Ballbusting/castration stories

Animal control – A couple of workmates risk their balls to capture an alien creature.

BreedersTwo young men compete in a competition with serious consequences.

Christmas tree – Li’l Kim has fun with the Christmas tree decorations

Commune punishment – Part 1Conclusion – A naughty teen is spanked, humbled and tormented

Dusting for a busting – I teach my college room mate a lesson when I walk in on him jacking off.

Eagle’s claw Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 – A Roman slave trader and his son pays a high price for his dishonesty.

Flicked – A teacher has a spiteful way of punishing his students

Foreign justice – A young man living in a foreign country is brutally punished by an extremist Islamic government that wishes to send a message to American invaders.

Fucking table – The missing manual: A painful mistake – A young man tests a device that will give him the best and worst day of his life.

Gone – A  young man performs a medical procedure on himself

Highs and lows – A bullied student fights to protect his nuts

Hugo’s pets – Part 1Part 2 Timur ponders the day he became one of vampire Hugo’s pets.

Humbled – A young man finds out what it’s like to wear a humbler

Information – A young man wishes he knew more than he does.

Initiation – 14 young men undergo a sexually humiliating and ultimately painful initiation in order to get ahead.

Jeopardy – A college boy experiments with solo ball-busting.

Jewels – A young man tries to enlist help for an escape attempt but discovers something unsettling.

Pig pen – A young man finds a weekend of playful ball busting takes a dark turn.

Processing – A team of lacrosse players is kidnapped and subjected to erotic torment

Restrained – Two young men are captured by the Eastwood Alliance. – see the images here and here

Roman game – A sadistic Roman forces two brothers to play a game to keep their balls.

Saving the village Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 – A young African man pays an incredible price in order to save his village from destruction.

Sore winner part 1 part 2 – A sore loser gets even.

Spiked – An enemy of Rome loses his balls.

Tattoo – A young man has an alien encounter.

The fourth infantryman – Four soldiers are captured by the VC and their balls are punished.

The sterilisation bureau – A Britain of the future takes drastic action to deal with its overpopulation problem.

The tree hangers – Native American Indians find a uniquely vicious way of tormenting invaders who settle on their lands.

Unit 62 – A squad of soldiers on an alien planet fight an unexpected adversary to save their balls.

Wombles – A young man has to prove his loyalty to join a gang.

X-Tinction – End of the line – A young man fights to save his balls and gets fucked by the boy of his dreams. Proper fucked.