Parasite 3 part 3 – Incubators

Four boys are captured by giant bugs who use their bodies in new and unsettling ways.

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Parasite 3 part 3 – Incubators

Austin woke up with a start; the pain in his severed stumps forcing him to make the transition from unconsciousness to full alertness in an instant. Lucas and Brandon were already conscious and groaning at their own pain, and just a couple of minutes later, Ryan regained consciousness and joined them.

The boys were each in too much pain to speak. Their limbs had all been removed above the knees and elbows, and whilst the searing fluid sprayed on the stumps by the soldiers cauterised the wounds, it did nothing to reduce the pain.

Then Lucas lost it. A mixture of pain and fear pushed him over the edge, and he started yelling and babbling, raging at the now-absent bugs and screaming deliriously.

At the noise, a bug appeared and stood guard, implacably watching.

Lucas continued screaming for over 15 minutes until he was too hoarse to make much sound. Then he collapsed exhausted, and rolled into as much of a foetal position as his massively enlarged stomach and massive scrotum would allow.

Many hours later, Austin was the first one to speak coherently. His voice strained, he said to his brother, “We’re going to die down here Brandon.”

It was not a question.

“Yeah Austin, I think you’re right,” Brandon replied.

The admission drew no panic, and no denials from the others, just silence as they listened to the exchange. It was obvious.

“I don’t want to wait while these things eat me from the inside or burst my nutsack,” Austin said.

His brother considered the statement.

“Maybe that’s not what they’re going to do,” he offered weakly.

Ryan joined the conversation.

“Nah, he’s right. When did you ever hear about an animal that laid its eggs inside another one and they DIDN’T eat their way out?”

“I’m not going to let that happen Brandon.”

Through the pain, there was quiet resolve in Austin’s voice.

“What are you thinking bro?”

“I’m going to kill myself. It can’t be more painful than what they already did, let alone what’s going to happen.”

Brandon’s instinct was to oppose his brother: to immediately tell him that he was being ridiculous, but after just the briefest consideration, he realised that the younger teen was right.

“How you gonna do it? No weapons, no arms, not enough water to drown in.”

Lucas was listening intently to the conversation.

“You could bite the vein in my neck?”

“It’s an artery,” Ryan corrected.

“Yeah thanks for that Ryan. Does it really matter at this point?!” Austin said, irritated.

“ I’m not saying that to be a dick. Arteries have a faster blood flow. The one in your neck is a good choice.”

“Oh, okay.”

Austin looked at his brother.

“So, are you going to do it?”

Brandon looked at the guard bug.

“What about that?”

“You’ll have to do it quick then.”

Brandon sighed heavily.

“I guess so.”

“Hold a minute,” Ryan said, “that’s okay for you, but what about the rest of us?”

Austin looked at him and tilted his head.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to be eaten alive either, and I certainly don’t want to be the only one alive with the rest of you dead. The bugs are hardly going to just stand there whilst we kill each other are they? They went crazy enough when you bit his sack open.”

He looked towards Brandon.

“Yeah, fair point,” Austin said.

“So we’ve all got to do it together, but how?” Brandon asked.

“We could break our own necks,” Austin offered.

“I don’t think that would be easy if we still had arms and legs, now, I don’t see how we could possibly…”

Without warning, they heard a loud thud from the place that Lucas was laying. He’d rolled onto his stomach, and had violently smashed his forehead into the hard mud floor. The boys were stunned, and Lucas lifted his neck and smashed his head into the floor again. The bug by the door screeched, and ran towards him. Lucas smashed his head again even harder, and even as the bug reached him, he was sliding unconscious to the ground.

The bug screeched in rage as three others rushed into the chamber. Before the boys could even come to their senses, the bugs knocked them to the floor, standing firmly on their skulls, and preventing them from harming themselves.

Lucas was twitching and there was blood oozing from a split on the front of his head.

A nurse bug entered the cave. There were many much smaller bugs crawling over its head, each the size of a tarantula spider. The nurse leaned its head towards Ryan’s pinned skull and one of the bugs crawled off the nurse’s body, and onto Ryan’s. It made its way to the back of his neck and clamped on with all six legs, burying its claws in the flesh. Then it inserted a probe. Ryan struggled futilely as he felt the bug crawling over him, then a few moments after it punctured his neck, he stopped moving. The bug standing on him lifted its foot and the nurse continued to the other two conscious boys, and delivered bugs to them too.

When it was Austin’s turn, he felt the bug’s claws embedding themselves in the skin of his neck, but the pain was trivial compared to the pain in his severed limbs. Nevertheless, he wriggled and thrashed against the soldier that held him down. His bloated stomach beneath him, and the stumps of his arms and legs barely able to reach the ground. Then the small bug inserted its stinger and Austin felt the tip drilling up through his brain until it reached his motor cortex. And then, his body was no longer his own to control. He had all the same feelings: the same anger, pain and fear, but his body’s movements were not his to command. The bug on his neck was riding him, like some kind of pilot.

The nurse bug continued on to Lucas. It examined his unconscious body before chittering at the soldier bugs. One of them moved behind the unconsciousyouth, and with its mandibles, it started biting at the top of the boy’s scrotum. Ryan and Brandon could see from their peripheral vision, and they saw with horror as the giant insect severed the boy’s genitals from his body and carried the massive lump of flesh out of the cave. Another soldier lifted the boy who was now bleeding profusely from the tattered wound where Lucas’s penis and testicles had formerly been attached, and followed the first bug.

Ryan and Brandon’s hearts were thudding in their chests, horrified at what they had seen, and fearful that they were going to be next. Their breathing was elevated, but other than that, there was no outward sign that they were afraid.

The nurse bug made a chittering sound that the boys had come to recognise as orders to the lower-ranked soldier bugs and one of them approached Brandon. His terror rose to new heights, but the bug did not emasculate him. Rather, it lifted him, careful to avoid placing pressure on his stomach, and deposited him right next to water and fungus wall. The soldier returned and brought over the other two boys one at a time. The nurse clicked and squeaked one more time, and all three boys found their limbs moving, as their riders controlled their actions.

Ryan felt the stumps of his legs reaching down to the ground and pushing, tilting his face towards the trickling water. At the same time his arm stumps reached forwards to support his face. He leaned forwards and started lapping at the water. The other two boys did likewise, after which they all started eating the glowing fungus.

Satisfied that the pilot bugs were controlling their victims, the nurse and the other bugs left the cave.


For weeks, the boys lay, facing the wall, under the complete control of their puppet-masters. Each day Austin could feel the movement inside him grow more and more pronounced as the things inside him matured.

He could feel a constant churning in his stomach, as though a boa constrictor had somehow worked its way into him and was building a nest. He could literally feel his organs being rearranged and displaced as whatever was inside him shifted and twisted, like a restless insomniac trying to get comfortable. He’d never really experienced his intestines and kidneys and liver being touched from the inside before, and it was deeply disconcerting. The pressure upwards on his diaphragm was making it harder to breath, and his respiration was reduced to a constant stream of panting half breaths.

But that wasn’t the thing that freaked him out the most. There was a constant wriggling sensation in his scrotum, as though he had lowered it into a large fishing bait bucket. He could feel it against his testicles, and he could even feel the surface of his scrotum writhing and rippling where it touched his penis and the inside of his legs. There was no pain, apart from the occasional pinching or nipping sensation against his testicle, but the feeling of being infested was almost driving him out of his mind.



After seven weeks, Austin became aware of yet another new sensation: the head of his penis touching the mud floor. He had felt the weight of his penis growing over the past month, and although he couldn’t see it, the heft of it between his legs seemed enormous. He knew that thanks to his bloated stomach, his groin had to be over 18 inches off the floor, so when he felt the top of his cock first touching the ground, and then with each passing day, extend further onto it, he could only wonder how enormous his penis had become.

At nine weeks, three soldiers and the nurse bug arrived in the cave. The boys felt themselves being lifted and carried into the queen’s chamber, but rather than being placed in front of her, they were taken to the back and put down facing a cave wall again. There was a long pool of water, like a trough, and more edible fungus.

As they were carried to their places, the boys could see in the blue bioluminescent light that there were rows of other males already there, all with their own controller bugs, and all minus their limbs. Austin could not tell for certain how old the other victims were, but from their bodies, they appeared to range in age from children right up to elderly aged men. But even the very youngest had penises over two feet long, and scrotums larger than a soccer ball. The best endowed had two meter long cocks thicker than a muscular man’s thigh, and scrotums the size of a two large bean bag chairs.

As they saw their future, the boys would have gasped, but of course, they had absolutely no control over their actions. They remained silent, like each of the other two dozen victims, and the only sound was the clicking of the bugs’ feet against the floor.

The boys continued to eat and drink against their will, and at eleven weeks, they finally shed their burdens. Ryan was the first. He felt a painful sensation in his left spermatic cord, and then a wriggling within. The wriggling continued, working its way along the cord, as the thing within worked its way towards freedom. Then a fat maggot, the size of his thumb plopped from the enlarged head of his massive penis. Even before it had fully completed its journey, it was followed by another, then another and another. Thousands of fat white, glistening maggots, finally exiting his body, and he could feel each one as it slowly squirmed its way along his urethra to freedom. As they emerged, they were quickly picked up one at a time by a swarm of smaller drones, and taken away to another chamber.

The boy’s minds were torn between the visceral horror of feeling thousands of maggots proceeding through their penises, and the relief that they were not eating their way out.

The maggot exodus continued constantly for 17 hours, after which a soldier reached down and sliced a 6 inch gash into the back of each boy’s scrotum. Black fluid and dead maggots gushed out onto the ground. The soldier palpated the outside and scraped the inside of the scrotum to ensure that it was cleared completely of its former contents, then it used its searing spray to reseal the gash.

Ryan’s now-leathery scrotum hung between his thighs like a beach ball that had lost most of its air. Within, were testicles the size of melons.


A day later, the other residents of the boys’ bodies were ready to evacuate. Brandon was the first this time. He felt one squirming making its way lower inside his intestines, and then into his rectum.  Then his anus was stretching, stretching, stretching as something the thickness of his bicep forced its way into the opening. His sphincter widened as the creature painfully turned his starfish into a gaping hole. He was fortunate that the emerging maggot had a soft body. If it had been solid, it would have torn his hole to shreds. As it was, its muscular formed stretched his hole agonisingly beyond its limits. When the maggot that would form the queen of a new colony eventually slumped free, it was streaked with his blood.

Brandon had little respite as another giant maggot was already following the first. It was followed by four more, until eventually all six new queens had forced their way from his bowels, and been carried off carefully by drones to a maturation chamber elsewhere.

When the last of the huge maggots left him, a torrent of black and brown crap and ichor burst from him like an over-filled enema. In spite of the stench, the relief he felt at finally losing his parasites was massive. His stomach contracted, his intestines and scrotum were finally still, and his fear about the pain of being eaten alive diminished.

Brandon and his friends remained in the chamber for a few days, eating and drinking in silence with all of the other incubation cattle, and then the queen approached. Each boy received six new eggs and their permanently enlarged scrotums were filled with more larval broth ready to start the process all over again.

However, there was one important difference. Immediately after receiving the new batch of larvae, the nurse bug carefully lifted the head of Austin’s penis and placed it as close to the water pool as it would go. Then the bug began to massage Austin’s enormous testicles gently with its claws. At the same time, the bug riding him, started to stimulate the pleasure centre of the teenager’s brain and he felt an orgasm building. It was the last thing he wanted, but it was unstoppable. When it came, it was not what he expected. Not that he was in any rational state to analyse the incongruity. His mind was overcome by the most massive orgasm ever. It literally wiped his ability to think of anything else. But instead of receding, it just continued on an on, for over 30 minutes. All the while a steady flow of semen oozed from his still growing elephant trunk penis, and flowed stickily into the water pool before him. When his orgasm finally abated, Austin’s pilot made him drink from the pool that he and the other males had pumped so much semen into, re-ingesting the protein.


The nurse moved constantly between the cattle massaging their enormous nuts whilst their pilots triggered 30 minute orgasms, one after another, after another.

Austin, Brandon and Ryan quickly grew used to their new routines, which were at least less mind-numbingly tedious than the past months. Every day consisted of non-stop orgasms, briefly punctuated by food and semen water breaks. Their scrotums grew so large that their leg stumps were forced open like gymnasts doing the splits. Their scrotums continued to grow and grow over the coming years, until they were so enormous that they were many times larger than the bodies they were attached to. The bugs carefully spread the gargantuan scrotums out behind their utterly immobile owners, making the boys look like honey ants with bloated thoraxes and tiny bodies.

And for each foot in diameter that their scrotums grew, their penises grew in length to match, laying in coils on the floor like pythons sunning themselves.

Over the years, the men, as they had now become, ceased to think of their previous lives, even in dreams. Their only thoughts along with the dozens of other cattle around them, were about the next orgasm…



Jan 18th 2015 – Fountain Hills, Arizona

Six workmen were lost yesterday, when a site they were working on collapsed. The bodies have yet to be recovered.


April 4th 2015 – Tucson, Arizona

A party of 14 tourists have disappeared during a tour of the cave system in Kartchner Caverns State Park. Rescuers say that they are mystified at the disappearance, and surmise that the party may have lost their way and got caught out by a flash flood.


May 29th 2015 – Cañon City, Colorado

A disaster has occurred at Colorado Correctional Facility, which as yet remains unexplained. The north wing, which houses 170 category 3 inmates has collapsed, and so far there is no sign of any survivors. The Warden said that the likelihood of terrorist attack was low, dismissing rumors of sabotage by ISIS. The National Guard is assisting with the rescue efforts.

December 17th – 2015 Alburqurque, New Mexico

A subway tunnel collapsed yesterday trapping two trains. Rescuers have reached one of the trains, but were stunned to discover nobody onboard. They surmise that the passengers have tried to walk out in the other direction. The search continues, hampered by further collapses.


March 14th 2016 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A 100 foot sinkhole opened beneath Northwest Classen High School today. 43 female bodies, including students and teachers, have been removed from the rubble, but so far no males. Rescuers are hard at work, but authorities are not hopeful about saving any of the 1093 students.


The herd continues to grow…

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