A team of lacrosse players is kidnapped and subjected to erotic torment

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Noah’s eyes snapped open. It was no gentle awakening. He was suspended by his arms and he was surrounded by a cacophony of shouting voices. In just a few seconds his eyes surveyed the scene before him. He was in a warehouse. A sturdy metal rail entered the warehouse through a large opening in the wall. He had just come through the opening, which was shielded from the outside by hanging flaps of black rubber. Noah was hanging by his wrists which were wrapped by leather wrist cuffs with soft padded linings. The cuffs were chained to a metal loop that was suspended beneath a small steel shuttle that rode on rollers beneath  the metal track. Six feet ahead of him, another boy was hanging, and six feet ahead of him was another, and another, and another. He was surrounded by boys he knew from the team, and many he did not. The track entered the warehouse 20 feet above the ground, then lowered before splitting into five different paths. Each of the paths held 30 or more boys, suspended, just as he was, their bodies hanging vertically, connected by the wrists to the tracks that were transporting them around the building. And every one of the boys was completely naked. Noah looked down at himself. He was also nude.


Noah tried to figure out how he had gotten here. The last thing he remembered was travelling home from a lacrosse tournament. Their bus had encountered some kind of incident in a tunnel under the mountains – a crash maybe. They’d had to stop whilst it was cleared. They’d been waiting ten minutes. Men worked outside in gas masks. Then his teammates started falling asleep… Had there been a chemical disaster? Then why was he restrained?


In the warehouse, groups of workers stood around, each wearing dark blue coveralls like some kind of auto mechanics. Except it was boys that were being worked on. Noah estimated the boys ages ranged from 13 to early 20s.

The track lowered to ground level. There was a man standing hold a spray gun connected to a metal hose that fed into a metal tank like a large diver’s air container. The man sprayed Noah’s groin with strong-smelling liquid. It immediately began to foam white.

“What was that? What am I doing here?” Noah demanded as he continued to move forwards, but the man was already spraying the next boy.

Ahead he could see three men standing at the point where the tracks split into five. As each boy arrived, one of the men would reach out towards the groin of the boy who had just arrived. The boys all reacted differently – some with shock, some with anger and aggression, others with resignation. If the boy fought too aggressively, the other two men held him whilst the first man did whatever he was doing. Then they aimed the boy down one of the five tracks and sent him on his way.

Noah struggled to break free as many boys around him were also doing. His wrists were securely strapped in place. His only option would be to clamber up onto the track and then somehow free himself from there.

He rolled upside down, ass in air, legs akimbo and tried to pull himself up, as several other boys were also doing. The track was three feet above his wrists, and no matter how hard he pulled, he could not lift his legs high enough to wrap around it.

Noah’s shuttle arrived at the junction and the two assistants reached up and pulled him until he was hanging vertically again.

One of the men said, “Get down from there. Silly boy. Where you think you’re gonna go, even if you could get free?”

“What are you doing? Why am I here?” Noah asked, but the man ignored him. Instead he gripped the boy by the scrotum and groped his testicles for a few seconds.

“Mid small.”

“What do you mean ’mid small’?!” Noah demanded. “What’s going on?”

One of the men grinned.

“Your nuts. Gonna need some building up. Lucky, if they were any smaller, you’d lose ‘em and you’d be heading for labour.”

The two assistants were already aiming him down the second track

“What?! What does that mean?”

The man pointed at a sign above his track. It read “Mid small”, the one to the right read “Labour”.

Noah looked over his shoulder as he continued down the track. The men laughed at him, already turning to the next boy.

Noah just had time to glance at the other three signs: “Medium,” “Mid large,” “Large”.


Another man with a hose sprayed his groin again. This time it was water. Cold water. Noah gasped and twisted his body coquettishly away, trying to shield his groin with his knee as the water washed away the foam from the previous spray.

The track continued on, and Noah looked down at himself. His pubes had been washed away and now he was smooth as a baby. His uncut genitals looked pale and pathetic, shrunken the cold with a long puckered foreskin and tight balls. He looked like a boy five or six years his junior.

His shuttle paused again. A worker looked down at a device he was holding.

“Name. Date of birth?”


“What’s your name? When were you born?”

“Noah Gardner. June 12th 02. Look can you please tell me what’s going on?”

The man typed something into the device then he pressed it to Noah’s right buttock. There was heat and pain. Noah yelped. The man pulled the device away and a red burned brand remained on the flesh denoting Noah’s surname and birth date.

The shuttle continued. At the next station a man pressed a device to his neck. Noah flinched away, the pain of the previous station making him fearful.

“If you move about I might hit your artery. You don’t want to bleed to death do you?”

Noah returned his head to its normal position and remained motionless. The worker pinched the skin where Noah’s neck curved into his clavicle and pulled it to make a loose flap, then he pressed the small device against the boy’s neck. Noah felt a sharp prick.

“Oww, what was that?!”

“Sub-dermal Identity and tracking chip. Now we can track you even if you escape.”

The man dabbed the small dot of blood where the chip had been injected and sent Noah on his way.


Now Noah became aware that the noise ahead of him was different. It was not the angry or fearful shouting of boys unexpectedly kidnapped, it was terror and pain, and it was getting closer as he was carried along on the track, his feet hanging a foot off the floor.


Towards the far side of the warehouse, he could see boys being loaded onto wheeled trollies. He looked apprehensively ahead. The boys in all the last four rows were struggling and fighting but there was something different about the boys in the first row, they seemed resigned to their fate.

Another worker injected him in the buttock using a small aerosol syringe. Medication was measured into a tiny dose, then injected at high pressure through the pores of his skin. A few prickles of blood denoted some ruptured capillaries, but it was quicker and easier than a traditional syringe.

“Now what?” Noah asked.

The man grinned at him.

“Boner juice.”


“Give it a few seconds.”

The shuttle continued and to his dismay and amazement, Noah’s dick was already lifting its head. In ten seconds it was upright, in fifteen it was so hard that veins were bulging along its five and a half inch length. But he didn’t have time to consider his own predicament. He heard a pained scream ahead and to his right. He looked over at a boy six feet ahead in the adjacent column. Seth Daniels. He played attack on the team. He was fast, maybe a year younger than Noah. A worker had his hands at the boy’s groin. Then a small object fell to the floor. Seth’s scrotum. One of the boy’s small nuts tumbled out. The man casually pressed it with his booted toe until it burst, discharging its pink offal onto the concrete floor. He grinned and nudged the remains to the side. It was then that Noah noticed a pile consisting of perhaps 50 or more severed scrotums. He realised now that his captors were playing for keeps. This was not an elaborate prank.

Seth was sobbing as the man moved his shuttle along, and behind, another boy, David Bradley, the toughest kid on the team, muscular, aggressive, always ready for a fight, approached.

Noah’s shuttle was alongside him now, just five feet to the Bradley’s left.

Seeing Seth’s fate, David struggled with all his might. Two assistants held his legs, pulling them wide. The third man approached and gripped David’s small nuts, pulling them low, then he lifted a small pair of shears. The blades glowed red. The man squeezed the handles, at first the spring-loaded blades didn’t move, then they snapped shut and David’s sack was parted from his body. It fell to floor and David howled as his future family evaporated. The cutter kicked the boy’s nuts to the side with no more regard or interest than if they had been a small rock on his garden path.

Noah heard one of the men say, “Guess you won’t be interested in lacrosse anymore.”

“Or anything else after losing your nuts!” the other man replied and all three of them laughed as David continued on. A cauterised flap of skin was all that was left of his testicles. His face bore an expression of shocked paralysis, no longer the tough guy Noah had always known.


Noah’s shuttle moved on. Ahead was a trolley. It was four feet long, with a flat metal base, rubber wheels beneath, and a central rail eight feet off the base. There were already three other boys standing on the shuttle, pressed closely together, with their arms above their heads. As Noah approached, a man spread a handful of clear lube on Noah’s straining cock. Noah flinched away from the pleasurable touch. This was neither the time nor the place for such feelings.

As Noah’s shuttle proceeded, it disengaged from the main track, discharging him onto the trolley. He was six inches away from the boy ahead. An assistant reached down and steered his rigid cock towards the boy’s hole.

“No, no, don’t!” Noah protested. “Please, I’m not gay.”

He realised how ridiculous that sentence sounded under the circumstances but he wasn’t thinking clearly. He could feel his cock pressing at the boy’s hole. The boy in front was squirming and protesting too. He turned and Noah recognised him as Mason Phillips, a boy from the freshman team.

As the man to his side kept Noah’s cock aimed at the boy ahead, the other assistant stood behind and started pushing Noah’s ass. Noah fought back with all his might.

“No, no, don’t do that!” he protested.

“We can move you into the labour channel if you prefer,” the man holding his cock said, gesturing towards the boys who had been nutted.

Noah looked across, David and Seth’s screams fresh in his mind. They hung limply on their trolley. They had no boners, nor were they docked together. A new boy was screaming now, then his balls hit the concrete with a soft thud. Noah stopped fighting and he felt the asshole of the boy in front slowly opening. His cock forced its way inside. The man at his rear continued pushing until Noah was buried to root. Feeling another boy’s asshole pressed against his smooth belly was something Noah had never expected to experience. The boy was hot inside, and tight on Noah’s cock.

Behind him, another boy arrived. Steven Jones. Noah hated him. He was a bully and an asshole. Noah had stood up to him several times and the hatred was mutual. Jones didn’t struggle as his thick  6-inch cock was steered towards Noah’s hole. Noah looked at Steven, and despite their situation, there was still a spitefulness in the boy’s eyes, like he could at least take pleasure in fucking Noah. Noah tried to shrink away from the cock but he was already impaled on the boy ahead. The trace of a grin appeared on Steven’s face as his cock spread Noah’s hole. Steven thrust his hips forwards, maintaining eye contact with Noah the whole time.

When Steven was fully buried, the man closed a bar gate. It pressed against the boy’s back and rump. Now he couldn’t pull his cock out even if he wanted to, and nor could any of the three boys in front of him. He felt a small victory. He was the fucker, not the fuckee, even in this messed up situation…

Then, to his dismay, Steven felt something being raised between his legs – a dildo on a metal pole angled at 45 degrees. It was slowly forced into his hole until he was fully impaled, forcing his own dick up into Noah’s hole. He stood on tiptoes trying to avoid it and howled like a girl.

“No, no, noOOOOOOOO!”

Noah pushed backwards with his rump, forcing Steven deeper onto the dildo.

“Fuck you Steven,” he whispered.


At the front of the trolley, a soft, wet sleeve on a pole surrounded the hard cock of the lead boy. Each of them was simultaneously buried and skewered with no means of escape.

The trolley was pushed to another station. Here, five workers each reached beneath a boy and attached another device. The device encircled the root of each boy’s cock. A bulge beneath enfolded their testicles in a snug latex cave. With the flick of a switch, each cave started buzzing, vibrating energetically against the boy’s nuts.

Noah gasped as his was turned on. Despite the horror of his predicament, he’d never felt so horny. All five boys started squirming in ecstasy in spite of themselves. Two boys ahead of him were groaning and so was Steven softly but Noah was determined not to show his lust. He felt warmth in his hole as Steven lost control, and to his dismay he couldn’t stifle a strangled groan of ecstasy as he also came, filling the hole of the younger boy in front of him.

“Hope you liked that boys.” A man with a clipboard said. “The milking centre is 6 hours away. I expect you’ll each cum dozens of times before you arrive.  And once you get there, well, let’s just say what you’re feeling now will seem mild in comparison. Welcome to your new lives at Milk Corp.”

The trolley was pushed through a pair of double doors at the end of the warehouse and loaded onto an enclosed cattle truck. Noah felt a second orgasm building before the doors were even closed…


    • lone_jacker-
    • 26th October 2018 at 11:35 pm-
    • Reply

    Love this story! I was legitimately upset it ended. I sincerely hope there are more parts!! ::)

    • Thank you very much. Glad you liked it. You may enjoy my conditioning story which is like the brother story.

        • lone_jacker-
        • 31st October 2018 at 1:24 am-
        • Reply

        I have read all parts of Conditioning. I like it, but just something about this story is scratching me in the all the right places.

        • Really happy that you’re enjoying it. Did you get the parts that were only available by email?

            • Anonymous-
            • 15th December 2018 at 1:14 am-

            I did not. I’ll shoot you an email.

    • Snowslake-
    • 18th May 2019 at 11:45 pm-
    • Reply

    Loved this story, please write a direct sequel to it if possible!

    • Thanks, well it’s not a direct sequel, but my Latest – Matrix – fits nicely into the theme.

    • Milked-
    • 23rd May 2019 at 12:24 am-
    • Reply

    Please continue!

    • I enjoyed writing this one too!

    • Anonymous-
    • 11th August 2019 at 2:15 pm-
    • Reply

    I started conditioning but didn’t finish. Can you email those chapters

    • Kunstler-
    • 26th February 2020 at 9:37 pm-
    • Reply

    I love it, especially the last part where the boys are squeezed together and are forced to ejaculate the boy in front of them. I hope you continue with the story.

    • Thank you. This idea certainly appealled to me strongly at the time, so who knows what I might write in the future, altohugh Lab Rat makes a good successor to it.

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