Puppies 6 – Bailey’s Tale

Recap: Daniel has gotten a very well paid job at a night club called Puppies where all of the servers are young men dressed as puppies. However, one of the puppies called Bailey has no balls. This is his  story.

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Puppies 6 – Bailey’s Tale

Bailey knocked on the door to Chris’s office. Chris had summoned him so that they could have a chat in private.

“Come in,” Chris called from behind the closed door.

Bailey entered and Chris greeted him with a smile.

“Ah Bailey, good to see you, please sit down.”

Bailey was not his real name, but most of the boys used stage names, and this was the one that Chris had assigned him.

Bailey sat on the comfortable leather settee that Chris had indicated and Chris came around from behind his desk to join the teenager.

“You’ve been doing excellent work here Bailey. The clients love you. But I was wondering if you were interested in making some real money?”

“Real money? How much? What would I have to do?”

“How does 100k sound to you? One-off opportunity.”

Bailey’s eyes widened. They were well paid for their work at Puppies, and Chris treated them well, but a hundred thousand dollars? That was off the charts.

“It sounds fantastic. But,” he persisted, “what would I have to do?”

Chris smiled.

“I’ll get to that, but first I just need to confirm a couple of details. You’re gay aren’t you Bailey?”

“Yeah I am.”

“That’s good. And what are your thoughts about the future – any plans to have a family?”

Bailey frowned. He was still a teenager, far too young to think about such things.

“Um, I never really thought of it. I guess I kind of hoped I might meet someone. Maybe we might adopt some kids.”

Chris nodded.

“Good, good. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. Let me tell you about my plan…”



The following night Bailey arrived at Puppies to work as usual, but tonight was not going to be a normal night.

He started serving, attending first to his favoured customers, but the first sign that something was different came as whilst Bailey was having his head stroked by a client. Bailey was at one of the inner ring of tables, just on the edge of the pool of light thrown by the stage. Another puppy came close, as though he might approach the same table. Bailey growled low in his throat, but continued to allow the client to stroke him. The other puppy, a larger boy called Toby ignored the warning growl and moved closer. Bailey ramped up the volume of his growl and turned to face the other boy. The man who was stroking him pulled his hand away, looking at the boy with a frown. The puppies were supposed to play along. Sometimes new puppies were shy, but this was a side of canine behaviour that he did not expect to see.

Toby growled back at Bailey and Bailey growled even louder now rising on his hands and feet to make himself look bigger. Bailey moved towards him threateningly, and Toby backed towards the stage. Two puppies who were performing stopped what they were doing and turned to watch the confrontation. The sudden silence from the stage turned the attention of the other patrons towards this unheard-of scene. Bailey ignored everybody but Toby. He snarled and bared his teeth. Toby growled too, but continued backing away onto the stage. Bailey continued advancing, then he leaped at the other boy. They rolled around fighting, as puppy-like as they could be until Bailey bit Toby on the shoulder drawing blood. Toby yelped and ran off into the dark yipping. Chris ran onto the stage with a cane.

“Bailey, what on earth are you doing?”

Bailey looked at him defiantly from all fours, snarling and continuing to play the part of an aggressive dog.

“Don’t you DARE snarl at me Bailey!”

Chris swung his cane and hit Bailey on the flank. Bailey squared up, and for a moment it looked as though he might challenge Chris. The audience watched this hitherto unwitnessed drama  fascinated.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t you challenge me Bailey!”

Chris swung the cane again hard. It struck Bailey on the left butt cheek. Bailey yelped, then backed away into the darkness surrounding the stage, never taking his eyes off Chris. The nightclub owner chased him into the darkness beyond the outer ring of tables.


Half an hour later, Bailey was back. This time he approached the stage, lifted a leg and took a small piss. The audience watched bemused, whilst the performer onstage tried to ignore the other boy. Bailey trotted to another part of the stage and took another small pee, then he moved to yet another part and peed one more time.

Chris ran back to the stage with his stick.

“Bailey what ARE you doing?!”

Chris turned to the audience.

“He must be in heat. Scent marking everywhere.”

They laughed, amused by the latest show of canine behaviour. Bailey trotted back into the darkness, but not before throwing Chris a contemptuous sneer. Chris called for a member of staff to clean up, and a moment later a man arrived with a mop and bucket to clean up the three small puddles that Bailey had left, drying the floor with towels afterwards.


An hour later a younger pup called Buster was onstage, jigging around and dancing to the tune “Who let the dogs out.” Each time the singer hit the line “Who let the dogs woof, woof, woofwoof, woof!” Buster would woof enthusiastically thrusting his toosh upwards in the air side to side in time with his barking, to the delight of the audience. Buster was wearing a tail attached to the base of his spine by a rubber belt. Each time he thrust his hips it bounced.

Buster looked and sounded too young to be legal but he cute as hell and he played his role well. He had the most adorable smile and he looked thoroughly pleased with himself as he the audience laughed and applauded.

Bailey appeared at the side of the stage and stood watching the boy for a few seconds, then he started to circle the stage, watching Buster constantly. At first Buster acted as though he had not seen Bailey, but as Bailey continued to circle, each circle got smaller than the one before as he spiralled towards the younger boy.

“Uh oh, there’s gonna be trouble,” one of the patrons said to his companion.

Bailey moved alongside Buster so that they knelt ass to tail, Buster’s butt parallel to Bailey’s head and vice versa. Bailey leaned towards Bailey and sniffed his anus and Buster looked over his shoulder watching an expression of innocent curiosity on his puppy face. Bailey moved behind the boy and stuck his nose into Buster’s hole. Buster yelped and moved away. Bailey followed him and Buster retreated a second time. Then Bailey clambered onto the youngster’s back, his front “legs” on either side of the younger boy’s body.

Buster said “Rrrow!”

Bailey ignored the pup and leaned forwards so that his stomach rested on Buster’s back. He bit the back corner of the boy’s neck and Buster yelped. Then Bailey wrapped his arms around the boy’ shoulders so that he could not escape. Carefully, Bailey worked his hard cock into Buster’s hole as Buster squirmed and tried unconvincingly to escape. Bailey started to thrust with fast, shallow, selfish strokes.

“No Bailey! Very bad. Get off him!”

It was Chris. Bailey ignored him and carried on raping the young pup. Chris ran onto the stage and tried to push Bailey off Buster but the bad dog held on tightly and fucked harder and faster. Chris grabbed Bailey’s shoulders and tried to pull him off. Bailey turned and snarled at the man, once again showing his teeth. He snapped at Chris’s hand trying to bite him, but Chris pulled his hand away too quickly.

Chris turned toward the bar.

“Jonathan quickly.”

Another man ran from the bar area carrying a bucket and handed it to Chris. Chris immediately threw it over Bailey’s back, drenching both boys. It contained ice cold water. Bailey yelped and rolled  away from the boy onto his bag, legs wide apart, his hard cock bouncing. Then he jumped to his hands and feet and ran off into the darkness.

Two employees returned once again with mops and cleaned away the water. Buster looked too unsettled to continue, so Chris led him away to a kennel to calm down and another act replaced him. Meanwhile the audience watched the performance, mesmerised, and not quite certain where the act ended and reality began.


The replacement act comprised a puppy and a trainer. The puppy ran around a doggy assault course, and showed off his obedience as the trainer commanded him. The act was ten minutes in when Bailey returned again. He had a filthy scowl on his face and he skulked back to the edge of the stage. He looked pointedly towards the opposite side of the stage where Chris was talking to some clients. Bailey squatted back on his haunches, and took a dump right on the wood of the stage. At first Chris acted as though he had not noticed, but the other performers stopped and as the audience went quiet, Chris finally “noticed” what Bailey had done.

He stormed onto the stage.

“Right, that is IT!” he said, furious.

He turned to the darkness.

“Michael would you please deal with this puppy? He’s been nothing but trouble all night.”

A burly man walked onto the stage accompanied by a companion. Both men held animal control leashes – loops of vinyl rope on the end of metal poles. Bailey looked up at them and snarled. They moved to either side of him and he acted dumb, as though he couldn’t anticipate what they were going to do. The smaller of the two men snapped his fingers to one side to draw Bailey’s attention, and as the boy turned away, the other man dropped the noose around the troublesome pup’s neck. Bailey turned to him immediately, but the man had already tightened the noose. The other man added his noose, and between them, they held the struggling boy to the floor by his neck.

Chris called towards the bar.

“I think we need the vet. This puppy has been nothing but trouble. I think he needs calming down.”

30 seconds later a man wearing green scrubs and carrying a medical bag walked onto the stage, accompanied by two more men. The extra men grabbed one of each of Bailey’s arms and legs each, then pulled the boy’s legs towards his head, exposing his behind. The vet approached with a syringe and injected a tranquilliser into Bailey’s bottom. Within 20 seconds the boy had passed out. A vetinary assistant walked onto the stage pushing a gurney, and Bailey’s unconscious body was lifted onto it.


Chris walked up to the microphone in the middle of the stage and picked it up.

“It’s clear that young Bailey is becoming aggressive and territorial. I’m sorry about his appalling behaviour today.”

He glanced with an expression of disdain at the turd still sitting on the edge of the varnished wood floor.

“You know how it can be with some puppies when they start to grow into dogs. Fortunately, there is a perfectly common procedure for calming puppies down when they get like this. For those of you who have already bought your ticket, please make your way to the Old Yeller lounge where you can watch our vet perform the surgery. A few tickets are still available. If you wish to join us, tickets start at ten thousand dollars each. Please come and see me. The surgery will begin in 15 minutes.


15 minutes later 40 patrons sat in the Old Yeller lounge. It had been arranged like a lecture theatre with three rows of chairs, each raised above the row before, most expensive seats at the front. A camera overlooked the action and projected it onto the walls on either side of the room.

Bailey lay unconscious on the operating table. The vet and his assistant strapped the boy to the table with his arms to his sides, then they lifted his knees upwards and outwards, pulling them down as far as they could go to the table as well, leaving Bailey’s legs spread wide and his groin exposed and defenceless.

The assistant soaped the entire area with a shaving brush, then carefully shaved every trace of hair from Bailey’s pubic region. When Bailey was completely smooth, the assistant rinsed and dried the boy. Bailey’s groin was white and pale, his flaccid three inch penis lolled back on his stomach, revealing testicles in an extremely soft sack.

The assistant picked up a jar of surgical alcohol and swabbed the area down to ensure it was sterile, then he taped the boy’s limp penis up against his belly.

“Ready doctor.”

“Thank you very much Mark.”


Chris stepped up and addressed the audience.

“Well gentlemen, thank you for joining us. I’m sure that you can agree that this wilful young puppy will be a lot better off without his testicles. It’s not a procedure that we generally perform, but it was clearly necessary in Bailey’s case. He’ll be a lot happier without them, and I’m certain that he won’t act up any more. If any of you has any reservations about witnessing this surgery, now is your last chance to leave.”

Chris waited for five seconds to give anyone chance to leave. Nobody moved.

“Excellent. Let’s begin then shall we?”

He nodded to the vet, who was in fact a qualified surgeon. The man stood over Bailey, standing on the opposite side to the audience. He picked up a tray of instruments and rested it on the naked boy’s stomach. Bailey was still wearing his puppy face make up and ears.

The doctor picked up a scalpel and reached between Bailey’s legs. The boy’s white scrotum had the appearance of a small deflated balloon, and his testicles were clearly visible inside the thin skin. The doctor pinched a piece of scrotal skin between his gloved index finger and thumb and rolled it to ensure that he had not accidentally picked up a part of the boy’s vas deferens. The last thing he wanted to do was to sever one of the boy’s spermatic cord before he was ready. When he was certain that all he held was skin, he pulled the skin away from the boy’s body and carefully pushed the thin tip of the scalpel into the skin right in the middle of the boy’s scrotal raphe, orienting the scalpel vertically to minimise post operative scarring.

Although the skin was so fine that if he wanted to he could easily have severed the boy’s entire scrotum with a single slash, removing testicles and all; precision cutting was much harder precisely BECAUSE of the softness of the skin. It was rubbery with none of the internal tension that made it easier to make a stomach or chest incision.

With the initial incision made, the doctor changed scalpels, switching for one with a narrow curved blade. He inserted the tip of the blade into the incision and pulled downwards, the hooked end slotting into the slit, keeping the scrotum under tension with his other hand. When he had opened an inch and a half long slit, he stopped and returned the scalpel to the tray.

He lifted Bailey’s scrotum from beneath with the fingers of his right hand, then the surgeon carefully guided the boy’s left testicle towards the slit. It moved easily, sliding beneath the slippery skin, and in a few seconds, the white testicle appeared at the opening. The doctor squeezed and it popped out, traces of blood from the slit smeared its white shiny surface. The vet moved his hand so that the audience could clearly see the testicle. There was a silent air of rapt attention as they witnessed this puppy being neutered.

The vet turned to his assistant.

“Mark, please.”

The assistant moved in, now wearing surgical gloves himself, and gripped the testicle, pulling it from the scrotum. He tugged it as far as he could, using the resistance of the boy’s cremaster muscles to let him know when to stop. The doctor closed a pair of fine-nosed forceps around the vas deferens, positioning it just an inch below the point where it exited Bailey’s scrotum. The handles clipped together, clamping the cord tightly, and cutting off the blood supply. They also ensured that the cord could not accidentally slip back into the boy’s body until they were ready.

“The deeper we suture, the tidier the result,” the vet explained, turning to the audience. “Also the blood vessels are smaller further from the testicle, annnd, well, let’s just say that it makes it virtually impossible for the puppy to get “replacement parts” fitted.”

The doctor picked up a piece of suture thread which had been preloaded onto a needle. It would dissolve in a month or so, eliminating the need for further surgery. He carefully wrapped it around Bailey’s cord below the forceps, looping three times before making a quadruple knot. The last thing anyone needed was for the thread to fall off and the boy to start bleeding. A visit to the hospital would reveal his work, putting the entire operation in jeopardy, to say nothing of endangering the boy’s life.

At the end of the tie, he poked the needle through the boy’s vas deferens twice on the side nearest his body, then tied two more loops, ensuring that the thread would stay in place as long as it was needed.

The doctor picked up a pair of scissors with short stubby blades and snipped the end of the thread cutting it close to the last knot. Then he took the boy’s testicle from Mark and lifted it towards the camera so that the audience had an unobstructed view. He open the scissors and moved the blades to either side of the cord, then with just the slightest pause, he snipped the vas deferens. It felt like he was cutting a piece of string as the precision-made blades clicked together. There was just a pinprick of blood at the end of the cord. The doctor released the forceps from the cord and it snapped back up into the boy’s body, buried deep inside Bailey’s inguinal canal.

The doctor raised the boy’s testicle, holding it by the end of the cord. There was 20 centimetres of cord; more than the length of the surgeon’s hand. The surgeon jiggled it for visual effect. The small orb bounced from side to side. He held the testicle over a small metal sample bowl, then snipped the cord off close to the testicle, allowing the small oval to fall into the bowl.

“Halfway there,” he said redundantly.

He knew the score. It was all about the theatre, prolonging the operation so that the patrons felt as though they were receiving value for money. Most of them were hard.

The doctor prepared Bailey’s second testicle as he had the first, but this time just before he severed the vas deferens, he took a longer pause.

“In a few moments, this puppy will no longer be fully male.”

He took a slow deep breath, and positioned the scissors. The audience took a collective deep breath.

“Here we go,” the doctor said, hamming it up.

He snipped the cord and the audience sighed. They knew that they had witnessed something rare. Bailey would never be quite the same again after this moment. Puppy or boy, he would always be incomplete; less than them.

The doctor trimmed the right testicle cord away, dropping the testicle into the bowl with its partner.

“Would you close up please Mark,” he said.

Mark swabbed the slit in Bailey’s scrotum, then applied a line of surgical glue to one side. Using the forceps, he pulled the opposite side of the slit to the glued side and pressed the two together. They bonded instantly, and were it not for the hardened glue and the rosy colour of the damaged skin, it would be hard to tell where the incision had even occurred. Mark untaped Bailey’s penis from his stomach and a pushed it so that it flopped down over his empty scrotum.


As Mark finished up, the Doctor moved to the front of the audience and held the bowl out, moving slowly down the line so that the premium patrons could see Bailey’s severed testicles up close. They looked small, unimportant, yet they were the very essence of his maleness. The Doctor allowed the patrons to feel, prod and poke the rapidly cooling orbs if they so desired, before returning to Bailey, and placing the bowl back on top of Bailey’s pubis where the camera could show it to the audience one last time.


A month later, the slit had healed with no sign that he had ever been opened. Bailey looked between his legs and felt his sac. It was already diminishing in size and would eventually be nothing but a ridge of skin. It was weird to feel the emptiness down there. Chris arranged for him to receive ongoing hormone injections as promised, so his libido would not be affected. Bailey lifted his cock and looked at his empty bag in the Puppies mirror and smiled behind his puppy make up. Then he headed towards the door that lead out to the club…

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