Parasite 3 part 2 – Incubators

Four boys are captured by giant bugs who use their bodies in new and unsettling ways.

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Parasite 3 part 2 – Incubators

For the next fourteen hours, the boys intermittently sneaked along the passage, only to find the guards were always present. Eventually the teens fell asleep.

When they awoke, Lucas said, “I’m starving. It’s got to be two days now since we ate.”

“Yeah,” Austin said. He looked at the fungus. “You think that stuff’s safe to eat?”

“Fungus? I don’t know. That can be pretty poisonous can’t it?”

“I don’t know, but I know if I don’t get something to eat soon, I’m going to pass out.”

Lucas spoke to Ryan, the group’s de facto biologist.

“Hey Ry, how long can humans last without food?”

“Without food? Quite a long time. A week. Several weeks. Depends how much fat you have on you.”

Al four of the teenagers were normally pretty lean, although the eggs were distending their stomachs now.

“I thought it was just a few days?” Austin queried.

“Nah, that’s water. We’ve got plenty of that.”

“Hey bro; not worth poisoning yourself if you don’t have to huh?” Brandon said.

“I guess not,” Austin agreed. “But at least it might poison the fucking eggs inside us!”

Ryan said, “Yeah, has anyone taken a shit since we got here? I haven’t and I’m bursting for one.”

The others acknowledged that they hadn’t had one either, which hardly came as a revelation as they were together in such a small chamber.

“I wonder how long we can go without taking a dump?” Lucas mused.

“Not long I imagine,” Brandon replied.



Some time later, Ryan asked, “Am I the only one, or are your nuts getting bigger?”

Lucas had noticed that his scrotum was significantly bigger than the day before, but he had been embarrassed to mention it.

“Yeah, I thought it was just me.”

Austin agreed.

“Yeah, I think mine are like, nearly twice their normal size.”

Brandon glanced at his brother’s balls.

“Which isn’t saying much!” he jibed.

“Fucking great,” Ryan said, “I wonder what the fuck that’s all about?”


All four boys still had their rigid erections, and Ryan and Brandon intermittently amused themselves throughout the third day by masturbating. Lucas and Austin were feeling increasingly horny just seeing the other two jacking off. Austin was the first to overcome his inhibitions, and he went to another part of the cave, and started beating off. Once he got into it, he quickly lost himself in the feeling, and started going at it fast and furious like a little zoo monkey. Lucas gave in and went and joined him, taking odd comfort from the company of a boy who shared his shyness.

Austin came in less than 30 seconds, and it felt incredible. Lucas barely took longer, but within minutes, they were both horny and ready to go again.
Like Brandon and Ryan before, they both continued masturbating, ejaculating three, four, five more times. Then three bugs entered the chamber; two giant soldiers, accompanied by a nurse drone. Austin and Lucas were already sitting by the furthest wall, and Brandon and Ryan quickly scooted over to join them, their masturbation forgotten, but their hard penises still bouncing.

One of the soldiers stopped by the entranceway, completely blocking it, and the other advanced with the drone. The soldier reached out lightning fast with its front leg, and pinned Austin against the cave wall, pressing his chest so that he couldn’t escape. The smaller nurse bug palpated Austin’s swollen stomach, checking the eggs, then it palpated his scrotum. He reached down and tried to stop it, but the creature gripped his arms with it middle legs and pulled them out of the way. Then it continued squeezing Austin’s ball bag. He squirmed against the pain, especially when the creature gripped his enlarged and tender testicles in the rough leathery claw and started squeezing them too.

The drone released him and went over to the fungus, where it ripped up a small piece, then returned to Austin. Forcing his mouth open with one claw, it pushed the fungus into his mouth and down his throat with the other. Austin gagged against the fungus, but was powerless to resist.

The drone moved away, and the soldier released Austin. The boy quickly scurried away in the opposite direction of the fungus patch, and huddled against the chamber wall.

The nurse drone and soldier continued, performing the same examination and forced feeding routine on Lucas and Ryan. When it was Brandon’s turn, he grabbed at the soldier’s antennae. The creature laid them flat against its head and hissed at him. Then its head moved forwards in a flash, and it severed Brandon’s arm above the elbow with its powerful mandibles, taking his forearm clean off. Brandon looked at the wound wide eyed as blood gushed from the wound. The other boys cowered in terror. Brandon looked at his bleeding arm, paralysed by shock, but the soldier calmly grabbed the arm. Bringing its tail forwards between its legs, the giant insect sprayed clear fluid onto the stump. The liquid was a potent exothermic concoction with a temperature of over 1000 degrees. It was formed by mixing two instantly catalysing chemicals in the soldier’s spray tubes. The superheated fluid cauterised the wound instantly, preventing further bleeding or infection. Brandon started screaming shrilly, but the soldier was unmoved by his distress, and held him down whilst the nurse drone completed its duties. Then all three bugs scuttled from the room, taking the severed arm with them and leaving the boys alone once more.

Austin and the others ran over to Brandon. He was rolling around on the floor, groaning in agony, and grabbing his arm just above the seared stump. Austin looked at the stump in dismay, then went to the water and brought some over in his cupped hands. He poured it over scalding wound, repeating over and again until the stump was cool to the touch. The final delivery of water, he held to his brother’s mouth, but Brandon was too distressed to drink it.

Austin stayed with him, and they sat, the older boy leaning against his younger brother for physical and emotional support. Brandon groaned for seven more hours until the pain subsided enough for him to talk. During that seven hour period, two important things happened: the boy’s erections finally disappeared, and none of them died of food poisoning.

Brandon was the first to notice it.

“I guess at least it’s safe to eat the fungus,” he said laconically.

“I suppose so,” his brother agreed glumly.

Lucas said, “I don’t wanna give anyone any more bad news, but my ass is leaking since we had those mushrooms. It’s like disgusting green diarrhoea, and it just keeps dripping out all the time.”

“I wasn’t gonna say anything,” added Ryan. “I thought it was just me.”

“Me too,” agreed Austin.

“I wonder if that’s why they made us eat the fungus?” Lucas offered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we couldn’t take a normal dump with these eggs inside us, and we needed food as well. Maybe that was their way of making sure we don’t hurt the eggs, or die from not being able to take a shit?”

“Yeah,” agreed Ryan again. “That makes a lot of sense. They’re obviously keeping us alive for a reason. It wouldn’t make sense if they just let us die.”

“I’ve got more important things to worry about. Like my fucking arm!” Brandon said.

“Yeah man,” Austin said, hugging his bro from behind.


For a few more days, the boys continued drinking the water and voluntarily eating the fungus.

On the sixth day, Lucas said, “How big are your balls getting because mine are enormous!”

The others looked at him.

“Are you fucking kidding?” Brandon asked.

Before they’d got captured, Brandon’s balls were average size for his age. After the queen had injected him, his sack had swollen enormously; to the size of a grapefruit. Now it was almost twice as big, and everyone else’s was just as big. Lucas could see at a glance how huge everyone balls had grown.

“No, you don’t understand,” he clarified, “it’s not just my sack. I felt inside, and my actual nuts are like two oranges!”

“Mine are just as bad,” Ryan acknowledged. “But at least they don’t hurt. I wonder what’s happening to them?”

Brandon, Ryan and Austin felt their testicles. They were all equally enlarged.

“I don’t know, but I fucking HATE it!” Lucas snarled.


A week later, the boys all had scrotums the size of volleyballs, and although they were not growing as quickly, their penises were also getting larger. They all agreed to sit on the opposite side of the cavern to the water supply, so that the disgusting ooze leaking from their holes didn’t contaminate the water or food.

Whenever one of them walked over to take a drink or to eat something, he had to stoop, his legs wide apart, as he carried a scrotum weighing over 20 pounds. They were losing hope of rescue, but their nuts were now so large that they couldn’t have run even if they had to.

The nurse bugs visited daily to attend to the boys, but now that it was obvious that they were eating and drinking without prompting, the visits consisted of nothing more than checking the eggs and palpating their scrotums.

The eggs grew larger, distending the boy’s stomachs far beyond that of any woman’s pregnancy. The boys looked monstrously bloated, and none of them could see his own penis any more, enlarged though they were, without lifting it out at right angles. Austin looked the penises of the other three, and all three looked hideously swollen and malformed, like 10 inch drowned bloater corpse dicks, hanging down between their legs. His looked no better…

At first, the boys tried lying on their backs so that they didn’t have to support the growing weight of the eggs, but the eggs rested on the boys internal organs, making them feel violently nauseous. They tried resting on their sides, but that was uncomfortable too. In the end, they discovered that the only comfortable position was on their hands and knees, their vast stomachs hanging down like the udders of a massive cow.


“I don’t wanna scare anybody, but I can feel something moving inside my sack,” Austin said.

“What do you mean ‘moving’?” His brother asked, alarmed.

“I dunno, like a tingling feeling. Not like before.”

“Let me feel,” Brandon said.

Normally Austin wouldn’t have let his brother within a million miles of his nuts, but this was different. He knelt quietly whilst Brandon shuffled over and carefully probed his immense scrotum. After 30 seconds, without a word, Brandon examined his own scrotum even more thoroughly. He visibly swallowed, then said, “Guys, I don’t want to freak you out, but there’s something alive in our nut sacks, and it feels like some kind of maggots.”

“Oh fucking great!” Ryan said flatly.

Lucas’s eyes widened, then he fainted flat onto his face.


When he came around 15 seconds later, Austin and Brandon were standing over him with serious expressions, and feet and knees wide apart like cowboys about to start a gunfight. Ryan was kneeling beside him.

“Are you okay,” Ryan asked.

Lucas looked squeamishly in the direction of his enormous balls and nodded solemnly.

“What the fuck are we gonna do Brandon?” Austin asked.

Brandon looked at Ryan, and Ryan shrugged his shoulders.

“We could squash them all,” Austin offered.

“Then what?” Ryan asked. “Then you’ll have a sack full of dead, rotting maggots.”

Lucas blanched.

“The way I see it, is that we have two choices: we can leave them there and see what happens, or we can try to get them out,” Brandon said.

“What about the bugs?” Lucas asked.

“Fuck the bugs!” Brandon said.

Ryan said, “Wait, he’s got a point Brand. Look what they did to you when you tried to fight back last time. Maybe they might not like it if you start killing whatever they put into our sacks?”

Brandon looked at the cauterised stump of his arm.

“Yeah, and they might not stop with just an arm next time,” Austin chipped in.

Brandon weighed their words.

“Look, I don’t know what these fucking bugs have in store for us, and I don’t even want to think about what these things in our stomachs are going to do, but there’s no fucking way I want to sit around while they use my goddamned balls as a motherfucking swimming pool! Now I’m gonna cut these things out of me, or die trying. Now help me find something to cut my sack open.”


30 seconds later, it was obvious that there was nothing available to cut him open with. The cave walls were made of mud, and even if it was hard enough to cut with, it was too hard to crack a piece off the walls to make a blade, using just their bare hands or feet.

“Well that’s just fucking great!” Brandon said, unconsciously mimicking a line he’d heard whiny space marine Gorman use in the movie Aliens a few months before.

He waddled to a part of the cave that was far from the water and where they slept, then sat with his back against the clay with his legs splayed wide. His enormous stomach rested on his groin, pressing the top of his penis down between his thighs. It lay on the floor like a wilted salami. His scrotum was so huge that he could still see it past the beachball that his stomach had become. He reached down and gripped his sack. The skin was stretched tight. He gripped it between the index finger and thumb of each hand, gritted his teeth against the coming pain, then tugged at the skin. Nothing happened. He tried again, but the skin wouldn’t tear. He dug his nails in, trying to make a cutting surface and tried once more, growling as he tore at the skin of his scrotum, but it refused to give. He let out a huge sigh and said, “Austin, you’re going to have to use your teeth.”

“You what?!” Austin exclaimed, disgusted at the thought.

“It’s the only way bro. This is no time to be pussy.”

Austin looked at his brother’s sack with disdain, but started to waddle towards him. Brandon rolled onto his hands and knees with his back towards his brother.

“Do it at the back, I think the skin is softer there. Do it on the seam, it might tear easier.”

Austin’s expression of skeptical distaste deepened, but he moved into place behind his brother. Gripping Brandon’s scrotum on either side of the seam that bisected it, Austin, lowered his head and carefully positioned his left incisors against the flesh, then he ripped at the flesh, whilst keeping the skin taut. A three centimetre gash appeared and immediately, viscous black liquid gushed from the tear, hitting Austin in the face. He recoiled in disgust, yelling in surprise. His brother also screamed at the pain. Austin instinctively wiped at his face, only to discover there were indeed thousands of maggots in the foul liquid – the first stage of the new drone bugs. He fell onto his side, mortified and trying to move away from the carnage in front of him.

Before either boy could regain his senses, a nurse drone came charging into the chamber, attracted by the noise, closely followed by a soldier bug. The bug took one glance at the scene and instantly realised what the boys had been attempting. It hissed, then let out a loud sound partway between a scream and a monkey chitter. Moments later two more soldiers thundered into the cave. The bug made some quieter chittering noises, and the original soldier approached Brandon and Austin. Before the younger teen could even try to roll away, the soldier bent down and bit his right leg off above the knee, quickly sealing the wound, as it had with his brother. Austin screamed in pain, and tried to roll away, but the bug gripped him with a claw and severed his left leg just as unceremoniously, then sealed that too. Austin passed out from the pain, but the bug wasn’t done yet. It cut off both of his arms as well, leaving him with nothing but four stumps.

Brandon tried to turn to see what was happening, but he was trapped against the wall by his brother’s unconscious body. He felt the soldier’s claw on his calf, and before he knew it, he too had lost a leg.
Meanwhile, Ryan and Lucas cowered in mortal terror, retreating as best they could with their massive ballbags and spacehopper stomachs. But it was to no avail. The other two soldiers approached, and two minutes later all four boys lay unconscious and minus their lower limbs.

The nurse bug approached Brandon from beside, and raised its far smaller tail, then like a surgeon, it carefully and precisely resealed the boy’s torn scrotum.

Picking up the severed limbs, all four bugs left the cave, where the boys lay in silence…


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