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A valued patron and friend asked me a whole bunch of questions about my work. I thought the questions were really insightful. He said he doesn’t mind me posting the answers here. Hope you fiind them interesting.     You’ve got something of a library built up now and I have questions.  Which of the […]

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Survey – brief results

Hi guys, as you know, I have been running a survey for the past year or two to determine what most of you enjoy about my work. I’m afraid it’s really crappy survey software so I have to manually collate, but on the request of John J,  I have been doing so. Nowhere near finished […]

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Welcome to the art and stories of Damnd1!

This is hopefully the permanent home for the work of Damnd1. Here you will find my drawings, writings and maybe occasional short animations. My gay (and infrequently hetero) work covers erotica, kink, romantic, gay coming of age, milking, BDSM, ballbusting, castration, and other themes, set against contemporary, historical, futuristic, and alien scenarios. I hope you […]

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