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3D printing Poser models – questions answered

From say the above model of the two workers standing by the anvil what is a list of actual programs needed to the to the point of printing? The two figures by the anvil were actually a ready made model that I downloaded from myminifacory The model was a scan of a famous sculpture of […]

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3D printing Poser content – 12 lessons learned

Hi guys, for those of you thinking of buying your own 3D printers for printing your own adult-themed work, I’ve learned so much this past week. Many disasters, many failed prints but things working surprisingly smoothly and consistently now.   Here are the lessons I’ve learned: Bed levelling is key. Before you can even start […]

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My best 3D nude print yet

After the increasing success of the past couple of models, I decided to try something a little more adventurous and headed in the direction I wanted to proceed. This is produced with the Creality 10s printer that my awesome Patreons paid for. You can buy one for about $500. This is a 4 inch (10cm) […]

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Having fun with printing…

I wanted to see whether the DAZ G8 male gens printed well and whether the geo-grafted forekin produced seamless geometry. I was very happy to discover that both were high quality geometry, and even the foreskin looks good inside. I imported into 3DS Max and capped off the base to get a flat surface to […]

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The fun of 3D printing!

Hi guys, my terrific Patrons paid for a modest 3D printer in the Black Friday sales this year! Below are my first modest productions. Can you see where this is going? 😉 It has potential. Might even start a no-questions asked adult 3D print service. Wonder if there’s any interest?   +10

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