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I’m sorry but I don’t accept story suggestions or graphics commissions. Many of you have terrific ideas, but it’s hard enough to find time to do the stuff I want to do without taking on additional projects.



All images are 3D computer art. No real characters are used used in the creation of any sexual content.

I do NOT advocate non-consensual sex or harm in real life. This is a fantasy site.

All characters portrayed in a sexual situation are intended to be above the age of majority.

The nude portrayal of youth in an artistic non-sexual situation is a protected legal right.


    • Jean-
    • 1st March 2018 at 10:49 pm-
    • Reply


    Your web site is really gorgeous. I guess it was a lot of work to create it and I don’t intend to complain in any way.
    Unfortunately I did not yet understand the “Patrons” concept. In which way am I able to donate anything?
    On the other hand, perhaps I’m doing something wrong. When I’m looking e.g. at the index of all arts and am hovering the mouse pointer over one picture, a camera symbol is displayed – hovering over this symbol shows the alternate text -. Right clicking on the picture does not offer the option “view image” but for example “open link in new tab”. trying this option an error page 404 “page not found” is displayed.
    I’m using Firefox 58.0.2.
    After clicking the word “INDEX” the left part of the window is a bit scrambled, so that it becomes impossible to use the INDEX link again. Clearing the cache helps until the link is used again..

    Most probably you already know about these small inconveniences and perhaps there is something like a “Known problems” or Q&A page. If so, would you be so kind and tell me where to find it?

    btw.: I admired the picture “collection facility” for quite a while until I found it here. Is there a story connected to this picture?

    Thank you very much and best regards,

    • Hi Jean, thank you for your detailed feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work. Patreon is a way that people with a little spare cash to show their support either every month, or just a one off. If you go to my Patreon, you sign up and then around the 1st of each month, the amount of your pledge will be taken from your bank and given to me. If you pledge $1 or more, I will also send you all of my stories as a PDF before they are published anywhere else. If you can manage $5 per month, I will also give you a password to the Patreon area where you can find 4k versions of my work, occasional VERY short videos and other treats.
      I’m sorry that you are having trouble with my site. I don’t know why. To my knowledge, other people are not, and it is designed for Firefox.
      I’m glad you liked Collection Facility. There is no particular story for that piece, but if you read The Unwilling Sperm Donor, your might apply that story to the image.
      Jean, thanks again so much for your kind feedback.

      Regards. D

  • Hi Damnd1. I’m MasterMarc, the guy behind the online kinkster magazine sadOsam.com. It is my and my boy’s “little” time consuming hobby. We present also kink stories and I would like to ask you if you would be up to publish your milking series also on sadOsam. Of course we would also promote your website. I’m looking forward to get your answer. kins regards. MasterMarc

    • You have mail

    • Anonymous-
    • 15th March 2021 at 6:32 pm-
    • Reply

    Why can’t I see the “Ghost Mirror” pictures.?

    • TBH, I have no idea. Maybe I deleted them. I do that sometimes.

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