Monthly Archives for November 2017

Trick or treat

A teenager gets a treat when he knocks on the right door. +110

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Cryochamber 2017

I’ve revisited this image. The original (below) was one of my very first images, and now that my skills are improving, I thought I’d update it. 4K version available to $5 Patreons..   +80

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Taken – alien abduction

Another alien abduction theme. I love the idea that human nudity is an irrelevance to aliens who care nothing for their modesty. In this scene, young males are examined and prepared for their future lives. 4K version available for $5 Patreons. +120

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Alien exam – redone

The idea of alien examinations is pretty hot. This is based off a scene in the mini series Taken where the father and son are examined nude. Video clip uploaded for $5 Patreons along with 4K versions of these pictures, which I have just redone. +30

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High res sample

Below is an example of the high resolution that $5 Patrons can enjoy. Right click and View Image in Firefox or right click and select Open image in new tab in Chrome to see it at full resolution! Sorry but fuck Explorer. +20

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All story links now fixed

Some links were pointing to an admin area. Thanks to Glen for letting me know. All story links now fixed! +20

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High resolution images now working!

I’ve now changed themes, added new gallery software and I have high resolution images working great. The easiest way to view them is by using the menu in the sidebar at the left and navigating to the gallery that interests you (or selecting all images to see everything). Once you are in gallery mode, click […]

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Site still being worked on

Hey guys, I’m working hard behind the scenes to get this blog looking and working great. As  you can see, I’ve uploaded a ton of content, added menus, images, and I’m working hard to restore everything and more from my 2 nuked tumblrs. All of the images have been re-uploaded, even if they are not […]

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Pool party 2017

  This is one of my favourite images. I love the nudist characters, and I have continuously kept working on improving the lighting. I’m pretty happy with this version. +30

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