He tucked the thumb of his left hand into the waistband of his grey sweat shorts and tugged it away from his body, then he looked up at Randy who had also stood up. Randy smiled encouraging. Drew reached into his briefs with his right hand, hooked his index finger under the middle of his penis and flopped his meat out over the waistband.

Randy looked at it for ten seconds.

“Push your shorts and pants down, I want to see everything.”

Randy pushed the sides of his shorts down halfway to his knees, taking his briefs with them. He watched Randy as Randy studied him.

“Cut,” Randy observed, looking at the small mushroom head dangling on the end of Drew’s slim soft meat.


“Do you ever wish you weren’t?”

“It’s all I’ve ever known.”

“I guess so.”


Without asking, Randy reached out and lifted Drew’s penis by the slim shaft, holding it between his thumb and index finger. Drew inhaled sharply. It was the first time another person had touched his penis since he was a little boy.

Randy lifted the flesh and examined it with a slight smile.


He gave Drew’s small bush a few strokes with his thumb, then let go of the boy’s penis and stepped away.


“Now you,” Drew said.

“Okay, but before I show you, I gotta tell you something. I’m deformed. Don’t freak out okay?”

“What do you mean “deformed”?”

“My dick doesn’t look like yours. I’ve got this weird genetic condition. You can’t tell anyone ever okay?”

“Course not. Who would I tell anyway, this is not the kind of thing you tell people is it?”

“No, I guess not but still, I wanted to warn you first.”

“Okay, now show me.”


Randy undid the top button of his cut-offs and unzippered them and as he did so, Drew went pull his shorts back up.

“No, leave them down. I want to see you longer.”

Drew grinned.

“What?” Randy asked.

“”See me longer” ha ha.”

“Oh I get it. Well that too if you’re up for it.”

Drew blushed at the suggestion but he left his shorts down as requested. He could see Randy’s pubes. They were much thicker than his. Randy reached inside the pouch of his boxer shorts and lifted out his meat, allowing it to dangle off his palm like a waiter presenting a sample for a diner’s approval. Drew suppressed a gasp but his eyes widened in surprise at the sight before him.

What he saw was indeed as Randy had described, ten inches long, and thick as a deodorant spray can. The head was oddly misshapen, covered with thick leathery folds of foreskin.

Randy stood whilst Drew inspected him.

“And your balls,” Drew said.

Randy pushed his jeans down and as his balls were freed, they inflated into view, growing like balloons that had been stuffed into a marble bag.

“Holy shit!” Drew said, as Randy’s testicles doubled in size. Each of them looked as though it weighed a kilogram.


Drew hefted the balls in his hand.

“Elephant balls,” he said.

Randy smiled.


Randy drew his hand slowly towards the root of his penis, unsheathing it and revealing the glans. The foreskin withdrew along the entire shaft, bunching up at the bottom.

Drew had never seen a horse’s penis, but the similarity was unmistakable. Randy’s glans had a strangely flattened end. It was three inches across, with an eye fully one inch wide in the middle. It was shaped like a small vagina, complete with folds of skin, but lining the eye were small nodules, like tiny versions of the uvula dangling at the back of his throat. They ringed the inside of the eye.

The shaft was no less strange, dark pink, sticky wet and raw looking along its entire length now.

“What are those little things inside your dick?” Drew asked, referring to the villi-like structures.

“Put the tip of your finger in,” Randy said.

Drew hesitated then reached out and placed the tip of his index finger inside and the villi started swaying and suckling. Drew’s mouth gaped open in surprise.

“Are you in control of that?”

“Nah, it’s automatic any time anything touches them.”

He looked pointedly at Drew’s erection.

“Anything at all.”

Drew looked down at himself, surprised to see his dick standing up.

“Anything?” he asked.

“Stick it in and see.”

Randy’s dick was now visibly hard, its head lifted 90 degrees from his groin.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Drew’s dick throbbed, achingly hard at the thought of fucking the tiny vagina, with all of its massaging nodules.

Randy grinned.

“It won’t hurt me.”


Drew shuffled closer and took Randy’s penis in his fist. It was much too thick to wrap his entire fist around, and 14 inches long. He guided his hard dick towards its urethra and pushed his glans inside, stretching the hole to accommodate his cock. It was hot and slippery, and sucked him in. The villi immediately started rippling, teasing the surface of his glans. He drew his knees together, weak at the intensity of the pleasure.

“Ohhh fuck.”

“Good huh?”

Drew gasped and nodded in acknowledgement.

“Push it in deeper, they go all the way.”

Drew took Randy’s advice, slowly thrusting his hips forwards. The tiny fleshy nodes massaged his glans at every step of the way, encircling it. And behind, they pressed against the surface of his shaft, rubbing and engorging it.

When it was inserted all the way along its five-inch length, he could feel the front of his scrotum touching the flattened head, his balls dangling loosely below. From the side, the outline of his penis could be seen bulging along the lower side of Randy’s penis, stretching the urethra.

“Fuck me Randy, that feels amazing.”

Randy smiled at him.

“I knew you’d like it.”

He cupped Drew’s face in his hands and pulled it gently closer to his own. Drew looked him in the eyes with an expression of puppy-dog innocence, carried away by forces he found impossible to resist.

Randy parted his lips and Drew opened his mouth to receive him, then their mouths were pressed together. It was the first person Drew had kissed lips to lips who was not a member of his family. Randy worked their mouths, forcing his tongue inside Drew’s mouth. Drew reciprocated, copying Randy’s actions.

Down below, his cock felt like an iron rod. It was so hard. The villi tickled its head, forcing it to respond. Instinctively he started to slowly thrust in and out, fucking Randy’s hard cock. In no time, he started moaning, his body elevated to a level of ecstasy that his hand could never hope to produce.

Randy wrapped both arms around Drew’s body, hugging him close. Drew loved the feeling – their naked torsos pressing together. His sweat sheathed body providing a slippery coating between them.

He felt himself getting close, and he started fucking his friend’s bizarre cock with frantic speed now. Suddenly he was cumming, squirting his cum into his friend’s urethra, seeding him. He moaned with pleasure, as he dumped his load.

Then he felt something that shouldn’t be possible. Longer villi started wrapping around his loose-hanging testicles from below, pulling them closer, forcing them to give up every drop of his cream. He felt his nuts being entwined, mummified, squeezed. He tried to pull his head back so that he could look at what was happening down there, but it was like their lips were glued together, or more, that they were Siamese twins joined at the mouth. Suddenly dozens of tentacles swarmed from Randy’s mouth into his, filling his throat, flowing down his throat like a Lovecraftian nightmare. Drew stared, wide eyed in horror at Randy, and a second nictitating eyelid blinked side to side inside Randy’s regular eyelids. When it flicked back, it revealed green lizard eyes, with a vertical slit for a pupil.

Drew screamed and tried to pull his groin away, but his balls were encased, being crushed. The arms around him turned into tentacles, wriggling to restrain him like a fly wrapped by a spider. Drew felt his penis being sucked with superhuman force towards Randy’s body. Dozens more pencil-thin tentacles emerged and surrounded his buttocks, forcing their way inside his rectum and pulling him towards the strange penis. The head of the organ expanded larger and larger, surrounding Drew’s buttocks, before stretching to encase his whole body. Just before it enfolded his face, Randy pulled away, his head away, their lips finally parting, the tentacles coming away with it. He smiled one more time, a forked snake tongue now visible within his mouth.

“Thankshhh Drew!”

Then Drew was completely encased. He struggled inside the monstrous cock, his form still visible from the outside. Gradually, his body was forced downwards, folded into a ball, first to Randy’s stomach like a giant pregnancy, then towards a scrotum that now housed two testicles the size of beachballs.

The boy curled into a foetal position, wrapped around the monstrous balls, vainly struggling as he became one with the immense organs.


Two hours later, Randy’s parents returned from work. He was in the basement, still naked but in his true form now – a mixture between Jabba the Hutt and a thousand-armed octopus.

“Randy are you home?” he heard them say directly into his mind.

“Yes, in the basement. I brought a friend home. Drew.”

“Is he still here?”

Randy looked down at his beanbag-sized scrotum.

“Yes, for a while yet. He’s inside.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, absorption always gives me an appetite.”

“I’ll bring something down. How many broodlings do you think this one will make?”

“No more than eight. His sperm was thin and he‘s only small. We’ll know by next week.”

Randy looked down at his enormous scrotum. The outline that was Drew no longer struggled. It would soon be no longer distinguishable from his own testicles…

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