Mask mandate

kidnapping, humiliation, ball busting, torture

A college boy is inventively humiliated.

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Mask mandate

Brett gingerly walked across the mall towards the self-serve McDonalds. The benches outside the fast-food joint were the most popular teen hangout in the Galleria, but he kept his eyes fixed straight ahead, and his focus on the task at hand.

To his side, where the stainless steel and wooden benches were, he heard someone call out.

“Nice mask Brett, is that a gimp mask?”

“Hey, I think it really IS,” he heard someone else add.

The comment was followed by a round of cat calls and teasing but he did his best to ignore it.


The McDonalds bore a prominent sign that read “State mask mandate. For the safety of our patrons and staff, ALL guests must wear masks before entering the premises. Thank you.”

He walked up to the automated order station and entered his order on the touch screen. But he was having trouble concentrating past the pain in his nuts. They were two aching lumps of crippling pain and he felt sure that they would continue to hurt for weeks to come.

He completed his order and walked up to the busy collection line where human staff handed out the orders. Once he arrived, he pulled off his hoody top to reveal a half-length T-shirt made out of black, loose-woven netting material. He heard sniggering around him. The outdated shirt design looked like something out of a gay porn or a 1980’s teen movie, but that was not the primary cause of people’s undisguised sniggers.

“Mummy, why is that boy wearing a nappy?” he heard a child ask.

The question was quickly shushed away, but it was an accurate assessment of the situation. Brett was indeed wearing an adult-sized disposable diaper. One covered with simplified, child-like images of various dinosaurs.

He blushed brightly but there was nothing he could do. He HAD to complete his task on pain of castration or worse.


He thought back to the demo that convinced him of the fact.

The demonstration involved the belt he would soon be wearing. It looked much like a male chastity device. But rather than preventing his cock from getting it hard, it would compel it.

One of his tormentors held it up where he could see it.

In the front of the belt, two mechanical clamps gripped two walnuts placed there to represent his testicles. At the rear, a grapefruit had been skewered onto the butt plug that was now uncomfortably stretching his ring and overfilling his asshole.


“If you try to escape or tell anyone, this is what will happen to you,” the man with the remote said.

He pressed a button and the clamps holding the walnuts suddenly contracted violently. The walnuts both shattered, crumbled and turned to dust. Brett was in no doubt that his testicles would not withstand such violent compression.

The man pressed the second button and four quarters of the butt plug opened like a flower petal with even greater violence, and the grapefruit was torn apart.

“I don’t think it takes too much imagination to work out what that will do to your insides?” the man asked.

Brett shook his head. Two minutes later, he was wearing the same belt and the butt plug stretched his hole. It was part of a metal belt locked in place around his waist.

“Good. You know what you have to do.”


So now he stood in the McDonalds, his testicles agonisingly compressed in the two semi-tightened clamps. He had no desire to find out how much more it would hurt if they closed all the way as per the demo.

Despite the pain, he had a fierce erection tenting the diaper and the shorts he wore. The vibrating, electrified butt plug ensured that it remained.


He could have tried to communicate with someone, verbally telling them about his dilemma and trying to elicit their help, but the mask shut down that course of action. It was made of leather, strapped and padlocked behind his neck. On the inside, a small dildo was attached, pushing its way down his throat, making him constantly gag.


Finally, he collected his order, but before he walked outside to face the waiting teens, he put on a pair of cat ears attached to a plastic headband. The teen scorn would be even greater now. He sauntered past their bench, ensuring that they all had plenty of opportunity to see him in his diaper and furry ears. They couldn’t see the clamps so cruelly squeezing his nuts, or the plugs in his mouth or asshole, but the diaper was fully revealed now. Assuming it was a dare, the audience of 15–20 year-old kids started to laugh. Some even started clapping, but as they saw his crimson face, they started to express the opinion that maybe he’d lost a bet instead. They would never have guessed that he was actually there as a punishment.

Brett turned and limped towards the mall exit, the pain in his testicles making it hard to walk. He could see his minder standing there, filming him on a phone and streaming the footage to the other kidnappers. Brett walked up to the man, and he was led outside where their silver panel van was waiting. He clambered back into the rear of the vehicle, where he was out of sight of any passers-by. In the front seats, two men leaned back to speak to him. They were laughing as heartily as the kids in the mall. Brett glowered at them with flushed cheeks as his escort climbed in behind him, and the van drove off.

“Awww, that was fucking hilARious!” the man in the driver’s seat said. “Don’t think you’re gonna live that down for a long time. Just as well you’re off to college at the end of summer huh?”

Brett continued to glower, hatred burning from his eyes.

“Oooh, look at his face,” the passenger said. “I bet he’d love to beat you up.”

“Yeah, I bet he would, but we’re no pushovers like the skinny little 14-year-olds he normally likes to beat on and humiliate.”

He turned and addressed Brett directly.

“Gimme your clothes.”

Brett frowned then handed him his hoodie.

“And the shorts.”

Brett dropped his shorts and handed them to the man.

“Kid, we’re gonna let you go now, but let this be a lesson to you. If we EVER get word that you’ve been picking on ANYONE weaker than you, today’s fun will seem like a walk in the park, is that clear?”

Brett stared at him silently.

“Is that CLEAR?” the man repeated.

The escort thumped Brett hard in the back of the head with the heel of his hand, and Brett nodded tersely.

“Good, I’m glad we have an understanding. You can take that dumb diaper off then.”

Brett was out of the diaper in an instant. The driver nodded to the escort, and the man in the rear removed the padlock from the rear of the gag, before pulling it from Brett’s mouth. The 5-inch rubber dildo was wet with saliva. Brett inhaled deeply when it was clear of his throat, then gasped heavily for a few seconds.

“We’ll hang onto this in case we meet you again,” the driver said.

“Bend over,” the escort said gruffly.

Brett looked over his shoulder at the man before complying.

The man inserted a special tool into the base of the dildo and twisted it, unscrewing it from the steel belt.

“Pucker up,” the man said.

Brett tensed. The dildo had hurt like a motherfucker going in, and his ring had stung the entire time it was in him. It hardly hurt any less as the man yanked it back out, with no consideration for the damage it might do. But then his cousin WAS one of the kids that had been tormented for months.

Brett grimaced, and let out a strained yelp as the plug’s widest part forced its way past his virgin ring.

“Awww, did that hurt?” the escort asked in a baby voice.

He slapped Brett’s hairy, bare behind.

“Okay, you can stand up, I don’t want your open ring staring at me.”

Brett straightened up.

“Okay, we’re done,” the driver said. “You can keep the belt for the summer; it’ll be our parting gift. We’ll give you a call just before you have to leave for college and arrange to get it removed. Just remember, those nut clamps have got anti-tamper locks. You try to mess with them or remove ‘em and they’re going to fire right off and what’s left of your nuts will be dribbling down the inside of your legs.”

“All summer?” Brett protested. “I can hardly walk through the pain now!”

“Yup, well, a bit of nut pain will remind you not to be such an asshole. You can fuck off now.”

“This is not fair!” Brett said.

“We can tighten them more if you like?”

The escort opened the backdoor into the bright sunlit street.

“What about my clothes?” Brett asked sullenly.

“Ahh, clothes are overrated, and the fresh air will do you good.”

Brett started to clamber back out of the van. Without the dildo, at least his persistent boner had disappeared.

The escort shoved him towards the open door, and as he was just about to step through, a hard boot kicked him in the ass. He fell to his knees skinning them. As he rose back to his feet, his ass and his now flaccid dick on display, he realised that the van had come to a stop right next the local basketball court. Almost as one, eight pairs of eyes turned to look at him. He covered his aching groin with both hands.

“Keep your fucking hands off the kids Jason,” the escort snarled at him.

“But I’ve never touched anyone, and I keep telling you…”

The door slammed shut and the van drove away. Brett reached up and tore the silly cat ears from his head and completed his sentence speaking to thin air.

“…my name’s not Jason.”


    • tom-
    • 13th September 2021 at 7:30 pm-
    • Reply

    awesome story, would love to read part 2

    • Thank you. You might enjoy my series Conditioning or Punishment on Draconis.

  • No matter what he says, his name is from now on “Jason”.

    • Anonymous-
    • 29th September 2021 at 8:10 am-
    • Reply

    Wow…. this story is amazing. I hope there are sequels 😀

    • THank yuo!

  • Now now. I’m sure he was “Jason enough”. Plus, the point was well made.

    • Ha ha – he sure was!

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