Punishment stories

Attitude adjustment – A white supremacist pays for his crimes and rediscovers some hidden truths.

Lollipops – A teenager discovers that he must pay for the sins of his father, and finds his body modified in a most horrific way.

Test subjects 84-87 – Four young men are kidnapped and prepared for sale to new owners.

The cure part 1 part 2 image from part 2 part 3 part 4 image from part 4 – A young arsonist is sent to a an unusual prison.

The lesser of two evils – A naughty boy is spanked, then comforted.

The pit – A young man is punished for a sexual offence in a most unsettling way.

The slave boy’s slave – A complicated three-way master/slave sex triangle takes an interesting turn when one of the participants oversteps the mark.