Site problems – Now resolved

Hi everyone. Been experiencing site problems the past two weeks. A whole bunch of back-end issues which my hosts have now resolved (thanks very much for your patience guys!)

I also ended up having to upgrade my WordPress and some plug-ins. The gallery software has been changed, although the new version has not been deployed across the whole site yet. The new galleries should hopefully be more responsive on mobile devices, and make it easier for you to interact if you want to leave comments.

Although no click scripts are deployed to prevent mass leeching, I have also added a download button so that you can download any images you want to keep.

I encourage you to do so. Too many pieces of art were lost when hosts were shut down or people disappeared.

For those of you supporting me on Patreon, thank you so much. You are funding these changes, as well as hosting, as well as enabling me to spend the time on the art and stories we love.

Be well, and thanks for your patience.

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