Monthly Archives for December 2018

Grampa’s Photo

Grampa’s photo A young man gets to know his grandfather in a way he would never have imagined. +1-1

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A young man finds out what it’s like to wear a humbler. +180

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A young man finds himself in an embarrassing situation. Based on several actual incidents. +30

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The fun of 3D printing!

Hi guys, my terrific Patrons paid for a modest 3D printer in the Black Friday sales this year! Below are my first modest productions. Can you see where this is going? 😉 It has potential. Might even start a no-questions asked adult 3D print service. Wonder if there’s any interest?   +10

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Two teenaged BMXers discover that their dress sense has attracted unwanted attention. +90

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The sterilisation bureau

A Britain of the future takes drastic action to deal with its overpopulation problem. +70

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