Alien/monster stories

A centaur’s tale – A couple of young male centaurs find their lives changed when they go looking for mates.

Beanbags – A teenager becomes an alien captive but discovers in spite of his bleak situation that he is still capable of extreme pleasure.

Ion storm – 14 young men undergo a sexually humiliatihttp://damnd1.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1316&action=editng and ultimately painful initiation in order to get ahead.

Before the dawn – A teenager receives a night time visit by a supernatural entity.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours – A young man’s curiosity has serious consequences

Jockey – A young man takes a shortcut that will lead to an unwanted sexual experience.

Morning – A teenager awakens to find himself being assaulted in a bewildering manner

Rodeo – A young man is captured by aliens and forced to perform in a strangely familiar event.

Saggers – Two teenaged BMXer discover that their dress sense has attracted unwanted attention

The pit – A young man is punished for a sexual offence in a most unsettling way.

The Ströygen challenge – Even in the distant future, teens haven’t grown out of doing ridiculous challenges.