Sore winner part 2 of 2

Heavy ballbusting, castration

A sore loser gets even.

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Sore winner part 2 of 2


Incident 07/23/19

Patient: Chase Wilkins                                                DOB 11/17/2001

Doctor Saur in attendance

Mr Wilkins was brought in suffering several severe but non-life-threatening injuries.

He was in excruciating pain, passing repeatedly in and out of consciousness. The patient was asked about the location of his injuries and he indicated his testicles, anus, penis and wrists. Heavy bruising was also witnessed on his lower left abdomen. 50mg of Propofol was administered intravenously to induce unconsciousness, and the patient was taken to theatre where a further Propofol drip of 5mg/hourwas delivered to maintain sedation.

His wounds were superficially triaged and it was determined that, whilst less severe in extent, the injury to the young man’s rectum was the most immediate in terms of requiring attention due to the blood loss and consequent risk of septicaemia.  The chronic fissures were disinfected with Octenlin then stitched shut and treated with Nitroglycerin.


Upon palpation of the patient’s scrotum, both testicles were found to be extremely spongy. The external scrotum was bruised black with circular abrasions. These injuries were consistent with the EMT’s report that the patient had had a heavy weight suspended from each of his testicles.

It was decided to open the scrotum in order to perform a more detailed examination of his testicles, and as suspected, the parenchyma of both testicles had been crushed beyond recovery. Both testes were removed to prevent complications such as blood clotting or unnecessary prolonged pain. A decision was made in consultation with the patient’s parents to immediately replace the damaged testes with Torosa prosthetic implants. 16ml testes were recommended, which represented the nearest in size to the patient’s own testicles, but the boy’s father insisted that he receive the largest possible size at 25ml. These represent the testicles of an extremely well-endowed adult male and will undoubtedly feel extremely alien to the patient for many years to come. We advised strongly against the father’s choice, but Mr Wilkins senior said that if his son HAD to have prosthetic testicles, he may as well have something to be proud of. With the boy’s inability to consent, the right of proxy fell to his father and I was duly obliged to accede to his wishes.

The testicular tunica were evacuated and cleaned, then the implants were stitched in place of the removed parenchyma. The blood vessels in the epididymis were sealed by laser and the patient’s scrotum was stitched shut with auto-dissolving stitches.

As anticipated, the prostheses looked enormous in the teenager’s scrotum. They were so large in fact, that they were no longer mobile. All elasticity in the scrotal sack had been lost, and they rode high like a pair of enormous chicken eggs. It will take a number of years before their weight creates a more relaxed scrotal disposition, and a more natural appearance.

Heavy rope marks and abrasions at the top of the patient’s penis suggested that it also had been tied. It was decided to insert a catheter in case the patient had trouble urinating, and as soon as the tube passed into the bladder, a high-pressure jet of urine exited into the collection bag, indicating that the urethra had indeed been subject to internal damage leading to swelling and blockage. The catheter will be left in place for at least 7 days.

Rope burns on the patient’s wrists indicated that they had also been tied. There was deep bruising, but a simple treatment of antiseptic cream should be sufficient.


Mr Wilkins will doubtless require counselling to overcome the loss of his testes, but I suspect that that trauma will pale into insignificance compared to the incident which led to that situation.




The woods

Five hours after they had heard the animal in the woods, dawn broke. Neither of the teens had slept. But both had settled into an uneasy kind of stupor. As light started to filter through the trees and across the nearby swamp, Austin was the first to notice.

“Hey Chase, you alive?”

Chase lifted his head from his chin, blinking his eyes open.

“Yeah man. Hey daylight. Wonder how much longer they’re gonna be?”

“If they come at all.”

“Ohh don’t say that dude. If he was gonna kill us he coulda just put a bullet in our heads.”

“Yeah, but that wouldn’t hurt as much.”

“So what, you think they’re just gonna leave us to die out here like this?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me.”

They hung in silence a while before Chase said, “How long do you think it would take to die?”

“Dehydration would be the killer. Three or four days I guess.”

“That fucking blows.”

“Yeah. How’s your nuts?”

“They’ve gone numb.”

“Yeah, mine too.”

Austin looked at his friend’s groin.

“Your junk is almost black.”

Chase looked down at himself then at Austin’s groin.

“Yours too. Not completely though. I think there’s still a tiny bit of blood flow.”

“I hope so. I don’t want my dick to fall off.”

“It would be easier to escape I suppose.”

Austin half-laughed.

“Yeah there is that I suppose.”


The teens continued to hang for two more hours before Austin heard a car engine behind him.

“Do you hear that?” he said.

“What? Oh wait. A car.”

He looked past his friend and soon Buck’s truck drove into view. Buck pulled up and got out with his buddy.

“Hey boys, had a good night? Good to see the gators didn’t get you.”

He walked up to Chase and untied the cord that was tied around the kid’s genitals. The instant the blood started flowing, Chase’s nerves came back to life.

“Ahh ahhh AHHHH!” he screamed.

“That hurts huh? Lucky you ditn’t lose your dick entirely I guess.”

Buck looked down at Chase’s dark purple genitals. They hung low from over 9 hours of stretching, but were slowly ascending back towards the teen’s body.

“Still, I don’t think you’re gonna like this bit much. Not at all.”

He turned to his associate.

“Hey Knox, come and hold this kid’s left nut for me will ya?”

Knox walked over and gripped Chase’s left testicle.

“That’s it,” Buck said, “pull it down so I can tie this cord around it.”

He quickly tied the cord, then lowered the 16-pound bowling ball. Chase screamed shrilly as his testicle took the full weight.

“Hurts huh?” Buck asked, grinning.

He returned to the truck and returned with yet another 16-pound ball.

“Yank his other nut down for me Knox.”

With Knox’s help, Buck soon had the bowling ball hanging from Chase’s right testicle. He surveyed his work. The cords were tightly tied above each testicle, separating them from each other, clearly revealing the ovals within the scrotum as the cord bit down into them, crushing them in the bottom of his sack.

Chase was kicking wildly, his legs flailing in a fruitless attempt to alleviate his pain.

Buck untied Chase from the tree branch and lowered him until his feet touched the ground. Chase immediately fell forwards to his face, so that the bowling balls rested the ground.


Chase screamed desperately.

“Ahhh please, take them off please. Oh fuck, man please. I’m, sorry, I’m sorry. Please. I’ll do anything!”

“I’m quite sure you would kid. But I already got all I want from you now.”

Buck removed the ropes from Chase’s wrists, then retied the boy’s arms once again behind his back, this time tying wrist to opposite elbow in a manner that made it quite impossible for the boy to wriggle free or use his hands. In a final act of premeditated spite, he wrapped a length of rope around Chase’s mouth, passing it between his teeth, before tying it tightly behind his head.

“That should make sure you don’t use your teeth to free your boyfriend over there. Now me and Knox here are gonna take our leave. We won’t be coming back. Town is 10 miles thatta way.”

He pointed the direction where they’d come.

“But the road is only maybe 5. If you’re lucky, a passing car will pick you up and save you a lot of painful walking. We’re gonna leave lover-boy here. I dunno how long until his dick falls off or a gator gets him so I suggest you hurry back. That over there is Marbrook Soak, just so you can find your way back here.”

He pointed to the swamp land off to Chase’s right.

“And one more thing, if you tell the cops who done this to you, I GUARANTEE, me or one of my buddies will come for you, and we’ll string you up by the nuts somewhere you ain’t never gonna get down from.”


Buck and Knox returned to their vehicle and climbed in. A moment later Buck returned carrying a half-sized bowling pin with two deep grooves cut into the base and holes drilled through it. The top was coated in engine grease.

“Almost forgot,” he said, “got you another little present.”

Chase had risen to his knees but Buck put a boot in the middle of the boy’s back and pushed him to his face in the dirt with the bowling balls beneath, lifting his ass into the air. Buck knelt on the teen’s hips, pinning him down, then he slowly forced the head of the bowling pin into Chase’s asshole. Chase squirmed and screamed, desperately trying to avoid being impaled.

“I was gonna use a full-size pin, but I didn’t think I could shove it in. Still, I’m sure this’ll do just fine. It’s a bit bigger than your boyfriend’s dick.”

In fact, at two and a half inches in diameter at the widest point of the head, it was a good inch thicker than the average erect penis – not that Chase had ever had a penis anywhere near his rear before.

He squirmed like a boa wrapping its prey but Buck was used to controlling livestock so the kid had no chance of escaping, especially with over 30 pounds of plastic tied to his nuts.

Buck continued trying to jam the pin into Chase’s hole. It was exactly half the size of a regulation pin. Chase squealed like a stuck pig as Buck forced it into him.

Once the bulbous head passed Chase’s sphincter, his hole snapped shut, trapping three inches of plastic inside him. Buck tied the pin in place, threading cord through the holes and wrapping it around the boy’s waist and the grooves in its base. When he was finished, there was absolutely no way that Chase could remove the pin without cutting the cord.

Buck patted the young man on his bare ass.

“All done,” he announced, as though telling Chase something the boy wanted to hear.

Buck rose to his feet.

“I’ll be off now then. Y’all take care. Maybe I’ll see you around again sometime.”

He walked back to his truck where Knox was waiting all grins. They high fived and then drove away.


Chase lifted his head and looked at Austin with a grimace and tears streaming down his face.

“Dude, you okay?” Austin asked redundantly.

Chase shook his head. His asshole was ripped and his balls were in agony. Austin looked down at his friend with sympathy. He wasn’t sure if it was the pain or the extreme humiliation that was hurting him the most.

He left it a few minutes before saying, “Dude I don’t wanna push you but you’re the only chance we’ve got. I know you’re hurting dog but I’ve been hanging here all night. Can you do anything to untie that rope?”

He nodded towards the end of his rope that was tied around a nearby tree at waist level. Chase looked towards it. He was still laying face down in the dirt, with the bowling balls lifting his waist in the air and the pin jammed into his hole like a flagpole.

Chase shifted his weight so that he was on his knees. The pin in his hole didn’t penetrate him particularly deeply, but its diameter had stretched and torn his hole. He looked between his legs at the two heavy balls then again at the tree he needed to reach. It was only 15 feet away, but that was a long way with 32 pounds of weight dangling from his balls. He decided that it would be easier to drag them than to lift them off the ground again. Shuffling on his knees, dragging the bowling balls as though they were oversized elephant testicles, he slowly made his way towards the tree. The balls felt even heavier dragging them, than they had hanging. The friction against the ground and the rough terrain was increasing their apparent weight, but in spite of the pain, Chase persisted. Austin carefully swung his body around, mindful of swinging the ball dangling off his own genitals, so that he could watch his friend’s progress until the boy finally reached the tree a minute later.


“Can you pull the knot open with your mouth?”

Chase looked at the knot. It was tightly pulled. He lowered his head to it and tried to wrap his mouth around one of the numerous loops. As expected, he could not close the front of his mouth to bite the rope. He turned his head and tried to bite the rope between his premolars at the side, but he still could not close his mouth.

“Any luck?” Austin asked.

Chase shook his head.

“What about your hands?”

“I han ah eyeuh,” Chase said unintelligibly.

“Can’t you grab it if you get closer?”

“I HAN AH EYEUH!” Chase repeated more assertively.

“Okay dude, sorry, I get it. Your hands are tied.”

Chase shuffled until he was facing his friend.

“Wo ow?” he asked.

“What now?”


“Dude, I’m not going anywhere. I hate to put this all on you, but if you don’t get help, we’re both dead.”

“Ah woh I orr.”

Chase lay on his side and looked at Austin. It was the only position where he was not impaling himself on the bowling pin.

He knew it was down to him but the enormity of the journey ahead was almost overwhelming. He knew for absolute, 100% certain he could never drag the two heavy balls another 100 yards let alone five or even 10 miles. It had taken him a minute to cover 15 feet! But the pain when they dangled directly from his nuts was also excruciating – almost paralysing.

He lay completely motionless, looking his friend in the face, his rising and falling chest, and the occasionally blinking the only signs that he was even alive.

Eventually it was the knowledge that as bad as his immediate future looked, there was literally nothing that Austin could do to save them. Austin’s dick was shrivelled, his balls scrunched into the bottom of his sack. If Chase didn’t find the strength to save them, they’d both die where they were, unlikely to ever be found. That was an unbearable thought. That their corpses would lay undiscovered out in the woods, their parents never knowing what had happened to them. He’d seen documentaries about missing people, and he knew that the uncertainty destroyed the parents. He couldn’t do that to his mom.

Chase rolled onto his knees, then with great care he rose to his feet. The moment the full weight of the two bowling balls was hanging from his nuts, sharp bolts of pain shot up inside his stomach, and radiated outwards from his groin. He looked down at his penis. His elongated scrotum was pulled over it, and all that showed where his penis should be was a scrap of foreskin dangling out of the long cylinder of skin.

Chase groaned and grimaced at the pain. He and Austin locked eyes. His friend knew what a monumental effort Chase was about to make. He saw urine falling from the small tuft of flesh where the end of his penis should be.

“Dude, I’ll never forget what you’re about to do for me.”

Chase didn’t answer, instead he turned carefully in the direction the pickup had driven, and took a few cautious steps. Immediately he discovered a problem. The bowling balls dangled in front of his legs at knee height, and with each small step, they bashed painfully against his knees. He knew he would be unable to walk even a dozen yards with the hard plastic cracking him in the kneecaps – even gently.

He opened his legs much wider so that the balls dangled freely between them. He felt now as though as though his nuts were truly taking the full weight of the bowling balls. 16 pounds was a hell of a weight to bowl – too much for him or Austin to easily launch down the lane, and now that each testicle was supporting that much weight, he was agonisingly aware of every ounce. Chase looked down at his nuts. Each of them stuck out to the side of his sack like some kind of painful Mickey Mouse ears. The white of his testicles showed through his scrotum, but it was not lack of blood from overly tightened rope that was colouring them, it was the sheer weight, driving the blood from them like an orange in a juicer. He looked away. Understanding just how badly he was being damaged only increased his pain.

He turned and looked at Austin one last time, then he started shuffling carefully in the direction that the pickup had driven.


Chase realised almost immediately that he didn’t want the balls to swing. Not only did that deliver additional strain, but the bowling balls tended to slide back and forth past each other, jerking and twisting his already tortured nuts. He walked with small gliding steps that generated as little bounce or slide as possible. He was acutely aware of the pin in his ass, impaling him, rubbing against his colon with every step.


It was clear that the track that Buck had driven along to bring them here was rarely, if ever used. It was overgrown and there was deadwood laying across it, threatening to reclaim the track completely within a year or two. Austin watched his friend slowly making his way along the track, walking like man with elephantitis of the scrotum. Every so often, he’d pick his way over a fallen branch. On a couple of occasions, he’d stop immediately afterwards and it was clear that he’d hit the branches with one or other of the bowling balls, then he’d have to wait for the jolt of pain to subside.

After five minutes, Chase moved out of sight. Austin knew that he was in for a long wait. He only hoped that his friend had the tenacity to make it all the way to the road. It was obvious that the boy could never walk 10 miles like that, so Austin could only hope that Chase would be picked up by a passing car. He was unsure exactly how long he could survive hanging from the tree, but he was pretty certain that he’d suffer permanent injury if he wasn’t rescued sooner rather than later.



1257 Veterans Highway


Wilford County

FL 11204

Report Date 07/23/19 Time 19:22
Officer name: Martin, James ID: 1243
On 07/23/2019 at 17:20 dispatch received a report that a naked male was walking along highway 310 approximately 4 miles outside Stewardsville. I duly attended and did indeed find a male who was naked male apart from a Pin Snipers bowling shirt. He was collapsed by the side of the north-bound side of the road and appeared unconscious. I checked and found a pulse, then called it in for an ambulance.


It was clear that the young man, who appeared to be in his mid to late teens had been the victim of a serious sexual assault. Two bowling balls were attached to his testicles, which appeared to be crushed, and there was a small bowling pin inserted into the young man’s rectum and secured in place with thick cord.


His arms were tied behind his back. I surveyed the immediate area for possible evidence, and left a marker flag by the roadside so that we could return to the spot later if necessary.


The ambulance arrived 17 minutes later, and the EMTs removed the cord attaching the bowling balls. They also untied and removed the bowling pin from the boy’s rear end, as well as untying his arms.


Following standard forensic protocols, I collected the bowling gear and cords in the back of my cruiser, I then followed the ambulance back to Marsh Hospital.


When we arrived, I was informed that the victim was conscious and wanted to speak to me. I approached him as they removed him on a gurney and asked who had done this to him. He told me it was a man called Buck. He then advised me that his friend, an 18-year-old by the name of Austin Taylor, was still out in the woods where he had been tortured and left hanging from a tree.


When I asked the young man, who subsequently turned out to be called Chase Wilkins of 263 Ridgeway Drive, Stewardsviille, the location of the other male, he could not accurately recall the precise location where his friend had been taken as they had been kidnapped and taken there at night in a covered pickup, but he thought it had the word “Marlboro” in its name. When I asked how he knew, he said that his one of his kidnappers had told him where they were.


Mr Wilkins offered to take us to the location. I asked the EMTs if he was capable, but they said that he was in trauma from his crushed testicles, and had chronic low blood pressure, probably caused by blood loss.


I asked Mr Wilkins how far he had walked along the road and in which direction in order to gauge the possible location of the other victim. The young man had no idea but he thought he’d been walking on the road for maybe two hours. It was hard to gauge how far he might have walked in that period given the bowling balls hanging from his testicles impeding his progress, but it seemed unlikely that he had covered more than five miles. Mr Wilkins told us that he had come from a track on the Eastern side of the road, and he had been walking along it since a little after dawn.


I assembled a search team and we immediately went to look for the second victim.



Subject Male 18 years of Age                   Mr Austin Taylor

Cause of death  Cardiac arrest


The subject was found hanging by his wrists from a tree. A 16 pound bowling ball was suspended from his genitals.

He was known to have been hanging for four days when he was found and all of his injuries are consistent with that assertion. His tongue was dry and his eye sockets sunken, indicating chronic dehydration.

His wrists had deep abrasions from the ropes that were tied to them. The teres minor and supraspinatus muscles in both shoulders were hyper extended, with evidence of tearing.

Subject’s genitalia were extremely elongated, with both glans and testicles hanging 20 inches below the penile root. There was significant bruising caused by a thin rope that was still tied around the genitals when the subject was brought in. The genitals were a dark purple colour caused by restricted blood flow and it’s doubtful that they would have remained functional had the subject survived.

The young man’s internal organs were generally in excellent condition consistent with a healthy, physically active young man of his age. However, there was evidence of pulmonary edema, doubtless caused by his prolonged time suspended by his arms, which would have caused increasing positional respiratory challenges. In spite of this, the fluid build-up was insufficient to have led to his death.

Instead, it was a pulmonary thromboembolism, almost certainly caused by a blood clot relocated from the genitalia. The subject’s heart was in generally excellent condition and his arteries were clear, indicating a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, there was a significant blood clot in the superior vena cava, along with discolouration and cyanosis of the lips and finger nails indicative of reduced oxygen supply caused by limited blood flow.

The subject’s expression was passive, suggesting that was probably asleep or unconscious when the pulmonary thromboembolism occurred.

The subject was in a state of full rigor, but there were no insect lavae present, which suggests that he died between 15 and 24 hours prior to his discovery.





1257 Veterans Highway


Wilford County

FL 11204

Report Date 07/23/19 Time 19:22
Officer name: Durant, Phillip ID: 138
Following a case of serious sexual assault and the torture of two local teenagers, we identified the likely suspect, Mr Buck Willard, and his accomplice, Knox Redman. Buck is a labourer who currently works at RJD garage in Stewardsville. He has a string of convictions for petty crimes and assault, including one more serious conviction connected with the discharge of a firearm in Wakeman’s Bar.


His accomplice has a single conviction for assault when he was in his mid-teens, but has since served in the military, where he did two tours of Afghanistan before retiring from active duty. He is currently an employee at the local Walmart, where he drives a fork lift.


Given that Mr Willard is known to be a passionate gun rights advocate, and has stated on numerous forums his desire to die before he surrendered his firearms, we decided to approach him while he was at home in order to minimise the risk of a firefight around innocent civilians. Willard resides at a trailer park on Berry Lane off highway 143. We followed him home from work, maintaining a distance of approximately 50-100 yards. Once he entered the trailer he shares with his girlfriend, Miss Pamela Woodford, uniformed officers discretely visited the adjacent trailers to a radius of 50 yards and evacuated the residents.


Two officers adopted positions at the rear of Willard’s trailer, and two more at either side. Myself and Deputy Smith parked a cruiser in front of the trailer’s only door and I hailed Mr Willard using the cruiser’s megaphone.


I told him that I was with the police and that his trailer was completely surrounded. I ordered him to exit the trailer with his hands up. I witnessed Mr Willard lift a curtain to look outside, then a few seconds later the door opened a little. Mr Willard announced that he was going to come outside and not to shoot.


He came out with his hands up, and we immediately took him into custody without incident.


At the same time a team was dispatched to apprehend Mr Redman on his way home from work, but he was found to be absent, and no trace has since been found of him. It is suspected that he somehow got wind of our operation and has absconded.


County officers are on the lookout, and his details have been submitted to the national crime database.





Dr Peter Michaels attending to Chase Wilkins, 263 Ridgeway Drive, Stewardsviille


We continued discussing the incidents that occurred in Chase’s recent past. As expected, he is struggling to focus on his daily life. In fact, he has informed me that he does not intend to commence college in the fall. Much as I recognise the loss to his studies that a year’s delay will create, I cannot help but agree that it would be a nearly insurmountable task for him to attend college with this hanging over him. It could be argued that a distraction would serve him well, but it seems inconceivable that he would be capable of functioning without the constant support of his parents.


We talked today for a full hour, and as anticipated, his concerns fell into four areas:

  1. His trauma over the torture he endured.
  2. His feelings of guilt over the death of his close friend
  3. His feelings of inadequacy over his emasculation
  4. His fears about the capture of his assailants and friends of his assailant seeking the promised revenge


Chase is still experiencing considerable pain as a result of his ordeal. Apparently, he finds it extremely painful to defecate, and the rotator cuffs in both shoulders may take several years to heal fully, if they ever do. These injuries serve as constant reminders, if any were needed. Chase has admitted that he has debilitating nightmares almost every night, in which he relives his ordeal. Fear of these nightmares is making it difficult for him to fall asleep at bedtime. I have discussed with him the possibility of using sleeping pills to help with these two issues, but he has expressed reservations about the side effects and addiction. For now, his mother is also bearing the burden, as she attends to him almost every night.


The death of his friend Austin Taylor occupies his thoughts for almost all of his waking hours. The fact that he was unable to remember the name of the place where his friend had been tied before he was placed into two days of induced unconsciousness is an oppressive weight upon him. I have tried to explain to him extreme emotional stress inhibits mental performance and memory, but he holds himself directly responsible for being unable to guide rescuers to his friend in time to save his life. He is haunted by thoughts of Mr Taylor waiting alone in the woods until he died. I cannot say that I blame him. The thought haunts me as well.

Chase further holds himself responsible for provoking the conflict that precipitated their kidnap in the first place.

I have tried to reason with him that he could not possibly be expected to anticipate his assailant’s over reaction, but Chase is unwilling to accept any justification that does not hold HIM culpable.

I suspect that in the long term, this will be the issue that he has the most trouble moving past. I have warned his parents that he is a suicide risk, and they should try not to leave him on his own for extended periods of time.


Chase’s emasculation is a complicated matter made worse by many factors. The loss of both testicles is an issue that many males struggle to cope with, and doubly so when destroyed in the savage manner that Chase’s were. The fact that the remnants were subsequently removed whilst he was unconscious has added additional harmonics that may be adding to his sleep issues. Then the fact that they were replaced with two massively disproportionate replacement prosthetics is understandably upsetting. He has shown them to me and they are as comical as they are grotesque. What his father was thinking when he insisted upon them, I cannot fathom, but again, they serve as a constant reminder of what he has lost.

Furthermore, he has not been able to attain an erection since the incident. He says that it is physically painful, but he’s extremely reluctant to tell his physician because he’s sick of being in hospital. I would normally suspect a psychological inhibition, but given the nature of his trauma, it’s entirely possible that there are physical injuries impeding his ability to attain erection. Chase has a girlfriend, but he refuses to see her.

Chase has confided that prior to the incident, he would usually masturbate at least two or three times a day on days when he was not seeing his girlfriend, and that he used it as a means of relieving stress. It is a shame that he has been robbed of this outlet as it would doubtless be invaluable to him.


Which brings us to his feelings of emasculation. He was sodomised with a bowling pin, and sexually assaulted in a most brutal way in front of his friend. He then suffered the indignity of walking down a public highway naked, and in that most humiliating condition, with cars passing, refusing to stop and help.

There are so many threads to unpick that I almost do not know where to begin. However, for now, I am simply seeking to embed to embed the message that things done without his consent, and against his ability to prevent them are really not his fault.

But, again, he insists on blaming himself. He feels that a real man would have risked getting shot rather than accepting what happened to him. But of course, he didn’t KNOW what was going to happen until long after that was no longer an option.


If there is one good thing in all this, it’s the fact that his assailant was almost immediately captured and now sits in a jail cell, from which he is unlikely be released for many decades. Apparently, the man was meek as a mouse when the police turned up at his house.

Nevertheless, the man did threaten that his friends would capture Chase and torture him to death if he ever revealed that it was him that did the torturing. The man’s accomplice has apparently disappeared, so unsurprisingly, Chase is terrified by the prospect of revenge. As a result, he will not leave the house except accompanied by his father, and then only to go to hospital for his check-ups.

It’s impossible for me to convincingly reassure Chase that he is safe when I cannot guarantee it. Even if the accomplice is caught, nobody knows who else may be acting on behalf of the psychopaths who assaulted him.

If I were Chase’s parents, I’d consider moving completely out of state and taking on a new name.


We have much work to do, and I suspect it will be a slow and arduous recovery for this unfortunate young man.

Knox Redman felt antsy. He’d heard from a friend who was a porter at the medical centre that the kid him and Buck had tortured had been brought in alive. He knew Buck had threatened the kid to make him keep his mouth shut but it seemed unlikely that the kid would comply. And now Knox was sure he’d seen the cops hanging around his place of work.

He wasn’t waiting to find out if they had anything on him. At lunchtime he left work via the back entrance and climbed into his beat up Chevvie and pulled away. He had little of value in his apartment except his clothes and he could always get new ones.

He headed for highway 310 and drove south out of town. He had no idea where he was headed but the idea of spending a lifetime in prison didn’t appeal to him.

He got close to the dirt track turn off to Marbrook Soak, and instinctively turned to look down the road. He wondered if the other kid was still down there. As he turned his attention back to the road, a deer stood in the road. Knox slammed the wheel to the right, and his vehicle crashed through the trees and into the swamp. It hit a mangrove stand and he whipped forwards slamming his face on the dash, before flopping back into the driver’s seat unconscious. His car slowly sank unnoticed beneath the swamp, taking its bloodied passenger with it.

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