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You’ll be seeing some repeats – with new content

Hey guys, back in the tumblr days, I used to write at least a short story for every single image. Then I got nuked 3 times in a year and got sick of reuploading it all. I still have many of the stories. Other images, such as the one below already have a full story […]

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rape, first gay sex, extreme ballbusting A young man has to prove his loyalty to join a gang. +10-4

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  Lars Although he has a Scandinavian name, Lars is actually German. At 6’2” (188cm), Lars is one of the tallest young men amongst his friends at Military School. Unlike many of the boys there, he does not attend because he’s been sent there for disciplinary reasons – he chose to go. His father was […]

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Balkan Ritual

Balkan Ritual Sexual initiation, gay incest, heterosexual, sexual ritual A Croatian teenager reluctantly meets his sexual responsibilities to his village. (inspired by actual rituals) +110

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Matrix Forced milking, humiliation, public nudity, mind control A school trip to a government facility turns into something much darker.   +200

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Hey guys, I’ve been tinkering with trying to create a decent looking erect penis for a few years on and off. Particularly wanted to do the vein and scrotum deformation. I’m pretty happy with this result. What do you think?   +18-1

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Ian Hey guys, trying out a new idea, introducing you to some of the characters I’ve created. Do you like – yeah or nah? 4K version in $5 Patreon area. Ian Ian has grown up in a nudist family and is completely comfortable being nude around other nudists, but he is still modest around girls […]

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Nut Spank

Nut Spank Jeremy thought his flexibillty was an asset but he never envisioned being caught by The Master. Now, after just two minutes, with nuts rapidly turning the colour of strawberries, he realised that this was going to be a long night. If you want to support me in my art writing and encourage me […]

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