Ion Storm

Humiliation, forced arousal, alien

A youth is publicly and humiliatingly masturbated

Ion Storm – Redux

A redo of the original story


A group of colonists encounters a strange alien creature that demands an interesting price for saving them from an ion storm.


The ion storm raged outside. It scoured the surface of the planet, killing plants and animals alike. Millions of years of evolution wiped out in a single random stellar event. The colonists had been lucky – an early warning buoy had detected the approaching storm, and given them time to retreat to an underground cave system a few miles from their small settlement. But the storm caused geological instability, bringing millions of tons of rock crashing down and sealing the tunnels back to the surface for over half a mile. Even with their phasers on maximum, there was no way that the colonists could possibly clear that amount of rock.

Their scanners revealed that the other tunnel leading from their cavern went for some distance. With food enough for a few days, maybe a week at most, the leaders decided that the only option was for everyone to follow the tunnel and see where it led. To their disappointment, after just a mile, the tunnel opened up into a cavern containing a dark pool, and no other way out.

The party scanned the area, and it was clear that the tunnel continued through the pool, then upwards towards the surface. However, it appeared that the underwater section of the tunnel was nearly a mile long. Nobody had any breathing equipment, and even the best swimmer in the party would be nowhere near capable of holding their breath for that distance.

The colonists sat morose, to discuss the situation, when to their shock, the surface of the pool rose up, and moved towards them, travelling slowly, twisting and turning like a mesmerised snake. Everyone leapt to the feet and moved away from the liquid, and the Protectors drew out their phasers, aiming at the column of liquid in readiness.

Suddenly, into everyone’s minds came the words,”You have no need to fear. I am talking directly to your minds. This is my domain. I can help you.”

“What are you?” Marvin the colonist leader said, stepping forwards and addressing the column.

“I am a life form, just as you are. I live in this place. I have the ability to become many things.”

“You said that you can help us,” Marvin said, “you know that we are trapped down here. What can you do?”

“Yes,” the alien said to their minds, “I heard your thoughts. You are afraid. Your path to the surface is blocked, and now this way too.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Marvin said.

“I can transport you to a place from where you can travel to the surface. You have scanned the way ahead, and you know that it is filled with what you call water. Your life-form cannot breathe in water, but I can transport you through it.”

“How can you do that?” Marvin asked.

“I can form myself into a… container of sorts. I can provide what you need to breath. What you perceive to be water is actually my body – well a part of it. Once you are one with me, I will deliver you to safety.”

“I appreciate your generous offer, but why are you helping us?”

“You are wise to be sceptical. I make my offer for two reasons: first, because I do not like to see fellow life-forms suffer, and second, because your presence here, especially if you were to die, pollutes my domain. It is very important to me, that my biological purity is not tainted by other life-forms. Were you to die, your decaying bodies would give rise to many other organisms, and my realm would be contaminated for centuries. As a morphogenic life-form, that makes my existence very uncomfortable.”

“I think I understand,” Marvin said. “So what do we have to do?”

“I will take you inside me, to safety, but first you must remove those coverings on your bodies.”

“Our clothes?” Marvin queried. “Why do you want us to take our clothes off?”

“Because you have polluted my realm too much already. Your clothes are crawling with life-forms. If you are not clothed, it will reduce the level of contamination.”

“I understand. But how can we tell that you will keep your word?”

“Send one first. When that one has arrived safely, others can go. The first may take a communication device and a light. After that one, all you may take is lights – no clothes, no equipment.”

Marvin looked at the other leaders with raised eyebrows, and they shrugged putting the ball back in his court. He pondered for the briefest of moments before turning to the other colonists.

“I need a volunteer.”

The colonists had all heard the exchange, and a woman in her 30s stepped forward.

“I guess I’m pretty expendable if something goes wrong.”

Her name was Mary and she was an astronomer.

Marvin nodded.

“Alright Mary. Thank you. You know what you have to do.”


Mary took her clothes off, standing in just her bra and panties.

All of your coverings,” the entity insisted.

Turning away from the party, Mary removed the rest of her clothes, then she turned back, with one hand across her groin and the other covering her breasts. Marvin handed her a comm unit and a flashlight, and she used the hand from her breasts to take them.

“Now what?” she asked.

The creature formed itself into a circular seat with a column rising from its centre.

“You will be most comfortable here. In order to sustain you through the tunnel, I must feed you air. I will place a breathing tube into your mouth, do you understand?”

Mary said, “Yes, I understand. How long will the trip take?”

“Perhaps one of your hours. There’s a long way to go. Sit down.”

Mary sat on the seat facing away from the central column.

“No, the other way,” the creature corrected. “Wrap your arms and legs around the middle.”

Mary did as she was told, and the seat rotated so that she was facing back towards the rest of the group. She felt exposed, with her legs apart facing towards them, especially as there were so many young boys in the group.

“It’s warm,” she observed, with a wry smile.

As she wrapped her arms and legs around the column, it reshaped itself, wrapping around her until she was fully encased below the neck.

“Now I will help you breath. Say goodbye to your friends for a while,” the morphogenic life form said.

Mary turned to Marvin and said, “Bye Marv, see you soon.”

She was putting on a brave face, but she couldn’t hide her nervousness.

A small column of liquid extended from the creature and entered her mouth. She moved her head backwards, but it followed her, pushing its way into her lungs. She panicked and tried to struggle, but she was unable to move anything but her head. The rest of her body felt like it was encased in soft rubber. Then she felt air being pushed into her lungs. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed in and out. The panic on her face subsided. The creature flowed around her head, then waited a full minute before doing anything.

“What’s happening? Why are you waiting?” Marvin asked.

“I am acclimatising to her form,” the creature replied patiently, “but now I am ready.”

With that, the column of liquid serving as a life capsule containing Mary lifted from the ground, and keeping her in a sitting position, it disappeared into the pond.

After 30 minutes, Marvin started to worry. The surface of the pool was smooth and the life-form appeared to have vanished.

Marvin said, “Can you hear me? What’s happening?”

The creature’s voice came into his mind,

“I am transporting her. There is some distance to travel yet. She is safe.”

The colonists had no choice but to wait. After 50 minutes, the communication device crackled to life.

“Marv, can you hear me? It’s Mary.”

The colonists breathed a sigh of relief.

Marvin spoke into his communicator.

“Mary, where are you, are you safe?”

“Well I can’t tell you exactly where I am, but I’m in another cavern, I’m safe, and I could feel myself rising for a long time, so I think that I’m a lot higher than when I started. The journey was comfortable, if unsettling, but now I’m here, I feel just fine.”

“Fantastic news!” Marvin said. “Make yourself comfortable. The rest of us will start transporting as soon as our benefactor is ready.”

“I’m ready now,” the creature interjected. “Who will go next?”

“Take the little ones,” Marvin said. “Get them to safety first.”

A seven-year-old boy was chosen, and he undressed and sat on the seat. As the creature started to envelop him, the little boy screamed and panicked, struggling for all he was worth.

“Perhaps it would ease the child if his mother accompanied him?” the creature offered.

“Yes, good idea. Susan?”

Susan quickly undressed and sat opposite her son, as she wrapped her legs around the column, she put them outside his legs so that she was touching him. Then she reached around with her arms, and took his hands. He looked trustingly into her eyes as the breathing tube passed down both of their throats and they were fully engulfed. Again the life-form paused to acclimatise, and a few of the colonists noticed that the little boy developed an erection as he waited, his small penis standing up within the liquid that engulfed him. Then the capsule disappeared into the pool.

And so it continued, every few minutes, until the youngest children were gone. Then the older ones, started to go.

Jack was watching anxiously. He knew that by age, it would soon be his turn. He hated the idea of being naked in front of the other colonists; especially the females. He was 16 and he had nearly a man-sized dick but he’d shaved his privates, and soon everyone would know it. But what concerned him even more was the fact that so far, every boy who had gone had developed an erection before being transported away.

He whispered to his father, “Why do you think all the boys keep getting boners?”

His father had noticed too.

“Maybe it’s because the gel is warm on their bodies and they are not used to it?”

“Do you think I’ll get one?” Jack asked nervously. “I don’t want to. It’s embarrassing enough as it is – I… shaved… you know; down there,” Jack confided in a whisper.

HIs father was surprised but he played it cool.

“I shouldn’t think so,” he reassured him. “You’re older than the ones who have gone before. I’m sure you’ll have more self control.”

“I sure hope so,” Jack said apprehensively.

The next two boys, aged twelve, went together. They sat, were engulfed, and as they waited for the creature to take them away, they both developed full erections, but they showed no emotion in response. The capsule stayed just long enough for the other colonists to see the boys’ physiological responses, and then they were taken.

Now it was Jack’s turn. He was travelling alone. He stepped up, hands covering his privates and sat on the seat that the creature provided, but it was only when he was instructed to wrap his arms around the central column that he moved them from his groin. He hoped that no-one would look at his groin but as he looked around at the other colonists, he could see that the other teens were all looking at his privates.

The creature enveloped him, and whilst it was soft around him, Jack couldn’t move a muscle. Now came the bit he was dreading – the breathing tube. It entered his mouth and as it snaked down his throat, he briefly panicked and gagged, but before he could try to escape, he felt air inside him. The creature enveloped his head, and he suddenly realised why none of the other colonists had showed the slightest reaction after that point. Right up to his eyeballs, and all around his face and body, he was locked solid. There was even something soft, lubricated, pressing painlessly against his eyeballs, preventing him from blinking.


The creature spoke.

“I notice that your kind is very uncomfortable without coverings.”

“We call them clothes,” Marvin said. “We wear them for protection and warmth. We also wear them for modesty.”

“What is modesty?” the creature asked.

“Modesty? There are parts of our bodies that we don’t like others to see. Modesty is keeping those parts covered.”

“Yes, your meat tubes. I sensed that this one became very… concerned when he had to reveal his meat tube. I thought that it was because he didn’t want to expose his seed pods, but now I understand.”

Each time the creature spoke, it was to the minds of all of the colonists. Jack could hear the conversation. He just wanted to be taken away. He didn’t want to sit, naked in front of the others, whilst his “meat tube” and his “seed pods” were discussed.

Marvin said, “Those parts are our reproductive organs. The meat tube we call a penis, and the seed pods we call testicles. This one is young, and at an age where his body is just maturing enough to reproduce. Many humans become particularly modest at this age.”

“It’s ridiculous,” the creature said, “they’re only parts of your body. They’re no different than any other part. When I probed the last two smaller ones, their meat tubes got hard. One of them even expelled his seeds. This is how you reproduce?”

“Yes,” Marvin answered, concerned to hear that the creature had probed the earlier passengers. “You said that you probed them?” he asked.

“Yes,” the creature answered, “I can read your minds and experience your feelings, but I thought that as I was transporting them, I would take the opportunity to find out more about your form. Don’t worry – they haven’t been harmed.”

“Do you plan to probe every single person that you transport?” Marvin asked.

“Oh no,” the creature responded. “I doubt it will be necessary. But I am interested in your modesty, and in your reproductive organs. I will examine it closer with this one.”

Jack felt a sense of deep dread as he heard the creature’s words. Why use him as an experiment?! He didn’t want the creature probing him and examining his reproductive organs – especially not in front of the others! He could see that dozens of people were gathered around listening. His teenage friends seemed particularly curious.

Suddenly, he was alarmed to feel a warm tendril forcing its way up between his butt cheeks. It slid inside his anus, and he could feel it stretching his hole and moving around. It started touching him inside, and it felt strange. Then, against his will, he felt himself getting hard! He tried to prevent it using his willpower, but nothing he did helped. The gel around his groin turned to liquid, allowing his boner to stand up, showing it to everyone. Jack felt exposed; mortified, but there was not a thing he could do. His dick felt so incredibly hard, and he could feel the skin peeling back from the head! He knew that everyone watching could see him clearly, just as he could see them. His dick was standing up like a tent pole, showing off his eager balls to the crowd. In his excitement, they had climbed up and were now nestling tight against the base of his smooth cock.

The onlookers started to move back, to respect Jack’s privacy, but the creature said, “Stop, why are you moving away?”

“To respect the boy’s modesty,” Marvin answered. “He may not have any choice what you do to him, but it will distress him to know that we are watching.”

“You have foolish values,” the creature said. “I want you all to watch. You will learn something.”

“We won’t watch,” another of the colonists said defiantly. “It’s bad enough that you are doing that to him, but we won’t humiliate the boy by spectating.”

“The boy is only humiliated because of your ridiculous values. He is physically enjoying the experience very much, but his mind stops him from taking full pleasure in it. Nevertheless, you WILL watch, or you will never leave this place alive.”

The colonists shuffled forwards sombrely and the creature continued working on Jack. Because it could sense his thoughts and feelings, it was very quickly able to adapt its efforts to maximise the boy’s physical pleasure.

Jack could feel the tendril working up in his butt, massaging him. Now he could feel something slimy on the glans of his penis. He’d never had a blowjob, but the feeling made him think of a tongue. He was mortified, but utterly unable to move or protect himself. The slimy thing slowly worked on his helmet, moving across its surface in small circles.

The spectators could see small slightly more opaque parts of the creature’s form working on different parts of Jack’s body, and they could tell from the colour of his skin, the hardness of his penis, and the contraction of his testicles that he was incredibly aroused, even though he could not move a muscle in response.

“The young one feels ashamed,” the creature observed, “but still he is extremely excited as well. I can sense his body. He is enjoying the physical sensation very much. Juice is oozing from him.”

The other kids watching didn’t understand the creature’s reference to pre-cum, and they could not see the clear fluid dribbling from Jack’s dickhead, but the men knew and several of them grew hard.


In spite of his humiliation, the sensation was making Jack feel horny beyond belief. It was strange for him to be watching the other colonists watching him; staring at his hard cock. He was unable to move but feeling more turned on than he’d ever been. It was something he’d always been very private about, but now he knew that they could tell exactly how he was feeling just at a glance. He was deeply embarrassed, but at the same time, the feeling in his ass and between his legs was distracting him more and more. It was incredible. His balls felt like they were buzzing inside – desperate to spurt, and his dick felt almost painfully hard. Jack felt himself getting hornier and hornier, and he knew that everyone could tell. The teasing, licking feeling on his glans was driving him wild – sending little bolts of pleasure down to his balls. His glans felt so sensitive it was almost painful. He wanted it to stop, but he simultaneously wanted the feelings to envelop him; to take over his whole body in a huge orgasm. He was desperate to ejaculate, but his attention kept being drawn in a different direction at the vital moment as the creature teased him.  His cock felt as though it was swelling even more, and there was a growing sense of pressure inside it; not the quick rush and spurt of his normal artless masturbation, but a growing heat, and tension that filled his balls and his cock utterly.

Then he could resist no longer, and he came. He felt it rushing out of him, and he saw stars before his eyes as his vision was temporarily overwhelmed by the rush of ecstatic euphoria.

The colonists saw. The semen looked like swirls of cloudy liquid that exited Jack’s penis powerfully, but instantly slowed upon contact with the viscous fluid of the creature’s transparent body, merging with the creature’s aqueous form. Jack came so hard, and in such volume, that it almost looked like he was pissing cum. The creature raised the swirls of seed within its watery form so that they floated before Jack’s eyes, where everyone could clearly see how much he had spurted. Jack looked at the swirls, understanding that he was seeing his own spunk. He blushed at the sight, feeling as though he’d been turned into a pornographic statue for the others to look at.


The creature said, “You see? The youngling has ejected his seed. Your kind only does that when they are physically in great pleasure. But I can do more. I can give him pleasure that no-one of your kind could ever give him.”



The creature continued teasing the head of Jack’s penis softly, but now he also felt his testicles being softly massaged, whilst gentle rhythmic pulses travelled up and down his perineum. He gasped at the overwhelming eroticism. He felt a gentle tugging on his fraenulum, and a light stroking around the rim of his glans as many feelers worked on his body.

The creature told the watchers, “The boy is feeling sensations in his meat tube that he has never felt before. He is feeling elation far beyond his previous comprehension.  But I can do more. Much more.”

The tendril inside Jack’s bottom continued expertly massaging and teasing the boy’s prostate, but now little pulses travelled up and down the part that passed through his sphincter. Although it was distasteful to Jack, it also felt fantastically stimulating and erotic.

Now he felt gentle suction on his nipples.

“What’s happening to me?” Jack’s mind screamed, though beyond an orgasmic blush, his face showed no sign of his emotions.

His nipples were being teased and tweaked, but not hard enough to hurt. It felt like something slightly slimy. His nipples hardened: he could feel them responding. The hard nubs felt as though there was something sucking them.

The insides of his thighs were brushed by the warm wetness, in long strokes leading right up to his scrotum.

The thing inside his mouth sensuously teased the edges of Jack’s tongue.

Although Jack wasn’t aware that that’s what they were called, the creature was simultaneously stimulating every erogenous zone in his body. To Jack, the sensation was utterly overwhelming. The feeling in his genitals was immense, but then he’d become aware of the pleasure in his sphincter, or deeper in his rectum, or even on his tongue, his awareness constantly jumping from one point of stimulus to another.

Every time his attention was drawn away from his groin by a pleasure elsewhere, his focus would shift for a few seconds before swinging back to the staggering waves of pleasure emanating from every part of his penis and testicles.

The colonists watched, becoming engrossed in what was happening to Jack. The other teenagers and most of the men all had erections of their own. Some of the kids tried to hide their erections behind their hands, but the rest were so absorbed in the spectacle before them, that they were not even aware of the lumps in their pants, and in some cases, of the small wet patches that had started to appear.

“The boy is so excited that he cannot think properly any more. All he knows is the ecstasy I am giving him. He no longer cares that you are watching. His modesty is gone utterly for now. I’ll prove it to you.”

For a moment the creature relaxed its grip on Jack’s body, and rather than trying to hide himself, the boy immediately started thrusting his pelvis up and down from his sitting position, his teen body instinctively driving him to fuck a female who wasn’t even there. His head lolled back in rapture, his tongue hanging loosely in his mouth.

The colonists saw the boy squirt again, but this time he seemed to produce twice as much as the first time. Jack’s consciousness quite literally short-circuited at the immense orgasm. He lost all power for rational thought, and instead became nothing more than clenching buttocks, a squirting cock and contracting testicles. His whole body trembled, and he came and came for a full 30 seconds. The stars in front of his eyes were accompanied by a rushing sound in his ears as his blood surged around his body.

The second squirts of cum were taken up where they joined the first, seemingly floating in water just in front of the boy’s face.


The creature kept going. Jack’s body was a captive for it to do whatever it wanted, and what it wanted to drive him crazy with lust and desire.

Jack’s senses were going wild. He loved to masturbate, but he’d never dreamed that his body could feel like this. His balls; his dick; his asshole were all competing for attention, but the creature was balancing things perfectly. Even the different parts of Jack’s dickhead were all alive and driving him crazy with arousal. The ridge; the dome; the fraenulum: the creature had even inserted a tiny hollow probe into the urethra and was teasing the boy’s penis oh-so-softly from the inside. Jack came again, depositing a few squirts of sperm inside the creature. Then ten minutes later his balls managed to spurt a fourth time. He produced less cum on the third and fourth times, but the creature added each deposit to the previous ones.

On the fifth time he came dry. After that, all of the pleasurable stimulation stopped. Jack slowly regained his senses. His balls and the base of his dick were aching. He became aware of the audience again, and even as his penis turned limp, he felt disgusted with himself for reacting so lustfully. He was shell-shocked; exhausted, barely able to stay awake.

“The boy is dry. His seed pods are drained for now.” the creature informed the spectators. “And now that I have stopped stimulating him, he feels great shame and humiliation again. You really are bizarre creatures – to attach such bad feelings to a few small inches of flesh, and the source of your greatest pleasure. I’ll transport him now.”

To Jack it was a mixed blessing when the capsule finally ferried him away. Relief to be out of sight, but fear about what was to come. The boy remained held immobile in his sitting position, as he was carried off into the darkness.

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