Monthly Archives for March 2018


Kidlat is my attempt at a Thai looking boy. I’m quite pleased with him. +140

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The fence

4K version in 5$ Patreon gallery. +26-2

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Pig pen

A young man finds a weekend of playful ball busting takes a dark turn. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY VIOLENCE If you want to encourage me to do more work like this, please consider a small monthly donation at my Patreon. Patreons receive additional benefits. +160

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Cultural movie

A young actor in a historical documentary finds himself being messed with in a public and humiliating way… If you like my work and want access to PDFs of most of my stories, 4K versions of many images, and content that I chose not to publish publicly, please consider donating to my Patreon in order […]

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