Gangs, balls and empty sacks


Two gang members pay a heavy price for taking on the Scorpions

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Gangs, balls and empty sacks

By guest author Nathan



Chris Harriman wasn’t a guy to play around with. No sir, he was not. As the leader of the Scorpions, he was one feared individual, and for good reason. The Scorpions ruled the east side, and the southern part of the city too, and no one dared interfere with his business. He was sitting at the computer, waiting for the call. He knew it would come, and as he glanced at his watch he figured another minute, two at the most and he licked his lips in anticipation. As the leader of the biggest gang in the city, his reputation was secure, and until the Sharks had gotten stupid two years ago he had never been challenged. No, no one had dared. But the Sharks had, yes sir they had. They had stuck their noses right smack dab in the middle of his business. He closed his eyes then, and let the memory take him back. As he let the thoughts come back, he smiled.

Capturing them had been difficult, and he had to sacrifice a major deal just to bate them in. Fourteen of his members had ended up in the hospital from the fight, but in the end it was worth it. The Sharks had sure fallen for it, and he could still remember their faces when his men had blocked their escape van and then surrounded it. It hadn’t taken long then to jerk out the two leaders and then toppled the vehicle over the embankment. God the Sharks had scattered then. Carl White was their leader, and he didn’t look so powerful when he was tied out in his underwear, spread out and on the big wooden table on the warehouse floor. His lieutenant, Mark Sanchez, was tied out on another table right next to him. He looked even weaker, just a mere boy and for being the number two Shark he didn’t look like he had had the guts to even be in the business. The Scorpions had gathered to watch, and the two youths who were tied down onto the tables could only wait to see what would happen. The hatred in the room was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Their legs were spread and bent over the end, their ankles tied tight to the legs of the tables. The Scorpions had put a couple of truck tires on the tables, and the tires had them all propped up so they were facing the rest of the gang members. With their hands tied around the tires behind them, they couldn’t do much, but just sit in their underwear and stare at the crowd that had formed. It was obvious they weren’t thrilled to be in that position, but as stupid as they were they were smart enough to know they were in serious trouble. Occasionally they struggled, testing their bonds, but other than that they said nothing and just waited while the Scorpions gathered. Finally, the room was filled, and Chris Harriman had walked up and addressed them then.

Chris savoured the memory. The lead Shark had looked to be about 19 or 20. He had the tattoo across his right arm, and there was another mark on his thigh with several shark teeth marking his arm. Each tooth tattoo probably represented some conquest. Around his neck he wore a leather thong, with a Great White’s tooth hanging from it. His blond hair and blue eyes were striking, and he had that punk rocker look, with the long hair on top and the shaved sides. He had been stripped of his clothes except for his underwear. He was wearing the Gap show-it-off briefs as one would think of them, his entire package bulging in the tight cup of the high low cut bright red shorts. They would have turned the head of any girl…if there had been any girls in the room. He had the body for it, with a flat stomach and muscles that bulged and were defined. Unfortunately, there weren’t any women around, and he wasn’t impressing anyone with the bulges, at least no one who would admit it. The number two Shark was younger. Chris figured him to be seventeen, but he had a reputation already and he could be one mean teenager. His body was tight and hard, and it was obvious he worked out and took care of himself. His stomach was flat and ripped, and he was a very well developed young man. He had jet black hair, with a wisp on his upper lip, but other than that and his pubic hair his body was smooth. He too had been stripped of his clothing, except for his Joe Boxer underwear with its wide band and big printing that was splashed across his waistband. The boy hadn’t liked wearing jockeys, and instead preferred the loose feeling of the boxer shorts. If he had only known that was about to change! Unlike his boss, his underwear wasn’t displaying much of anything, and whatever package he had was well hidden in the boxers he was wearing. His hair was longer, and he jerked his head and let his bangs bounce out of his eyes. His eyes burned with hatred, and he could be seen testing the bonds that held him down. Around his neck was a leather cord that matched the leaders, the tooth of a Great White Shark, the single, hanging adornment. He too had the same tattoos.

Chris smiled as he remembered the pair. He remembered every single thing that had happened that day.

“So….jerkwads….I’ll give you one chance….I want to know WHY…WHY you fucking moved to the east side? That’s our territory, and it’s always been ours. What the FUCK are you doing here?”

The Shark leader had looked back at him and started to speak: “There is plenty of business…..”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! God…are you THAT STUPID? Take his pants!”

In an instant, two of the Scorpions has just reached up and grabbed the hot little shorts of the lead Shark, and with a quick pull they had literally ripped them off of him. It had happened so fast that there was almost no time to react. But as they came free everyone in the room had laughed, and the naked man’s face had flushed scarlet as his briefs had disappeared. His dick was semi-stiff, and the uncircumcised dickhead was half-hidden under the foreskin. His balls were huge, the sac so big and hanging that it literally rested on the table. With his pants gone, he looked down and the fear was visible and the change was instantly noticeable.

Chris turned to the lieutenant, and said “You…what’s YOUR name? It’s Sanchez, right? Well, Sanchez, let me ask you the same question, and see if we get a different answer.”

Mark Sanchez had looked him in the eye, and the look was one of respect, from a young man that recognized the precariousness of his position. He had said, very carefully: “I realize we made a mistake, and perhaps we hadn’t realized that the territory was so important to you.”

Chris looked at him, and smiled. “Good answer.” You are smarter than your leader here. What do YOU have to say to that?” as he looked back at the leader of the Scorpions.

The man eyes were blazing. Ignoring his nakedness, he said “Untie us. We can negotiate this like men and I’m sure…..”


“What! What the fuck??????” Suddenly, the Shark leader looked up, his eyes blazing sand totally surprised, as the two Scorpions approached the table. As he saw the pliers he said “NO….OH GOD” but it was too late. They just reached out with the pliers and grabbed the skin of his cock…on the very end of his dick and then they were just pulling it out and out some more….until it was stretched out so far and it hurt so fucking much. His eyes were wide as he watched them…and then he saw the steel and that’s when he fought like a madman. Oh fuck…the knife….and then as he grunted he saw it moving to his dick…to the end of his dick, and as his face flushed white he felt the burn and OH GOD he bucked his hips then. It was sliced off so fast he hardly had time to see it….one minute his end of his dick was hidden, and the next, it was exposed, the purple head glistening in the room light and his foreskin gone forever! He jerked hard, and then he felt a second burn as they rolled his cock through the white powder that stopped the bleeding almost instantly. As they played with his dick, he was growing harder, and he could hardly believe what had been done to him.

Chris looked back to the lieutenant and said: “ What do you think? Do you need your dick cut too?”

The teenager was scared shitless. You could tell it in his eyes, and watching his leader get circumcised so quickly and so crudely and with so little warning had sent him a message that went right to his soul. He swallowed and then said “No sir. NO SIR! I understand…and I’m sure I can make sure we don’t get in your way again.”

The Shark leader, still grimacing from his pain, had looked over and said “SHUT UP—DON’T TALK TO THESE FUCKERS.”

Chris looked at him, and then back to the number two man. He liked the way he talked a lot more. He had also noticed the rise in the boy’s pants, as he had watched the lead Shark’s unmasking. Yes, something was stirring in his shorts, and perhaps it was something they all needed to see. “Like seeing your leader lose his dick skin? IS that a BONER I see in your pants boy?”

The boy looked down at his shorts. “OH NO SIR…..ITS NOT…I’m SURE…IT’s NOT!”


Suddenly, two Scorpions grabbed the lieutenant’s boxers and then they were ripped from him. His cock sprang out, stiff and hard, jutting upward from his pubic mound and so stiff it literally bounced. The cockhead of the boy was already circumcised, and it was flared round and purple, and the very tip of his dick was glistening with a wetness that betrayed his excitement. As Chris looked at him, he smiled, a big toothy smile, and he reached to the boy then and took his cock in his hand.

As he did the boy gasped. “OH GOD” he said.

Chris said: “Well, for someone that doesn’t have a boner you sure have a stiff dick.” Everyone in the room laughed then. Well, almost everyone.

Chris then dropped his dick, and said “Free their right hands. I want to watch them jerk off for us. And lets make sure we get it on film.”

Suddenly, the leader of the Sharks had regained his composure, and then he said “No way! Listen man, NO WAY. We can negotiate if you want, but we are Sharks! I am not going to jerk off for anyone, and he’s not either. Sharks don’t jack off and we aren’t pornstars. We have pride!”



Then, without a moment’s hesitation, several of the gang members were on the two youths. The battery operated clippers did most of their pubes so fast that it was hard to believe. The razors were next, and it didn’t take them long to be pulled through their man-fur, and literally in only a few minutes their cocks were jutting up like branches growing out of bald mounds. Without their pubic hair they looked ridiculous, like young boys with oversized cocks and both of their faces were flushed red with the embarrassment.

“Let try this again….I said JACK OFF AND WE WANT TO WATCH YOU NOW!”

The leader of the Sharks then spoke up: “You can shave us if you want. Hell, you can kill us if you want. But we aren’t jacking off for anyone…..that will NEVER HAPPEN!”

“Gag THEM!!!!!”

With that, the two youths were gagged, and from that minute on things had gone quickly. Chris looked at the leader first, and said “Well, I’ve had it with you. I’m tired of your leadership style, and your inability to see things through. I think its time for a change of leadership, and I don’t think the Sharks are gonna want to follow a eunuch. You should have jerked off while you could.”

The Shark leader’s eyes went wide open with that, and the boy tied next to him turned his face and his eyes were open and scared. Chris never hesitated after that. He reached out and grabbed the big Shark tooth around the Shark leader’s neck, and with a jerk he pulled it from him, snapping the leather cord. He grabbed the leather and cut it into two pieces about 8 inches long each. Then he took the first piece and formed a loop, with a cinch knot in the leather, leaving the big tooth attached. He then looped it around the leader’s balls, pulling the loop up until it was resting around the top of his scrotum. The Shark leader didn’t like that, and started bucking then, shaking his head and jerking against the ropes that bound him. Suddenly, Chris snapped the leather and the knot closed, slammed tight and with it the balls of the Shark’s leader were trapped in their sack, where they bulged and pulsated. The skin was so tight it almost glistened. The leader’s newly circumcised dick went rigid with the application of the band, almost as if his cock was excited about the sensation. He was thrusting wildly then, the blonde’s eyes wide with desperation. Slowly, Chris took the other piece of leather, the one without the sharks tooth on it, and again looped it around the sac where the balls were bulging. With a jerk he tied a second knot, above the first, so that the man’s balls were tied by two ties of leather, one above the other. Then the leader of the Scorpions held the man’s balls in his hand, and he squeezed them, holding them firmly and enjoying the feeling of power that he had. They were bulging, and the sac was huge. It was so big that it was impossible to hold in one hand, and the balls in it were like plums, ripe for the taking. With a click, he pulled out his switchblade and punched the button, and the steel blade glistened in the light and the room grew hushed with the sight. The boy on the table, feeling his balls being strangled and seeing the knife, went ballistic, struggling so hard the table was shaking. It didn’t make any difference. Chris hesitated, and then looked him in the eyes and spoke.

“So….you dared to bring your gang into my territory. Then, when I told you to jerk your meat you refused. You are one stupid leader. Well, it will cost you your balls. Your leadership days are over. You hear me, OVER!”

With that, he stared sawing…working the thin blade back and forth, just below the top leather tie and just above the second one, the one with the single Shark’s tooth that was resting against the balls. The blade started cutting, slowly, deeper and deeper into his balls. The boy jerked his hips, thrusting against his bonds, his stiff dick jutting into the air and the newly exposed tip so flared and purple that it literally glistened in the room light. He yelled into the gag, trying to say something, perhaps to beg and maybe even perhaps to change his mind. But it was too late for that. He was bucking in desperation as he felt his unmanning, his balls slowing being cut off as he felt the knife working through his flesh. He was grunting then, bucking his hips and literally fucking the air, his huge balls pulsating in their sac. Suddenly, he was spurting out his seed, his last ejaculation as a man, and as he spurted onto his belly and the table he grunted and screamed into the gag, his eyes wide with desperation as his prick emptied his final load. The cutting went on, the Scorpion leader taking his time, slowly working his stiletto through the Shark’s balls one little bit at a time. It took more than a minute to finally sever them completely, and as they came free the man who had owned them collapsed, the realization of what he had lost so great that he just whimpered then, a continuous ongoing whimper that left him defeated and unmanned. There was a thunderous applause as his balls came free and everyone else in the room was grinning with glee. Chris held his balls up to the light, in front of the new eunuch’s face, before he sat them down on the table. They still had a leather tie around them, trapping the balls in the sac, and the shark’s tooth rested against the severed sac and looked funny as it hung there. Then he slowly took off the pendant he wore around his own neck, the one with the little scorpion on it. Taking one of the dangling ends of the leather, still tied around the severed ballsack, he attached it to his chain and then slowly, reached out and clasped the chain around the Shark leader’s neck. The man didn’t move…couldn’t move really, and then as he felt the weight of his own balls hanging around his neck, his whimpering grew louder and then he just began to sob in his gag. Chris smiled, and then said “You look good. Nice pendant. Nice balls. Very nice balls. They look good on you. Wear them with pride.”

He then turned his attention to the other Shark, the number two of the gang and now just a boy on the table who was shaking with fear. Chris was in no hurry, and as he approached the boy tied spread-eagled he almost laughed at the fear he could feel. The boy’s eyes were wide. Chris reached out and jerked his pendant off of the teenager’s neck, but this time he kept the leather in a single piece. The boys cock was stiff, his 7 inches of meat jutting to the sky, seemingly growing out of his hairless crotch and looking like an overeager teenager. Then, Chris took the tie and looped it around the young man’s balls, and as he was doing it the boy jerked and thrusted in his desperation. They locked eyes then, eye-to-eye, and as the boy looked at the leader of the Scorpions he felt the jerk of the leather. With a snap, the leader of the Scorpions jerked the knot closed, trapping the boy’s balls in their sac. The teenager was screaming into his gag then, begging for mercy, desperate to save his balls and to save his manhood. Chris was working slowly, methodically, and yet with a resolve. Then he said, “OK…I think its time you performed for us.”

Releasing his right hand, Chris laid out a red plastic desert plate on the table between the boy’s legs. Then he simply said: “Your leader said that the Sharks will jerk for nobody. Well, I don’t know if you want to think of him as your leader or not. You have a decision to make. Your balls are tied and my knife is ready. You have 5 minutes to jerk your wad onto that plate. I’d suggest you do it.”

The boy didn’t hesitate. He simply took his freed right hand and grabbed his dick, and to the cheers of the Scorpions watching he jerked his meat like there was no tomorrow. Faster and faster he pumped his penis, working his shaft with a vengeance, almost in desperation he worked it up and down and up and down. Like a porn star, his hand was flying, and even though it was a humiliating act and the most private of things a guy can do, he jerked himself publicly while the cameras rolled and with a need that had the whole room roaring with excitement. Finally, in just less than four minutes he grunted out his load, pumping out his goo and filling the plate with almost two teaspoons full of semen. It was a huge wad. As soon as he had shot it, they took his right hand and retied it behind his back to the tire. Then, as he watched, they then took the plate with his semen away so it could be measured.

Then, the leader of the Scorpions smiled, and reached back into his pocket and then he pulled out his switchblade again. As he held it up to the boy’s face, he punched the button and the blade snapped out. Sanchez’s eyes were wide and he grunted with the fear, and his eyes followed the knife and it was moved slowly, down, and then down some more, until it was up against the right side of his sac. His balls were bulging in his sac, the tie of leather so tight that the trapped testicles almost seemed to be popping through his scrotal skin. Time stood still, and Chris then spoke to him.

“Nice wad. Bet it felt soooooo good. You sure looked like you enjoyed it, and I’m glad you aren’t as stupid as your leader over there. Still, seems such a waste. Look at him, over there….not much of a leader since he wears his balls around his neck. Perhaps you might want to be the leader….what do you think?” As he said the last word, he pushed the knife into the boy’s sac.

Markus Sanchez jerked when the blade cut into him, while at the same time shaking his head YES YES YES YES. Oh GOD….the pain then…….like a hot knife the blade seemed to burn as it cut…. He jerked again, and then as hard as it is to believe, he began to shoot out a second wad, a thin almost transparent rope of cum blasting out of his cock as the blade sliced into his sac. Having just shot his wad, it really wasn’t much of a load, but he came non-the-less, and it was almost as if his body knew that he had to cum one more time while it still could. He was wild then, feeling his own castration beginning and knowing all the world was changing as it happened. Chris twisted the blade, and filleted open the sac, squeezing it until the right ball literally popped out and into his hand. He fingered the ball then, squeezing it, and as he did so he could see the boy it was attached to going ballistic from the pain. As he toyed with the ball, he spoke to the boy who owned it.

“So….perhaps we can come to some kind of an agreement, you and me? Perhaps you could make better decisions, if you were the leader. Of course, to be the leader, you would need your balls. Nobody will follow a Eunuch. What do you think….do you think you could learn to be a good leader if I let you keep your balls?”

The boy was grunting as he felt his exposed right ball being played with. He was shaking his head yes, yes yes yes yes but at the same time he was bucking his hips. His dick was still spasming, as if he was still shooting his wad even though nothing more was left to escaped from his dick. Still, the latest ropes of mostly clear cum had formed a few small drops on the table and as he looked at them he could see the leader of the Scorpions holding his nut, and working it. Then the Scorpion leader said:

“I don’t know…I mean, I guess I’m not sure I could really trust YOU.”

As he said the last word, he pulled down on the ball, pulling it out so that the cord was stretched long. Then, he pulled it some more, and suddenly the cord snapped and the ball was free and no longer attached to the boy. Sanchez screamed at it happened, feeling the empty cord snap back inside of him, his half castrated sac aching with a deep primal pain that goes beyond description. Suddenly, Chris moved the knife to the other side, the left side of his scrotum, and rested it at the top with the tip just indenting into the skin there. He then spoke again:

“What do you say? Should I cut your last ball from you and hang them around your neck too? Or do you think, perhaps, that you might be able to be a good boy and keep your guys under control? What do you think?”

As he said the words he nodded, and one of his men pulled off the gag that held the words. The boy swallowed and looked at him, his eyes wide with fear as he felt the knife against his now half-emptied sac. He knew he had to speak, and he also knew what he said would be critical. Almost in desperation, he said “OH GOD…I’m SORRY. PLEASE…DON”T…DON”T TAKE IT. I”LL LEAD THEM….THEY WILL LET ME LEAD THEM……I”LL DO WHAT YOU WANT. JUST DON’T CUT ME ANYMORE…PLEASE!!!!”

The leader of the Scorpions smiled at the new leader of the Sharks. Perhaps it might work. Perhaps not. It was worth a chance. The he slowly put away the knife. “OK. I guess I should give you your ball back. GET ME THE BALL.”

In a flash, a plastic bag was brought in. Inside of it was the metal, highly polished stainless steel ball that has been obviously specially made. It was not quite two inches in diameter, about half the size of a pool ball. It was all stainless steel though, and it was heavy. Chris paused and went to wash his hands. Then, he took the sterilized steel ball, and reaching out to the boy’s sac, he pushed it into it through the slit he had cut only a few minutes ago. It barely fit, but finally the steel ball slipped inside, the heavy ball pulling down on the boy’s scrotum with a tug, his sac hanging down, way down. With a nod, one of the Scorpions came over with a suture set, and with the precision of a trained hand, he sutured the boy’s scrotum closed and painted it with some antiseptic. Sanchez grunted as the needle penetrated into his scrotum, and he kept grunting with each stitch that was used to close the wound. It was a neat job, and the small bit of bleeding stopped. As a sidelight, the big steel ball was trapped inside, and the boy’s ballsac hung down to the table and sagged under the weight. After the sutures were finished, they clipped off the leather cord, and the scrotum turned bright red as the blood was restored. It was painful, but not as painful as losing his ball had been, and so he gritted his teeth and watched what he could not prevent. The room was quiet, and nobody was talking.

Next, the leader of the Scorpions held up a large padlock. It was different than many padlocks, and the shank was slightly longer but made from thicker steel and the opening was somewhat narrower. He took it and slipped it open, then inserted it so that the boy’s balls fell within the shank. He pulled the one real one until it was under the one steel ball, both balls stretched out, and then with a snap he closed the padlock and let the steel of the lock move until it rested tightly against the skin of the boy’s scrotum. Below the padlock the boy’s two balls hung, and the way it locked closed it was impossible to pull either the real testicle or the steel ball up through the opening in the lock. It was obvious to everyone that the lock could not be easily removed. Then, Chris spoke.

“This lock is made of a titanium steel alloy. There are really four ways for you to remove it. The first way is to burn off the lock. The steel will melt, but of course, at the temperature you will have to heat it to you will cook your balls in the process. Yep, cook em right off you would. The second way you can remove the lock is to cut it off. A hacksaw will not touch the steel. But it is possible to use a power grinding wheel with a diamond imbedded cutting blade. It will need to be turning at 3000 rpm, and you will need to press hard on the steel or it will not cut. Of course, when the wheel finally cuts through the steel it will probably take your ball and scrotum with it. The third way of course is to simply castrate yourself. You can do that any time you want. If you take a knife to your sac you will have no trouble removing the lock. The last way, the simply way, is for me to give you the key. I might do that, and I will do that, if you behave yourself and do what you are told. I’m not going to let you have the key right away mind you, so if I were you I’d be very careful in your leadership. Do we understand each other?”

Carl Sanchez understood perfectly. Combined with the weight of the steel ball within his scrotum the weight of the lock would be crushing….if it was not resting on the table as it was now. In fact, with his elongated sac and his recent half-castration everything was so tender down there he didn’t know if he could even handle it. Luckily, for now it was resting on the table, but it was obvious that if he stood up his one ball was really gonna be hurting. It would be a constant reminder of the Scorpions!

Then, Chris looked at him, and moved until his head was close, and the two leaders of the two gangs were face-to-face. Then he spoke:

“OK. You behave yourself, and do what you are told and you might come out of this. I own you. All of you. You don’t do anything without being told. You don’t come to the east side, or the south side no matter what. You don’t even touch your dick unless you ask me. You got that. Yeah, you know, I liked watching you jack yourself off. I liked that a lot. In fact, we all did. Your old leader said you guys don’t masturbate. Well, I’ve decided that the leader of the Sharks is gonna have to do that regularly. Don’t worry, you will look forward to it, cause its gonna be your only relief. Here’s what you are going to do. Every single Saturday, at noon, precisely at noon by the way, you are gonna sign on the internet and you are going to go to the internet listing service ILS.menformen.com and you are gonna call me….yep…you are gonna call me on your computer and then, you are gonna put on a little jerk show for all of us. Yeah….a nice weekly show. While I time you, you are gonna shoot your wad onto the little red plastic plate, and then on the camera you are gonna weigh it….yep, weigh your wad. And for your sake, the wad you weigh better be damn close to the wad you shot for us here today. Further, it better not take you much longer to cum than it did today. Cause if its not the right weight, or it it takes you too long to get it up and get it squirting, well, then I’m gonna get the idea you are cheatin on me, and I won’t tolerate you cheatin. Remember, the dick of the leader of the Shark’s in MY DICK now, and you jerk it only for me and my boys and only when I tell you to. Otherwise, I’ll send one of my boys to come personally take that padlock off of you, only he won’t be using the key. You understand me? Oh yeah, one more thing. Don’t even think of letting that pubic hair grow back as long as you wear my padlock.”


Chris Harriman shook his head and let the memory fade. The computer was ringing, and the Netmeeting software was on and functioning. He looked at the ‘name’ of the caller, and it said “Shark’s leader needs to Cum.” He laughed. He loved that little touch. He clicked on the answer button, and the two way video link was established. There, in front of him on the screen, he could see the leader of the Sharks, sitting at a computer desk somewhere and obviously alone. He started to talk:

“Please. I’ve been good for you. Please….let me have the key. I’m begging you.”

Chris laughed. Then said….”No, not today. But you know, I’m thinking of giving it to you. Perhaps at Christmas. I’ll promise you this…I’ll give it some serious consideration. Now, no more talking. I hope you’ve been a good boy this week. Lets get it done.”

You could see Carl Sanchez hearing the words, his expression one of acceptance and the realization that his choices were limited and he was going to have to do what he always had to do. Christmas. God…it was a wait. Still, it was something to hope for. He then unsnapped his belt, and opened his Levis. Underneath, he wore the tight jock strap that was necessary to support the combined weight of the lock and the steel nad he carried within his sac. He pulled it down, and moved the web cam to his groin so that the leader of the Scorpions could inspect his very bald package. Not a single hair was visible above his cock, and his balls were still well trapped within the padlock. Finally, Chris gave him the wave and said “OK…looks good. Get it done. The time has started.”

Blushing red, Sanchez took his dick in his hand, and quickly began to make the strokes that would bring him to orgasm. He had been jacking this way for almost two years, once a week, working his meat on the video link in hopes of someday getting the key. The business was going OK, within his allowed western sector, and he was the undisputed leader of the Sharks. The gang was a lot smaller than it had been in its heyday, but no one knew his secret and no one knew about the steel ball or the padlock on his sac. He stroked himself, faster, working his cock and starting to grunt with the feeling. He was rocking his hips then, feeling his sac swing from the weight, and then, finally, after about four minutes or so he started to squirt it out….grunting out his seed with a power…ejaculating it all out for the cam to see, squirting it out on the red plastic plate. He seemed to cum and cum, like he always did….a week’s worth of pent up semen pumping out on the plate. Finally, he finished. Then, without a word, he picked up the plate and set it on the postal scale, putting the web cam up to the scale so that the leader of the Scorpions could see the number and take a good look at his wad.

Chris laughed, and then said “Nice wad. Exactly right. See you next week then.” Then, with a click of his mouse, the call was terminated and he got up and laughed a deep, hearty laugh. He’d been laughing for two years, and it just seemed to get better and better every single day.




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